Open Carry Texas & Texas Carry Host Official ‘Uncovering Of The Handgun Rally’

Open Carry Texas & Texas Carry Host Official 'Uncovering Of The Handgun Rally'
Open Carry Texas & Texas Carry Host Official ‘Uncovering Of The Handgun Rally’
Open Carry Texas
Open Carry Texas

Temple, TX – -( Since 2013, Open Carry Texas and Texas Carry has worked hard towards our collective goal of securing more gun rights for Texans.

Our first goal to make Texas an open carry state was accomplished this session with the passage of HB 910.

As of January 1, 2016, law abiding Texans who possess a current Concealed Handgun License (CHL) or the new License To Carry (LTC) will be able to carry their modern handgun openly or concealed as they see fit.

There is no need for an additional license and those with a current CHL will not need to obtain another license until theirs expires.

To celebrate the removal of the provision that requires handguns to be concealed in public, Open Carry Texas and Texas Carry will be holding an “Official Uncovering of the Handgun Rally” at the state Capitol at noon on New Year’s Day. The purpose of this rally is to draw awareness to the new law and demonstrate to the public that the only difference between an openly carried firearm and a concealed firearm is a thin piece of fabric. We will then conduct a short walk down Congress Ave.

The rally is expected to take no more than an hour and will feature District 24 Senate Candidate Brent Mayes as our speaker as well as OCT President CJ Grisham and TC Executive Director Terry Holcomb, Sr. Media are invited and members will available for interviews before and after the event.

We are extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication that our members have put into making this event a reality and look forward to working with the 85th Legislature to bring Constitutional Carry to Texas as well.

About Open Carry Texas: Our purpose is to 1) educate all Texans about their right to openly carry rifles and shotguns in a safe manner; 2) to condition Texans to feel safe around law- abiding citizens that choose to carry them; 3) encourage our elected officials to pass less restrictive open carry legislation for all firearms, especially pistols; and (4) foster a cooperative relationship with local law enforcement in the furtherance of these goals with an eye towards preventing negative encounters.

About Texas Carry: Texas Carry was created by a group of activists to organize action among members, effectively lobby the legislature, and demand compliance of state and federal laws. Texas Carry exists only to work for its members and the millions of Texas gun owners. We have no obligation to any politician or national organization that may compromise our goals.

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Thanks to OCT and Texas Carry for getting this done!!!!! the NRA has become a bunch of hype……What I dont like is all the businesses ie HEB Whataburger that are coming out against open carry I for one will not give my business to these gun phobes anymore I hope others follow suit………..


,I think a lot of these pilgrims are just superstitious about open carry because they ain’t never been around it. I think it’s human nature to expect the worst in situations that you are unfamiliar with ! I ain’t never
heard of a turd shooting a open carrier my own self !

Kevin Etter

These anti open carry/chicken little types crack me up. Do you EVER travel? I see people open carrying in other states, i.e. AZ, OK, GA, TN, NM, etc. and guess what….NOTHING EVER HAPPENS!!! You people are exactly like the anti gun types. Maybe that’s who you really are. Blood in the streets!!! The horror!!! Where has a criminal EVER shot an open carrier???? EVER????

Jerry Marshall

I’m glad to now have the right to carry my pistol openly but will not do so. As someone else observed, it is not wise to advertise to the bad guys that you are armed. I don’t believe it necessary to explain why.

The aspect of the new law I like is that when I carry concealed, if my jacket blows open accidentally revealing my firearm or if my pistol imprints to the point of being obvious, I will not be guilty of previously illegal open carry.


There is nothing more irritating to me than Yankees who post on here that know everything about Texas and Texas gun laws. Most them Yankees have never even been to TX but seem to know everything about our gun laws. These same Yankees from CA,NJ,NY..etc can’t even take care of themselves and keep voting in the same trash over and over !


States will start seceding soon and they will have their own firearms laws ! It should be a state issue anyway. Time to get the Feds out of the firearms business and out of our lives !

