NRA 2016 Recall Question Is An Attack on the Whole of the NRA Organization

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USA –  -( Regarding the upcoming question to unseat Grover Norquist from the NRA board, after his majority approval by voting NRA members to the board, less than year ago.

Here is what everyone is missing and what Todd Rathner was try to get at in his recent OP-ED's.

This is not a yes or no vote for Norquist to be on the board, this recall question is an attack on the organization and structure of your NRA board.

This is a recall question that has been forced upon the NRA membership by a few anti NRA people who have found a loop hole in the NRA member bylaws.

They are using it to create an issue where none should be and cause fighting among NRA members.

The recall was initiated by a super minority of 450 petitioners out of 5,000,000 NRA members. I repeat, that is 450 individuals vs 5 million!

That is called tyranny of the minority.

This minority, taking advantage of a NRA bylaw loophole, has thrown the stable process of orderly elections into disorder, no large organization can effectively function if the board members and the organization is having to deal with random recalls or chaotic changes in board members. All initiated just because a super minority of members has a grudge against a newly elected board member.

To put it in terms you can understand, say your guy, who you love, was just voted onto the NRA board.

Well I don’t like him, so all I need are 450 of my Facebook friends, who meet the qualifying NRA voting guidelines, and I can have a recall order thrown against him and force him into resigning his board seat until after the next member vote. It is chaos and that is exactly what is going on with this question on the ballot.

If the antis are successful with this effort we will see this used, again and again, to disrupt the entire board operation. And anyone shouting yes to the recall is only helping their cause of harming the entire NRA organization.

Grover Norquist

If you don’t like Norquist you can just vote him out when his board term comes up. But if he is voted out through this end run, the antis will have a field day touting how the NRA is corrupt and it will become a tactic for them to target and impugn other NRA board members.

If you hate Norquist, vote him out next time he is up for election, not this way. Anyone insisting on this recall vote is clueless or worse, not on the side of gun rights and the 2A

The correct way to add or remove board members, that you may or may not like, is by regular board member elections. Every board member comes up for re-election every three years.



Vote NO on the 2016 Recall Question


NRA Life Member Tred Law

  • 7 thoughts on “NRA 2016 Recall Question Is An Attack on the Whole of the NRA Organization

    1. This whole thing seems like a ploy to discredit the NRA and it’s board of directors. I am very suspicious of people who seem to have an answer to everything and go on and on attempting to make a case but actually are just going in circles. I’m voting NO. Vote him out in 2.5 years if you don’t like his performance.

      The information being used against Norquist reads like a conspiracy theorists wet dream. Do the accusers even know the man is married to a Palestinian muslim? Do ya think that might be the reason he has ties to people of middle eastern descent? Hmmmmmmm……. gee, idunnooooooo…….

    2. More.

      Just kidding. Ran out of time. Was going to elaborate on one of my posts I’m the other Norquist articles of the last few days.

    3. The Gottlieb-Law-Rathner tag team are just repeatedly regurgitating their sneaky, weak, deceptive, evasive, smokescreen propaganda talking points. The Norquist cabal will say anything to divert attention from the real issues, mainly Norquist’s collaboration with Bloomberg to advance Bloomberg’s long game of gun confiscation by way of immigration coup d’etat. Note that a lot of their arguments are arguments against allowing recalls at all, essentially warmed over sophistry used by any number of scumbag legislators to fight recalls. This clique will do anything to protect their deals with Norquist at the expense of RKBA and America. Since they’re regurgitating pablum, I’ll cough up some cud and elaborate on it myself. Check out a few of their sleazy, evasive, revealing techniques:

      * Argument to Celebrity:

      – e.g., Michael Chertoff. It reveals the beltway establishment mindset of the Norquist toadies that they would think it would help convince liberty loving gun rights activists to trot out a former head of the Orwellian “Homeland Security” police state apparatus, “the man” according to Rathner, “who actually led the fight” in the (phony) “war on terror”. No wonder Chertoff loves Norquist. Chertoff helped GW “Guest Worker” Bush help Norquist & Bloomberg sabotage America’s most fundamental national defenses — our borders & immigration controls. Along with welcoming millions of conventional third world criminals (gangsters, rapists, burglars, murderers, etc.) for “cheap labor” (at any cost to you), Chertoff & Bush rolled out the prayer rug for hundreds of thousands of Jihadis, Jihadi sympathizers, Jihadi breeders, and other Jihadi vectors.

      e.g., JOE ALLBAUGH, NRA Board Member, Bush 2000 Campaign Manager, and FEMA Director on 9/11.

