ITD Protocol Describes Interface Between LE & Businesses During Active Shooter Events

Pulse O2DA Firearms Training
Intent To Defend Protocol Describes Interface Between Law Enforcement And Businesses, Churches Or Schools During Active Shooter Events
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training
Pulse O2DA Firearms Training

Chicago IL -( The Intent to Defend protocol (ITD) describes the intention of a business, church or school to be prepared to defend life against violent threats and is designed to be shared with local law enforcement agencies (LEA).

The ITD protocol describes the training program to be used by the organization, and offers procedures for interfacing with law enforcement before and during a violent threat event. The end objective of the ITD is to seek the support and cooperation of LEA, and to invite their active participation in training.

Bill Tallen Vice President of Tactical Operations for Pulse O2DA offered:

“We recognize that when violent threats materialize, police frequently arrive too late to intervene effectively.  Legally armed citizens can bridge that gap, defending their lives and others until police arrive. While the track record of armed citizens – usually concealed carry permittees – is generally very positive, we believe that training can both increase their odds of defeating a threat and provide greater safety for themselves, officers, and the public when law enforcement does arrive to assume control of the situation.”

Ron Danielowski, VP Chief Instructor of Pulse O2DA added: 

“Businesses, churches, schools, and other entities concerned about their safety can take a proactive role by encouraging associates, parishioners, and staff who do carry a firearm to pursue further training focused specifically on response to an active shooter type incident on their premises.  While individual armed citizens constitute a first line of defense, a further step at the organization level is to analyze, organize and plan for the possibility of a violent incident, integrating the capabilities of armed associates into a comprehensive response plan.” 

A complimentary PDF version of the Intent To Defend protocol is available for law enforcement agencies and qualified businesses, churches or schools.

To request your copy please send an email to [email protected] and place “Intent to Defend” in the subject line.

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