Introducing the Leica Pinmaster II Pro Laser Rangefinder for Golfers

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Leica Pinmaster II Pro :
Leica Pinmaster II Pro :
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Allendale, NJ -( Leica Sport Optics has introduced a premium performance model in its iconic laser rangefinder series designed specifically for golfers: the Leica Pinmaster II Pro.

Loaded with innovations that deliver accurate distance measurement to pins, bunkers, or traps, Leica Pinmaster II Pro enhances the golfer’s ability to select the best club for the perfect shot. Leica’s innovative onboard First-Target Logic technology allows reliable and accurate target detection. This ingenious measuring feature locks on to the first target sighted, preventing potential errors returned from more distant objects such as trees behind the flagstick.

The new premium performance laser rangefinder builds on the benefits of the Pinmaster and Pinmaster II models by incorporating Angle Compensated Distance Technology (ACD). For ultimate precision, this special measuring technology employs a golf-specific, steering angle-based calculation in place of standard golf ballistic software, providing a measurement result related to the golf club being considered.

Another innovation is the Leica Pinmaster II Pro’s optical feedback with no distracting sound or vibrations: a discreet and simple optical signal appears in the LED display following a successful measurement.

Premium design and outstanding optical performance

Leica Pinmaster II Pro Side View :
Leica Pinmaster II Pro Side View :

With its distinctive white color and classic, timeless design, the Leica Pinmaster II Pro features a rugged carbon-fiber housing that provides exceptional durability and stylish looks. The integrated optical and mechanical systems deliver bright, clear views even in adverse weather conditions – guaranteed thanks to Leica’s renowned water-repellent AquaDura™ lens coating which ensures that water and dirt simply roll off the lens surfaces.

The Leica Pinmaster II Pro is operated by a single button. When the target is located, a simple press of the button activates the rangefinder and initiates the measuring process. Precise distance is calculated via an invisible laser beam that is safe to the human eye.

The distance measured (up to 825 yards) is shown on a bright LED display projected onto the optical sighting system. This enables easy reading of the measured target distance even in challenging conditions such as brilliant sunshine. The Leica Pinmaster II Pro is the only premium golf rangefinder with a red, rather than black, LED display. Combined with automatic brightness adjustment and no distracting digits in the display, the Leica Pinmaster II Pro sets the standard in rangefinder optics.

The Leica Pinmaster II Pro features 7× magnification and a wide field of view of 347 feet at 1,000 yards. Its eyepiece allows diopter compensation adjustment, making it an ideal choice for those who wear glasses, while the light, carbon-fiber-reinforced body, weighing just 7.75 ounces, is designed specifically for outdoor use and is watertight to a depth of one meter.

Use of the Leica Pinmaster II Pro is permitted in competitions in accordance with the official rules of the R&A and USGA.

The Leica Pinmaster II Pro comes complete with a case, battery and carrying cord and is scheduled to be available from Leica stores and authorized Leica dealers mid-March for $599.

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