      Well isn’t that special? Just what we need on the NRA board. Not. Again, it’s revealing that the Norquist collaborators think that freedom loving conservatives would be impressed by an endorsement from another establishment neo”con” police state Bush crony. Allbaugh was part of the 9/11 whitewash that diverted attention from the fundamental question of why the enemy is here in the “homeland” at all in the first place, let alone welcomed in by the millions during a “war on terror”.

      * Begging the Question with hysteria and lies: “If the antis are successful with this effort we will see this used, again and again, to disrupt the entire board operation.”

      What antis? There’s no evidence any of the recall proponents are “antis”. Anti-Norquist, but not anti-gun. Nor are they anti-NRA. Recalling a quisling from the NRA board is the opposite of being anti-NRA. The real anti-NRA, long term anti-gun, anti-USA folks are Norquist and his supporters.

      Nor would recalling Norquist “disrupt the entire board operation”, or at least not any legitimate, loyal part of the board operation. Again, it’s revealing. The fact that Norquist toadies parrots this particular talking point reveals their fears that members will realize that Norquist is emblematic of pervasive infiltration, corruption and subversion of the NRA board and staff. Why would the “antis” do more recalls unless he’s just one of an metastasized infestation of rotten apples who need to go as well. Not that I’m betting on Norquist actually being recalled. The structural advantages to the vampires who control the NRA are too big to overcome. This is why I don’t recommend upping to 5-year or life to vote. They’re already abusing the nearly $400 million per year donated by members. Last thing they need is more money for huge salaries, sweetheart deals, lobbyists, phony pro-gun Dems like Jon Tester, corrupt RINOs like Thad Cochran, outright gun grabbers like Bob Dold and Santa Barbara sheriff Bill Brown, and other beltway vampires.

      * Argument by strawman: “This is not a yes or no vote for Norquist to be on the board, this recall question is an attack on the organization and structure of your NRA board.”

      What a load of double talk. Of course it IS a vote for whether or not Norquist should be on the board. If you don’t think he should be on the board you vote yes. If you want a quisling on the board who collaborates with Bloomberg against the interest of the membership and for the demise of the USA, you vote no. It’s simple unless you’re a simpleton. Is Tred Law a simpleton, or does he just think you’re one?

      As to “attack on the organization and structure of your NRA board” again it reveals the knowing guilt and fear of Norquist’s collaborators on and off the NRA board. They know if members realize the Norquist toadies are collaborating with Bloomberg through Norquist, they will clean house. Also note the patronizing “your NRA board” formula.

      * Argument by non-sequitur: “if he is voted out through this end run, the antis will have a field day touting how the NRA is corrupt and it will become a tactic for them to target and impugn other NRA board members.” How would ousting Norquist give the antis an argument that the NRA is “corrupt”?

      * Argument by smokescreen: “If you don’t like Norquist you can just vote him out when his board term comes up.” Yeah. Or we can do it right now. Why wait to get a quisling off the board?

      * Argument by hypocrisy: e.g. “NRA must stick to the single issue.” This tired excuse is trotted out for the chumps when “outsiders” mention the immigration issue, then immediately forgotten when the NRA gets involved in all sorts of indirect gun rights issues like campaign finance and meta tags.

      In any case, over-immigration is THE long-term gun rights issue. It’s culturally and politically terraforming the USA, overwhelming the relatively conservative native born citizenry’s voting control, deluging them with fast-breeding third-world immigrants and their offspring who IN FACT lean overwhelmingly Democrat and anti-gun. See California. Cali is the USA’s future thanks to Norquist and his collaborators, which is why Grover’s pard Bloomberg spends hundreds of millions of dollars for amnesty and over-immigration. Anyone who can’t understand that is too dumb to vote in any election and too dumb to own a gun.

      If there is one overriding issue for the vampires who control the NRA it’s how to stay in power and continue abusing the nearly $400 million donated by members every year.

      * Other nonsense:

      * “This is a recall question that has been forced upon the NRA membership by a few anti NRA people who have found a loop hole in the NRA member bylaws.”

