Introducing the Havalon Hydra, the Most Versatile Knife Ever Created

Havalon Hydra - red double-bladed hunting knife
Havalon Hydra – red double-bladed hunting knife
Havalon Knives
Havalon Knives

Cincinnati, OH -( Havalon Knives, always on the leading edge of innovation, is once again proud to forge a new path in the knife industry.

The leader in replaceable blade design is now ready to bring a whole new dimension to hunters, anglers and outdoorsmen everywhere. Introducing the all-new double bladed Havalon Hydra, the most versatile knife ever created.

With a total of 17 blades in 7 different styles, the complete Hydra kit is the first knife designed to fit every Havalon blade. Whether you’re field dressing a trophy buck or filleting the catch of the day, the multi-bladed Hydra is the only tool you need.

Utilizing Havalon’s revolutionary Quik-Change replaceable blade system, the Hydra features a Piranta blade on one end and a Baracuta blade on the other. Weighing in at only 13 ounces (comparable packs are 3.5 pounds), the Hydra is ready to meet any need, any time.

Includes 12 additional Piranta blades, 3 each of #60A, #70A, #22XT and #22, and 3 additional Baracuta blades, 1 each of #115XT hunter’s blade, #127XT fillet blade and #115SW bone saw blade. Zipper carrying case included.

Available August 2015 – 2 versions: red handle with black inserts, green handle with black inserts.

MSRP $99.99

About Havalon Knives:

Havalon Knives originated in 2005 as a division of Havel’s Incorporated. Since 1981, Havel’s has provided the longest-lasting surgical blades available for a variety of uses in medicine, taxidermy, industry, sign making, graphics and crafting. Havalon Knives is dedicated to the tradition of continuous quality improvement in blades and knives for professional hunters, guides and taxidermists as well as individuals who value the highest quality in their sporting knives.

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