Shocking Undercover Video of NJ Police Denying Residents Their Constitutional Rights

Orange New Jersey Police Department CAUGHT ON VIDEO TAPE discriminating against and then bragging about denying NJ residents their rights.

Orange New Jersey Police Department's Detective Sergeant Chris Garey CAUGHT ON VIDEO TAPE denying and discriminating NJ residents their rights.
Orange New Jersey Police Department's Detective Sergeant Chris Garey CAUGHT ON VIDEO TAPE discriminating against and denying NJ residents their rights.

New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
Orange, NJ – -( NJ2AS EXCLUSIVE: Undercover video shows blatant and open discrimination in processing firearm's applications at Orange Police Department in NJ.

Detective Sergeant Chris Garey is documented discussing the various ways he has denied firearms permits for women, the elderly, and other groups.

He tells a disabled, law-abiding citizen that he would deny him for a firearm license should he apply, when the undercover videographer holds a valid permit in another town, illustrating the arbitrary abuses regarding second amendment rights in our state.

This is part 1 of a comprehensive dive into the numerous ways New Jersey's courts, legislators, and law enforcement officers actively conspire to keep citizens disarmed in the Garden State.

Share this video and let our governor and legislators know that the lives of all women, disabled, and every class of NJ citizen matters and deserves protection.

We demand the immediate abolishment of “justifiable need” in the state of NJ, and affording all law-abiding citizens the right to concealed carry. Otherwise, in lieu of this, we call upon the Trenton state house to immediately become a gun-free zone, and have all state troopers removed along with their guns, so that our state's legislators can be as exposed to the same dangers we disarmed, law-abiding citizens endure. Anything less is total hypocrisy; our lives are being deemed less valuable than politicians, unworthy of the same protection and rights.

Our representatives and governor refuse to meet us on these issues. We've been ignored for years, and people in New Jersey are literally dying because of it.

The time for discussions and debate is over. NJ2AS will no longer play patty-cake in Trenton or attend senseless hearings where testimony falls on deaf ears. We will work tirelessly to expose the hypocrisy, racism, sexism, and elitism of New Jersey's politicians, law enforcement, and judges that cooperate to maintain an active caste system with second class citizens in our home state.

Visit and donate to help introduce concealed carry for all, and an end to senseless, arbitrary, and inconsistent permitting denials and delays.

  • 10 thoughts on “Shocking Undercover Video of NJ Police Denying Residents Their Constitutional Rights

    1. Guess the det. has a part time job, after all he only works two months out of the year right?

      They need to shorten the video and also share it with IV8888 on his channel as a gun gripe.

    2. Made me nauseated watching this POS public servant telling the guy that he’s not even accepting applications for two months. WTF? Typical left wing Democrat- why do Pelosi, Boxer and their ilk talk with their hands?

    3. Does anyone know if firearm manufacturers ever boycott the state. I remember reading when NY passed the safe act some manufacturers wrote to the state saying they would not provide parts or guns. Maybe the manufacturers should be more involved.

    4. Where the hell is the NRA? I’m starting to believe they’ve given up on NJ and would rather use us as a recruiting tool.

      Everyone in the nation should be outraged. Revolutionary war battles were fought on this soil for crying out loud. The answer I always get from out of stater’s is “why don’t you just move?”

      Christ, everyone is fighting for the right to wave them around in public in Texas while we can’t even legally buy slingshots in NJ.

      I hope NEw Hampshire and Iowa primary voters throw this in Christies face.

    5. Citizen: Hello, I’d like to apply for a pistol purchase permit. Cop Behind Desk: Why do you need a gun? That exchange really took place. I’m sure it happens all across the state. My buddy is a retired LEO and this happened to him. There is an inbreed culture in PD’s that they all learn at a very young cop age (academy) and it is the norm. At my PD the permit lady (just an admin) kind of scowls and seems bothered at the act of providing or taking your paperwork. She’s been that way as long as I can remember. When I went down with my wife to help her navigate the system the lady was all love and kisses. In her case she probably feels women are trustworthy and need the equalizer, in my case she just saw a guy who doesn’t need a gun. Its part of the NJ culture. I have a neighbor who is pretty far along in the NJSP and he’s told me straight up that non-cops should not have guns. One day gun owners are going to disregard the un-Constitutional laws and carry on. Not sure what the tipping point will be.

    6. I had to stop watching this. Somebody gave a moron power and created a powerful moron. I feel for you people in New Jersey. This is totally egregious. One day, hopefully soon, you’ll get back the right to defend yourself in public. Until then, and I hate to say this, you are all potential victims.

    7. Every citizen in this state should be documenting on video their interactions with law enforcement presiding over their permits. This is happening across the state every day and rarely is it reported. I am glad someone finally stepped up and got the ball rolling.

      I am tired of being a second class citizen in this state

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