      Again, there’s no evidence that the proponents are anti-NRA. And even if they were, so what? They did RKBA activists and loyal Americans a favor. Norquist needs to go. Attempting to recall a quisling is pro-NRA. The “antis” are the Norquist backers. Nor is recall a “loop hole”. It’s a key corrective tool, and it’s rightfully available under the bylaws of the NRA and many states.

      Elsewhere, when a reader implies that variants of most of Law’s arguments would’ve worked against the Colorado recalls, Law tries to weasel around the hypocrisy: “Yes I did [support the Colorado recalls], 100%, because a substantial majority of the voters signed on for a recall of their representative.” Bzzzz. Wrong. Only a small minority of the electorate had to sign the petitions, and that is as it should be. Recalls would be practically impossible if a majority of the electorate had to sign. They would be totally impossible in the NRA case if a majority of members had to sign, since board and staff control communications with members. And if members or voters should only vote for recalls signed by a majority of members or voters, then why allow recalls on the ballot with a minority of signatures?

      “Outsiders”: Again, this reveals the Norquist clique’s contemptuous beltway insider mindset. I don’t care for Glen Beck, but if he’s a member then he’s not an outsider. Notice they never called him an “anti” or an outsider all those times he interviewed the NRA board’s pet celebrity has-been motormouth narcissist in a snakesuit. Only when Beck stood up to them, did the right thing at significant personal cost, went after Norquist, and thereby threatened their subversive gig, did he become an “outsider” and an “anti”.

      What does it take to be an insider according to the Norquist clique? Apparently a beltway insider who supports Norquisling Uber Alles. That Beck supports the recall is irrelevant. He happens to be right about Norquist, although not for the most important reason, i.e., not over Norquist’s collaboration with Bloomberg to advance Bloomberg’s gun confiscation by over-immigration long game. This is probably because Beck himself is subversive on immigration, as are the leaders of the LDS church, of which he is a member. But Beck certainly has a valid issue on the Islamophilia. Opposing the recall on the grounds that Beck supports it is an evasive argument. For the clique to quibble with Beck as a recall sponsor is like a defense attorney arguing that a rapist shouldn’t be prosecuted because the victim had some moving violations on her driving record.

      Norquist’s collaborators don’t get to tell NRA membership to consider only certain issues and angles, and only with a certain spin that the clique deems convenient. This is not a jury trial. Tred Law is not a judge who can order a jury to disregard this and that fact or argument and threaten the prosecution with contempt if they bring it up. This is an election, and we the “outsiders” — i.e., concerned NRA voters who are not part of the beltway vampire clique have a right and duty to consider any fact WE think renders Norquist unfit, regardless of whether the recall proponents raised that issue or the Norquist clique approves of it. Why should we wait for a regular election when the quisling is on the ballot now? That would be idiotic, but convenient for the corrupt establishment insider clique.

      The Norclique’s priority is Norquist, the clique and its benefits and agenda, not NRA or gun rights or the USA. Otherwise they would not be pulling out all the stops to save a Bloomberg collaborator.

      Bloomberg’s strategy of gun confiscation by way of over-immigration is the ultimate long term gun rights issue. Norquist is collaborating with Bloomberg, sacrificing gun rights allegedly for the “cheap labor” (at any cost to you) interests he really serves, ensuring that NRA money continues to flow to Bloomberg-collaborating politicians and most importantly ensuring that the NRA continues to hide behind the bogus “single issue” excuse in order to passive-aggressively support the over-immigration, invasion, occupation and takeover of the USA. Norquist’s supporters are collaborating with Norquist, therefore they are collaborating with Bloomberg in the demise of the USA. They ALL need to go.

      It’s a common ploy of bad beltway actors to preemptively accuse their opponents of the very sins the bad actors live for, while claiming that an attempt to correct a problem with an institution is an attack on an entire institution. “What’s good for GM is good for the country.” Or… “If you question the wisdom of Bush’s preemptive quagmire in Iraq, ousting the enemy of our enemy whenn he was no threat to us but was standing on the necks of the Islamocrazies, wasting trillions of dollars wasted and stolen, 60,000 American soldiers killed, maimed or crippled for a perpetual occupation and corrupt ‘nationbuilding’ scam … then you don’t support the troops!” Or… “I’m not going to stand here while you badmouth the United States of America!”. Often the folks who make such arguments are collaborators in the evil. That looks obvious in this case.


