Lowest Prices of Bulk Bore Brushes Available on Amazon.com

BoreSmith - Bore Brushes
BoreSmith – Bore Brushes : http://tiny.cc/7g907x

Gardena, CA -(AmmoLand.com)- BoreSmith now has bulk packs of traditional bore brushes available on Amazon.com.

The brushes are caliber specific and come in packs of ten. Brushes are available in rifle and pistol lengths depending on the caliber.

“We find it unnecessary for a gun owner to buy standard brushes one at a time.” Says Eric Feldman, Director of Operations for BoreSmith. “When you do that, you end up paying for packaging materials, the time it takes to package, extra shipping costs and other factors that raise the price. Our no frills bulk packaging allows us to price the packs at a very low price while continuing to offer high quality brushes. Now that the bulk packs are on Amazon, Prime two day free shipping is available for members.”

In addition to the standard brushes, BoreSmiths patented Triangle Patch and JagBrush are also available on Amazon. Shooters can choose what system they prefer to use.

To find BoreSmith products search for Boresmith on Amazon.

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