Wild Bill

“idiots, dimwits, damn, fool” what kind of language is that this to be using on each other, all 2nd amendment civil rights supporters? And on Christmas eve! Our adversaries must me quietly smiling somewhere. Coosa you are going to like this. I had a conversation with Texas House of Reps member Bryan Hughes. I put the question to him, ” After DC v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago what authority Texas or any state have to require licensing of persons to carry a firearm, open or concealed?” Hon. Brian Hughs responded that’s right there might not be any. That is… Read more »


It is a shame every one knows so much. That is the reason we can never agree on anything. Maybe some day.


Kudos to OCT $


@coosa,don’t carry a damn gun then fool move to a goddamn paradise like NJ or NY !!!


@big TEX,you’re an idiot too ! NRA is who almost killed it not OCT !


You’re an idiot…


Dimwits! What part of “shall not be infringed” is it that you do not understand? You can not carry a handgun in Texas, PERIOD, concealed OR openly, UNLESS you have been licensed by a State of Texas authority to do so! That is infringement upon the God given unalienable Right to Bear arms. Who in their brainwashed minds is it that would willingly be licensed to carry a handgun? Only law abiding citizens, that’s who! Criminals don’t care. That is why they are called criminals. So, just who in God’s green earth does this law affect? Only the law abiding… Read more »

Joe R.

Richard H.
Got that right.


After years of concealed carry, I learned about the practical and tactical aspects of covert carry. What moron wants to advertise to some thug that they’re carrying. They might lay in wait to ambush you and take your beloved piece or take it and then kill you with it. In the future I might carry openly when I take my jacket off while getting gas at the pump or when I’m out in the country away from all the hoplophobic citizenry.

John Adams

Are these folks trying to kill any sort of carry at all? If so they’re going about it the right way. Nobody seeing this will think “Oh, now it’s OK to carry your pistol out in the open! I won’t get nervous or call 911 if I see a holster on anyone’s hip.” All that people will see is a bunch of armed folks strolling down the street. I’d LOVE to know how many 911 calls are generated by this march if it happens.


Americans don’t beg for their rights to state legislators. We DEMAND them.
As for the TSRA AND THE NRA, they become slow moving, self-serving organizations,
resembling the political hacks they are in bed with. There would be NO open carry if the TSRA had their way or we’d all be dead and buried waiting for them to push it.

Valente Gonzalez

I am glad that Open Carry Texas is one of the legitimate firearms groups in Texas. The other groups have told their members lies about how they did things to pass Open Carry Legislation when in reality it was grass roots activism by Open Carry Activists that carried the bill forward in Texas.

The easing up of gun laws could not have been done without the help of groups like.
Come and Take It Texas, Texas Carry, Open Carry Texas and many other groups.


As a criminal myself, this is EXCELLENT news! Whenever I hit convenient stores or shops, I often worry about other guns. But now that people will open carry, all my guess work is gone. An added bonus: I will be concealing MY gun (yes, which I stole of course) so they won’t see me coming – but I’ll see them! And guess which people I’m going to take out first? I’ll give you a hint: they want everyone to know how proud they are of their pistols without saying a word.

This is going to be a great 2016!

Lone ranger

Ur an idiot


Disagree with you Big Tex. These kind of demonstrations are exactly what is needed to get the hysterical left wing whiners used to seeing law abiding citizens with guns


You are correct sir!

Big Tex

Oh, good lord. Please realize one thing: these retards are OUTCASTS in the Texas firearms community. They came close to KILLING open carry in the legislature, by acting like total idiots, undermining the tireless sweat and labor of the TSRA, NRA and many others. It’s a miracle the legislation passed, thanks to them. These are the nut cases that fuel anti-gun extremist groups like Moms Demand Action. And now it’s the “Official Uncovering of the Handgun Rally.” Oh….. my….. God. And of course these freaking dimwits will be on every front page in the state (which is exactly what they… Read more »