Stop The New Hampshire Gun Tax Bill HB 1416

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Stop The New Hampshire Gun Tax Bill HB 1416
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-( As Scott told you a little over a week ago, Rep. Katherine Rogers has introduced HB 1416, the Gun Tax of 2016.   This bill will have a public hearing on Tuesday, January 19 at 10AM in the House Executive Departments and Administration Committee.

HB 1416, gives the Department of Safety the authority to charge “a reasonable fee” to conduct a criminal records check before someone may lawfully purchase a handgun.

In case you are unfamiliar with how this works I’ll explain it.  Every licensed firearms dealers must conduct a criminal records check before they transfer a firearm to a private party.  They do this over the telephone.  Checks for the sale of all handguns are handled by the New Hampshire Department of Safety but the checks for the sale of a rifle or shotgun are handled by the FBI.  There is currently no state or federal fee charged.  We have been told that the Department of Safety is able to access the same databases that the FBI uses at no cost.

That’s right, this is all free but Rep. Rogers  wants to give the unelected bureaucrats at the Department of Safety the authority to enact an unlimited gun tax.  Reasonable fee is not defined.  The Department of Safety will be able to ban the sale of firearms by charging a fee of $50, $100, $250 or even  $1000 to conduct the “required” check.  The power to tax is the power to destroy and Rep. Rogers wants to give the Department of Safety the power to destroy the Second Amendment in New Hampshire.

Its important to study recent legislative history because every few years it repeats itself.  In 2009, during a fictitious; and arguably self made, “budget shortfall”,  the Legislature raised the fee for non resident pistol / revolver licenses by 400%.   That fee has never been decreased although there have been a few attempts to do so.

When a politician has to give money back to the taxpayers, he or she will never do so.  Politicians build their careers by spending your money.  Now imagine that same scenario for the gun tax proposed by Rep. Rogers.

Are you ready to accept a behind the scenes, underhanded approach to funding the whims of politicians by giving unelected bureaucrats the power to stop or slow gun sales by charging a user fee?   This scenario is even worse than when the legislature is raising the fees.

We at NHFC, Inc. vehemently disagree with the entire instant check scheme and feel that it should be repealed.  However, if it is going to exist, and if, as the proponents claim, it provides a public safety benefit, then the public should pay for it.  The unconstitutional “instant check” should remain free of charge to all law abiding firearms owners and dealers.  We doubt that a common street criminal or terrorist will patronize a licensed firearms dealer, they will just steal guns and ammunition.

Here is what you need to do to help:

  1. Contact the members of the House Executive Departments and Administration Committee and politely tell them that you expect them to vote HB 1416 Inexpedient to Legislate, (contact information is below).
  2. If you can, attend the committee hearing and either sign the blue form as being opposed to the bill or fill out a card and request to speak on the bill.

I have been defending Second Amendment civil rights for many years and I can’t recall a firearms bill ever being heard by the Executive Departments and Administration Committee.   I think that we need a large crowd on January 19 to let this committee know that we will not accept any new gun control or gun taxes.   Please be polite but firm when you inform the members of the Committee that you expect them to vote the Rogers Gun Tax Inexpedient to Legislate (ITL).

These State Representative are members of the Executive Departments and Administration Committee, click on their name to send a personalized email (especially if you live in one of their districts) or click here to email the the entire committee at once:

Chairman – Representative Andrew Christie (r), (603)926-7106
Vice Chair – Representative John Sytek (r), (603)893-8889
Representative Peter Hansen (r), (603)673-5987
Representative Steven Beaudoin (r), (603)312-8111
Representative Mark Proulx (r), (603)669-7179
Representative J.R. Hoell (r), (603)315-9002
Representative Jeffrey Shackett (r),
Representative Daniel Tamburello (r), (603)434-2940
Representative William Goulette (r), (603)801-3060
Representative Thomas Kaczynski, Jr. (r), (603)332-7310
Representative Gregory Smith (r), (603)635-3835
Representative Steven Woitkun (r), (603)642-5154
Representative Harold Parker (r), (603)491-6807
Representative Raymond Gagnon (d), (603)542-7286
Representative Peter Schmidt (d), (603)743-3751
Representative Jean Jeudy (d), (603)645-5290
Representative Daniel Sullivan (d), (603)627-5044
Representative Jeffrey Goley (d), (603)626-6659
Representative Daniel Hansberry (d), (603)888-5634
Representative Jacalyn Cilley (d), (603)664-5597
Representative Carol Roberts (d), (603)654-6922

In liberty,
Alan M. Rice
Vice President & Training Director – NHFC

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About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition:
The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire’s only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control. Visit:

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Rep. Dick Marple

I tried to respond to your survey and got what is below. You have been CENSORED. Rep. Dick Marple
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Kevin Croteau

I looked at the bill, some one is not telling the truth, the bill states that NH State PD is receiving 40,000 calls a year and the bidet is just less than 60,000 for the job and any left over money will dump into the general fund. Can’t do this job for that little amount of money. The other part, if the State needs this position filled and more money to do the job, who is doing the job at this time? I think we need the position, but it needs to be not linked to gun sales, because the… Read more »

ernest meyer

TAX GUNS TO THE HILT: Excerpts: “I got so fed up with hearing accusations of bias from both sides, I went to the FBI databases and figured it all out for myself. I found crime only accounts for ~15% of gun deaths. Over half of all homicides are people shooting people they know. Most frequent is men shooting younger girls they know. There are many more accidents to gun owners’ own children than justified cases of self defense. Less than 1 in 30 of all homicides are justified acts of self defense, and just as often as not, people… Read more »

swamie steve

Liberal Gun Grabbers are always wrong. Their brains are wired wrong . This mindless Fee is wrong.——-I will never pay it. ——– I see all, and it will never happen.—-Swamie Steve


Once again TAXATION without representation. Nothing less.


I really don’t see why the taxpayers of NH have to pay for your gun purchase, this is a great idea.


Taxation without representation, was one of the causes for the American Reveloution. How quickly Democrats forget. Thus bill would be past ” not by representation” but by cowardly sneak attacks on the very fabric of this Country “the U.S. Constitution! Don’t like the Constitution? Move there are lots if Countries with out one! But the way, those Countries are dieing to have one!