      More below.

    4. “…this recall question is an attack on the organization and structure of your NRA board.” NRA is not run by the board, it’s controlled by staff career bureaucrats who gain job security by passing garbage bills.

      Look at what NRA lobbyist for Illinois Todd Vandermyde did in Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” HB183 carry bill in 2013: criminal penalties or 6 MONTHS or 1 YEAR in jail for hundreds of gun-free zones, an unelected Star Chamber review board where any cop in Illinois can object to your app., an unlimited privacy waiver, and Duty to Inform, so police criminals can kill armed citizens with legal cover. Thanks Todd!

      If Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham pay this scum to sell out the lives of NRA members to police unions, Vandermyde can’t be the only rat at NRA HQ.

    5. This Life Member will be voting to flush Norquist, just as he so richly deserves .

      As to the title of the article…well, yeah, the recall SHOULD be viewed as an attack on the organization’s quislings and dupes and on the orgs long sordid history of supporting all manner of govt gun-control, in direct opposition to Amendment II’s prohibition on doing just that.

      ‘Staunch Defenders’ my hairy arse.

      Facts are damn pesky things…just as is the Constitution and the clear text of Amendment II is to the NRA and its open-secret bestest chum, the govt.

    6. Norquist has to go now ! There’s no better time than the present to get him out of the NRA ! Time is definitely of the essence on this ! There is no reason to wait until the next election ! The NRA better press the issue on this too or they will lose tons of members,myself included !

    7. Please see the statement below, as well as the attached letters of support from Ed Meese, Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakheim and Joe Allbaugh.

      Please remember to vote for the NRA board and against the recall. The ballot is in your March 2016 NRA magazine that will arrive February 20-24


      WHAT’S THE ISSUE: A petition has been filed to recall Grover Norquist, who was elected for the sixth time in 2015 to the NRA Board of Directors.

      GROVER NORQUIST is an American patriot, a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, and a VALUED MEMBER OF OUR NRA BOARD. He has served with distinction on the NRA Board since 2000 as an outspoken public and private supporter of gun rights. It is vital for the NRA to keep Grover Norquist on the Board of Directors. Please vote “NO” on the ballot.

      VOTE NO.

      KEEP GROVER NORQUIST ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS, DEFENDING THE SECOND AMENDMENT. The false attacks against Grover resulting in this vote are part of a 15-year, long-running smear campaign launched by a person with no interest in the NRA or defending the Second Amendment. Other conservative groups of which Grover is a member have been attacked by the same person and faced similar demands that he be ousted. Each conservative group has investigated the charges, found them baseless and rejected the demand. NRA must do the same.

      ED MEESE, President Reagan’s Attorney General:

      I have known Grover Norquist for over 25yrs and have worked with him in a number of organizations and projects. On this basis I have been able to closely observe him and know of his commitment to this country.

      “Grover is a patriot…a leader in the conservative movement…and should continue as a valuable member of the NRA board.”

      MICHAEL CHERTOFF, George W. Bush’s Secretary of Homeland Security:

      “Grover Norquist is a natural leader and patriot. He has exercised leadership on numerous issues of importance to the nation at some personal sacrifice to himself…I do not know the motive of Frank Gaffney’s scurrilous and continuing attacks against Mr. Norquist, but they should not be given any weight.”

      JOE ALLBAUGH, NRA Board Member, Bush 2000 Campaign Manager, and FEMA Director on 9/11 refuted the false allegations about Grover and Allbaugh urges a “NO” vote on the Recall Petition.

      BOB BARR, NRA Board Member since 1997, former U.S. Attorney appointed by President Reagan:

      “I have known and worked with Grover Norquist for 25 years. I have reviewed the charges on which this Recall Petition are based, and I find them to be without merit. I strongly urge a “NO” vote on the Recall Petition.”

      DAVID KEENE, Editorial Editor of the Washington Times, NRA Board Member, past national NRA President, former Chairman of the American Conservative Union:

      “I’ve worked with Grover for 20 years. He has dedicated his life to constitutional principles. NRA Members should vote NO on the recall ballot.”


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