Minnesota Gun Report – Episode #3: Guns and Kayaks

Minnesota Gun Report - Episode #3: Guns and Kayaks
Minnesota Gun Report – Episode #3: Guns and Kayaks
Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee
Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

St. Paul, MN -(AmmoLand.com)- Rep. Kim Norton (DFL – 25B – Rochester) thinks that gun owners should have to get a license to own a gun, that the government needs to know “where the guns are”, and that registration would work just fine for guns, because she has to register her Kayak.

In this episode, Rob and I talk through the “commonsense solutions” proposed by Rep. Norton and the threat that they pose to gun owners here in Minnesota. We also answer a few questions from our listeners, including the question “Can I open carry in Minnesota?”

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About the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee:

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee (MNGOPAC) is a non-partisan single-issue political action committee that supports pro-Second Amendment lawmakers and candidates seeking state and federal office in Minnesota. MNGOPAC mobilizes Minnesotans through grassroots efforts to support pro-Second Amendment candidates while financially supporting candidates throughout the state.

Learn more about MNGOPAC at www.mngopac.org.

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L.L. Smith

#2 is there to enforce #1.


One-word answer: No.

The Bill of Rights declares the most important of our individual liberty protections. Since the right to arms is #2, it is second only in importance to #1.

These rights are fundamental, and cannot be so cavalierly regarded as this Democrat wishes, and as most Democrats presume.

To repeat, one-word answer: NO.

Wild Bill

Maybe neither should be licensed.

Gerald swanson

We already have open carry if you a permit.


the North star state should become Two States starting at Carlton across to North Dakota should be North Minnesota below that, South Minnesota! that way them city folk can pay a big price to hunt in the North Country, plus keep out all Dem dare Liberal Riff Raff and their Hair brained Ideas to themselves, especially them Koo Koo’s that think they are smarter than the Constitution and have no concept of what the bill of right’s are and historically why the second amendment was written in the first place ! Duh! how about attempted gun and powder confiscation setting… Read more »