The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! – Antonin Scalia’s Greatest Hit

by Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman
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Justice Scalia and Alan Korwin
Justice Scalia and Alan Korwin had a word about their books, author to author, on May 12, 2015, at a Goldwater Institute reception in Phoenix. He had graciously agreed to sign my book, Supreme Court Gun Cases, at his book signing for Reading Law, which I’m working my way through.
Alan Korwin
Alan Korwin

Arizona –   -( The lamestream media told you:

Barack Hussein Obama has decided to skip the funeral of recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, whose dedication to the Constitution and the rule of law does not closely match Mr. Hussein-Obama’s, according to leading experts.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

The District of Columbia vs. Heller case, considered by the firearms community to be among Justice Scalia’s finest pieces of work, is being made available in annotated form and on special terms by Bloomfield Press, the nation’s largest publisher and distributor of gun law books.

The book’s co-author Alan Korwin was invited by the High Court to observe oral argument in the case. He attended with his Cartridge Family Band fellow musician Bob Blackmer (who had originally planted the idea of going); Bob had to wait outside overnight in freezing conditions to obtain a seat. Korwin reported directly from Washington D.C. on the landmark event and was joined by dozens of luminaries in attendance, including his co-author, David Kopel (who sat at the Respondent’s table up front).

The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! :
The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! :

Read about the court time itself:

The book, The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! became an instant classic, spelling out in plain English what SCOTUS Justice Scalia had written in crisp, compelling legalese, having been assigned the case by Chief Justice John Roberts. It confirmed that the Second Amendment is an individual right of American people, despite fabrications and concoctions invented by leftists to deny the right people had exercised for more than 200 years. The opposition claimed the right was “collective,” and belonged to no person in particular, a false perspective expressed in the dissent, which the book includes.

In addition to every word of both the decision (“the holding”) and the dissents, the book highlights hundreds of important quotations in the texts and features plain English summaries of every aspect of the case, plus explanations of how the case came to be, who the various players are, and how the Court works.

“News” media typically exhibit an abysmally low understanding of such things, misleading the public, you included, unfortunately.

The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed!,  also includes three other Supreme Court important gun cases that were decided before the Heller case, but after Supreme Court Gun Cases, the unabridged guide to the Court’s 92 prior gun cases Supreme Court Gun Cases. Journalists constantly and inaccurately say the Court has been largely quiet about guns but that is totally false — they have used some form of the word firearm more than 2,900 times in those decisions, consistently recognizing an individual right to keep and bear arms.

This is reflected in the fact that in America we have gun stores, we have always had gun stores, and you don’t need to join a state militia to walk in and buy as many firearms and as much ammunition as you like.

Lobbyist John Snyder, Dick Heller, and Alan Korwin wait for the proceedings to begin at the Heller case, downstairs at the U.S. Supreme Court. You can tell how cold it was, we were bundled up.
Lobbyist John Snyder, Dick Heller, and Alan Korwin wait for the proceedings to begin at the Heller case, downstairs at the U.S. Supreme Court. You can tell how cold it was, we were bundled up.

The Heller Case, Gun Rights Affirmed! is a joy to read and a tribute to the memory of one of the finest legal minds to ever grace the Supreme Court bench.

If you have never actually read a High Court decision, this is the place to start. It is an education, an exhilaration and rollicking good fun all at the same time.

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Bloomfield Press, founded in 1988, is the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in the country. Our website,, features a free national directory to gun laws and relevant contacts in all states and federally, along with our unique line of related books and DVDs. “After Your Shoot” for media review is available on request, call 800-707-4020. Our authors are available for interview, call to schedule. Call for cogent positions on gun issues, informed analysis on proposed laws, talk radio that lights up the switchboard, fact sheets and position papers. As we always say, “It doesn’t make sense to own a gun and not know the rules.” Visit:

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I liked the man. As to Heller? I read the decision carefully, and was way less than thrilled by parts of it. Even the Brady Bunch came away from it smiling and saying that it left them a lot of room to maneuver. So it says the we must be allowed to have guns “in common use”. Who gets to decide which guns fit that standard. And, how about the part where it says that communities have the right to set their own standards on gun ownership, that they can still make it a total pain in the butt to… Read more »

Wild Bill

“And where did it say that military style weapons should not be denied to civilians? ”
That would be the Miller case, Lou. Unfortunately, not every aspect of any given subject is addressed in any S.CT case (or any lower court for that matter. That is why this guy’s book is an important work.

TSgt B

Thanks for all you do, and have done, in defense of our most valuable Freedom, Alan. Justice Scalia will be missed more than can be said in words. Long Live the Republic!


For the American gun owner that has yet to read “Heller”, you really don’t know what you are missing. The full Opinion starts 3 pages in on this site after the Syllabus:
The + – at the top allows zooming for old eyes.
The book offered above should be a great reference tool.