Attacks On Trump Are An Attack On Americans Themselves

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law & Stephen. L. D’Andrilli
Edited by Brian Anse Patrick

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Brian Anse Patrick Rise of the Anti-Media
Brian Anse Patrick Rise of the Anti-Media

USA –  -( The recent attack on Donald Trump is most curious.

It is coming not only from sources that you would have every reason to expect, but from sources that you would have every good reason not to expect: Dick Cheney, former Vice President under George W. Bush; Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader; and John Yoo, U.S Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel, Department of Justice, who served in the Administration of George W. Bush.

These individuals have all spoken out, vociferously, against Donald Trump’s recent remarks concerning barring Muslims from entering the Country.

The mainstream news media and leading Democrats and, oddly enough, the Republican leadership itself, finds Trump’s comments alarming. But, alarming to whom? Muslims?

Alarming, we see, to those Americans who don’t like Trump’s proposal and, for that matter, those who don’t like Trump, and who seek to undermine his campaign by whatever means possible. But, Trump’s proposal should not be alarming at all to Americans who seek protection from the deadly impact of jihadism – jihadism that exists around the world and has now made its appearance in the United States.

From that perspective Trump’s proposal is quite modest and reasonable.

Indeed, if there is any national security proposal that should be alarming to the American people it is The New York Times’ call for confiscation of firearms from the hands of law-abiding Americans.

But, that proposal, coming from the publishers and editors of a major newspaper, receives precious little condemnation that it richly deserves. And, it is from major mainstream newspapers, both left-wing papers, namely and particularly, the New York Times, and conservative newspapers, too, namely, and particularly, the Wall Street Journal that we see scathing editorials on Trump – editorials that attack him on both a personal, visceral level, and on a public policy level.

Fortunately, some news commentators go to bat for Trump.

Andrew Wilkow, whose radio program, “The Wilkow Majority,” airs on SiriusXM 125, weekdays, made the perceptive point, on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, that Trump is being blasted not for what he actually said about barring Muslims from our shores, but for what he never said.

The mainstream media, with assistance from Republicans themselves, is attacking Trump and, by extension, those Americans who support him. And, it is important to take note that the attack on Trump is definitely an attack on Americans themselves.

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Leviticus 21,24 , Deuteronomy 13 , John 15 , Luke 19 all speak of killing in some point for Christ , for God , against non believers. Leviticus and Deuteronomy are part of the Torah or Old Testament. Same as Quran . Why do you think we had Crusades. Yet other passages in all books reference that belief in Old , New testament is belief in God , same as Quran saying some food prepared Koshered may be ok. This is an admission they are not nonbelievers , just ignorant and following the wrong prophet. Ignorance on all sides leads… Read more »


Bob Broussard, Presidents have to learn their job. We need to find one with the ability to adapt and grow. Maybe Kasich, Christie, Rubio, Bush, or Clinton.


Oldfarthastings, you are correct. However the gist of the article is that many smart men don’t support and are offended by Trump and his attack on Muslims.. Me too.

Bob Broussard

I would never vote for any candidate based on a single issue like gun control. A President must be fair minded and accountable on a wide variety of issues. A Commander in Chief must hold the nation’s security above all else. A world leader must be strong and represent the morals and values of the American People. None of those skills are easily acquired, let alone mastered. It’s a tough job. I’m doubtful any of the current candidates are up to the task.


Don’t you think that headline is a “little” over the top?
It is the nature of uneducated Americans and over zealous people to “attack” anything they do not like.
Yes Obastard is a bastard simple genetic fact. He suffers from whose yer daddy disease. No denying it.

How about a headline that says an attack on American politics is “anti American”. Really?!?


Okay, let’s forget about all that and just start questioning him on his stand on 2A issues shall we? For example, he refuses to to discuss his support of extended waiting periods and background checks.

Bob Broussard

There are at least 109 separate verses in the Queran commanding true believers to kill non believers and hypocrits (Muslims who don’t believe in killing non-Muslims). This is an open ended edict from their creator, Allah, via their prophet, Muhammed, to kill as many Christians and Jews as they can to gain admittance into Paradise. Please find and quote ANY passage in the New Testament (Christianity) or the Torah (Judaism) that commands the faithful to kill in the name of God. The Old Testament of the Bible is a historical record of what was. It has never been construed as… Read more »

Joe Gavron

The Queran specifically mandates that temples and churches of the infidels be leveled to the ground and a mosque erected in their place. A peaceful religion. Obviously you haven’t read the Queran/Koran.


Bitch McConnell tried everything he could to keep Rand Paul off the ballot as well. McConnell is a disgrace to Kentucky as well as the country.


Our founding fathers did no such thing and never said so. The statement you use is from a T Jefferson letter. I suggest you go back and reread the BoR. The First expressly allows the exercise of religion, it only prohibits a “state” church. The Koran is not peaceful and was founded on blood and war and has operated that way from the beginning. It is not a religion is it a political cult founded by one man.


You cannot look as Islam as only a religion driven by the Koran. The Koran is only a small part of the study done by a Muslim. Read also the Hadith and the biography of Mohamed’s life. This last is particularly important as Muslims are expected to emulate Mohamed in all ways, including his personal habits. Learn how he lived his personal life and what he preached as acceptable behavior towards non Muslims and you will begin to understand what alarms those that really understand the “religion”. When you read the Koran I challenge you to find the Golden Rule… Read more »


Religion and politics should never be allowed in the same room. Our founding Fathers agreed when they separated church and state. I have read large portions of the Tora, the Bible and the Koran and they all have one thing in common, the preach peace as the only way to get closer to God. Attacking people just for their religion is WRONG.