RICO Case Brought Against State of New Jersey Over Obstruction of Gun Rights

Filed by Dwight Kehoe

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RICO Case Brought Against State of New Jersey Over Obstruction of Gun Rights

Trenton, NJ – -(Ammoland.com)- Over the past several months a quiet battle has been raging.  The leftist power machine, compromised of both State and Federal ideologues, has had its hands full and its wits tested as it deployed dirty trick after dirty trick in its battle to eradicate the lawsuit known as Purpura v. Christie, et al.

The lawsuit was filed in support of the Bill of Rights and listed several “Claims of Relief” regarding violations perpetrated upon the citizens of New Jersey and which have been reinforced for decades by the state and federal judiciary. The Defendants in this case have failed to provide a timely defense as was required of them by a Court issued Summons and the FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedures ) .

A motion for Default and Summary Judgment has been filed and as of this date and time, the Court has failed to make its announced rulings as the dates that were scheduled for them have come and gone without a word of explanation from the court. It is quite clear from the events thus far, that despite the several very questionable activities which included failing to notify the Petitioner of Court Orders, the delay in posting and submitting letters and documents to Judge Shipp (the assigned jurist), the court and the Defendants find themselves in a tight spot. Mr. Nicholas E. Purpura, a private citizen has taken on the powerful cabal of political and judicial ideologues and has , thus far, anticipated and blocked every unsavory move they have made. This is a great story and its beginning to unfold in an exciting way as the possibility of an investigation of the Court and the Defendants may be about to blow this wide open.

After each announcement of an intended ruling, Mr. Purpura filed an additional document to be added to the Official Court Record.  The documents laid out many previous Federal Court rulings and precedents which would be used in the intended appeal of any unconstitutional or illegal ruling.  As a result, each of these ruling dates have come and gone, without the scheduled decision.

The SAPPA Group is now ready to reveal the next step in this battle for our Bill of Rights.

Since the Court has refused to answer any questions, nor have they addressed any of the positions Nick made in those documents, nor have they made any rulings, we can only presume they have no idea what to do next.  That my friends, is a good thing.

Mr. Purpura, on the other hand, finds himself in no such position.  We are now ready to reveal publically what we have been doing to move this case from the obscure shadows of delay and avoidance and bring it further into the light of scrutiny.

There is a little known rule which requires any sitting judge to open an investigation into activities which are unethical or inconsistent with the rules of the court.  This applies especially to the Chief Judge of any Federal Court, whether it be the District, the Circuit or the Supreme Court.

We have proof, residing in more than circumstantial, of several unethical and procedurally infirm events having taken place in regards to the Purpura v. Christie, et al,  Federal lawsuit.  Mr. Purpura prepared a formal request to the Chief Judge of the District Courtin which he laid out, in clear and chronological terms, the unsavory and possibly illegal activity of the Federal District Court in Trenton.

In that package he included several letters and other documentation detailing the goings on.  As of this date, that package has been delivered by special USPO Priority mail and we have a notice that the office of the Chief Judge has received it.  That letter can be viewed and downloaded here:  Letter to Chief Judge Simandle.

Once we received the confirmation that Judge Simandle’s office had the letter and the package in its possession and that sufficient time had passed for the Judge to review the documentation the SAPPA Group, in cooperation with TPATH, issued a Press Release informing the media of this action.  The Press Release was sent to over 20 Newspapers here in New Jersey.  We did get confirmation from a few of them acknowledging the receipt of the Press Release.  As of this writing it is not known if any of them intend to cover this story.  Read and download that Press Release.

Also as of this time we do not know the status of the requested investigation that Chief Judge Simandle is required to perform.  When we find out, so will our readers.

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John Grazioso

Mr. Purpura You were at Central Jersey rifle and pistol club in Jackson New Jersey I heard you make a comment that we individually could sue the legislatures and Governor Christie. I wonder if this could be a legal strategy that you could adopt. Thousands of individuals filing a lawsuit against the state New Jersey. The idea came to me after watching an HBO documentary going clear about the Church of Scientology and their fight against the IRS


Christie is a hopeless case, Jersey, as it is ruled, is also a hopeless case. It’s best to move out as I did. Why not bring this to the attention of a John Stossel type, a libertarian who likes nothing more than a good tussle with the powers that be. Maybe Watters on FOX. Anyone who has access to the news hour period on TV. Not until it is thrown into the public’s face will they even understand the issue much less respond to it.

Charles Kimberl

All this going on in Jersey and Christie knows nothing about it, huh? Is this like Bridgegate that he knew nothing about?

Kevin McGonigal

May I suggest that the petitioner seek a “writ of mandamus” from a federal judge requiring that the court do its duty and rule on the earlier petitions. It is pretty difficult for any official to ignore a writ of mandamus as they normally include a time constraint and a penalty for not complying with the writ.

Vom Brunhaus

Tenering Rob , Semper , and Dave , As for N.J. its an UNTOUCHABLE and NRA and 2A Society remain powerless and lacking interest while all NJ gun owners are remaining at RISK. NJ should be taken to Court everytime these controlling Democraps do Bills or Legislation “They are non stop and out of control” . Other states go back in the woodpile and go to sleep , NJ Dems Do not , they are continuous and Christie alone is not the answer . The NRA and 2A ARE . People are trying to move but selling a home here… Read more »

Tenring Rob

The NRA abandoned N.J. a long time ago. It can’t afford to waste money in a st with a Democratic controlled House and Senate. Not a Christie fan but he did veto the new attempt to restrict magazine capacity. Lived there for 50 years, moved to Minnesota 5 years ago. Best thing I could have done. Lower property taxes, less crime and we still have gun rights out here. Recently passed a law legalizing suppressors. Sorry Jerseyites, last American please bring the flag when you leave.

Fred Slater

In NJ the NRA has abandon us PERIOD. The only reason I remain a member is so they can show 1 more person as a pro 2A on their membership role. As far as diving in to correct the twisted (illegal), corrupt NJ anti gun laws their usless


Kudos to you Sir for doing what your doing for your Fellow Americans in State of NJ….You’ve been on the ball with all your Court maneuver’s and that’s pertinent to beating these Scumbags at their own Game, Kudo’s again to your well thought out foresight to take on the Collective as it’s been a US vs. them for decades now and your Case should shed more light on just how out of balance our Court systems are and not just in State of NJ. With respects to Clerks office and they’re not providing copies to Judge Shipp or his staff,… Read more »


Mayor David Mayer and his crew of corrupt cops have Rico charges pending Simandle is holdong.it up and playing


What about the Rico case bought against Mayor David Mayer and the Gloucester Township Police Department


Simandle is a corrupt judge who should be investigated for siding with Christie and a crime boss named George Norcross

Simandle is highly corrupt

Joe Riggio

If Christie can’t protect the people of NJ. with an Executive order allowing individuals the protection
of the second amendment how can this man be expected to protect and defend the constitution as President when he can’t do it for one state?

Jon Kraut

Bringing this light to the general public, shows the shananagins the governor is involved in. Had he not learned from his GWB (George Washington bridge) confiscation. The placement of danger on both New Jersians and New Yorkers? Imagine him as president! Good luck, but it sounds like you have this well under control.


I’m a resident of NJ, and to those that have asked about him, Christie is as anti-2A as it gets. As previously stated, he has the opportunity to fix the problems in NJ via Executive Order (stating that self defense would satisfy “justifiable need”), but refuses to acknowledge that he even has the ability to do anything. The legislative code was recently being rewritten and again, justifiable need could have been defined as including “self-defense,” but no changes were made. Christie would not need the support of the legislature for either of these “fixes” but he has repeatedly stated that… Read more »


Govt Christie lost my vote when he not take a stand on 2a, he goes back and fore because he was running, will never vote for him again, he could have past ccw in nj, but didn’t want to, screw him

Chip Saunders

Finally,…someone who is doing it right. Unfortunately,…as they did with me,…their next step is to graduate from ignoring you, to striking from the record that any of this ever occurred. That became more difficult now that you’ve notified the press and notified that you have notified said press. But ultimately, they simply cannot allow you to win, so expect no adherence to the rules and prejudicial rulings at every single turn.


NJ suffers from the same thing places like Kalifornia and NY do. The voters keep electing socialists into office !!! Nothing at all will ever change for the better (2A issues) until that changes.


@Semperfi1983,the NRA has written off NJ as a lost cause. It would be good money after bad.


Dr Dave et al, I have been following this case since it started. I am not associated with TPATH or speak on their behalf. I live in NJ and understand the need to defend the 2A and am interested very much in this case. I asked Dwight Kehoe (co-founder of the TPATH group associated to the SAPPA Group filing that Mr. Purpura is leading) why aren’t they reaching out to the NRA and was told that they did make attempts to reach out to the NJ and National chapters of the NRA, but never received a response. I urged them… Read more »


This is a “per se” case, and there are no lawyers on his side.
(Tons of the on the defense side)
It is pretty amazing how far this has gone, as the defense has been using every trick that they can find to try to have it thrown out on a technicality.

Dr Dave

Does this guy not have legal counsel representing his case? OBVIOUSLY his expectations of time in the lgal system are WAY unrealistic and that if his misbelief in winning a Constitutional Issue is going to be based on a few time line issues and defaults he is delusional. Too bad the whole document and case wasn’t filed by the NRA or someone accustomed to procedural law and not just letter of the law activity by the Circuit. This is way too big a deal to be relegated to the likes of a civilian


I am a resident of the PRNJ (Peoples Republik of New Jersey) and a supporter of concealed carry for self defense, which is not allowed in NJ. Christie blames the Democratic legislature for his failures! The Governor can sign a simple Executive Order to include “self defense” as a “justifiable need”!!! He has continuously ignored our letters, faxes, emails and phone calls for years now! Many of us here in the PRNJ tried to get the word out to the free states the he was a phony and I am happy to see it worked at least to some degree!… Read more »


Very curious as to where our recently ex-presidential candidate, NJ Gov. Christie stands on the various and rather frequent 2A issues from his state. Seems most candidates of any sort avoid bringing up 2A issues so as not to stir their own political pots and only speak when spoken to on these issues. Pity. There are many issues that are important, but the 2A is the keystone. I was initially quite interested in Cristie as a presidential candidate, but as the campaigns wore on, not seeing him take a stand or even address 2A things in a state where they… Read more »

Kevin McGonigal

Has Fox News been sent a copy of the press release? how about the Washington (DC)Times?


Komrads, why can’t you understand that the Law is what the Party Says it is.
Individuals have No Rights. Only the Collective has rights. The Party is the voice of the Collective.
Therefore the Party is never wrong. So cease this senseless argument and join the march unto the glorious Collective Future.




It’s about time someone finds a way to drag New Jersey into compliance with the Constitution! Please do keep the nation apprised of the status of this case. And may God bless your efforts!


Sounds like good news all around – unless you are one of the criminals deserving investigation and revelation.
Put more light on the subject so those New Jersey criminals can’t get this swept under the rug.