Iowa 2016 Legislative Wrap-up ~ Week 7

Time to start working the Senate! Second Amendment Day: SUCCESS!

Iowa Firearms Coalition Legislative Alert
Iowa Firearms Coalition Legislative Alert
Iowa Firearms Coalition
Iowa Firearms Coalition

Clive, IA -( Week seven in the Iowa legislature was remarkable. Not only did FIVE of our pro-gun owner bills easily pass out of the House of Representatives, they did so with significant bi-partisan support.

What is even better, nearly 100 Second Amendment advocates packed the state capitol to watch the bills pass through the House and lobby the Senate to make sure these bills get vote they deserve. Here’s a recap of the 2016 Second Amendment Day. If you’re interested you can watch the House debate and vote on all five of the bills. Be warned though, the video contains lots of anti-gunners deliberately misrepresenting the bills and trying to mislead the people of Iowa.

Of course we also have a list of everyone who voted for and against each of these bills available on our 2016 Legislative Session page, just click on the bills and you’ll find the list. We encourage you to thank those who were in favor of these bills, and if you choose to contact those who opposed these bills we ask that you remain respectful in any conversation with them.


As each of these bills were making their way through the Iowa House we had every indication that they would pass with relative ease. For that reason we held off on major calls to action and advocacy campaigns, because quite frankly, they weren’t needed. The Iowa House, and the House leadership have proven time and time again they’re committed to passing pro-Second Amendment legislation. The Senate however is a different story, and that’s where you come into play.

From here on out we need as many people as possible calling, emailing and most importantly meeting their Senators face-to-face about these five pro-gun owner bills. At legislative forums statewide this weekend Bloomberg backed anti-gunners were out spreading their misinformation about these bills. We need you there to counter their false claims and convince the Senate they should do their jobs and vote on each of these five bills. 

Here’s how you help:

Legislative forums (top priority):


Phone calls:

  • Senate switchboard (available while the Senate is in session)

When talking with your Senator one point that is especially important to make is this: “I want to see you actually VOTE on these bills. For TOO LONG the Iowa Senate has flat out refused to do its job when it comes to Second Amendment issues. Legislators who refuse to vote on bills are not serving the people of Iowa. It’s time for the Iowa Senate to change its ways and ACTUALLY VOTE ON GUN BILLS.”

If you can go to a legislative forum let us know! We’ll be happy to provide you some talking points and help you prepare. Just email us at: [email protected]

$5,000 Donation to St. Jude’s

Last week, while anti-gunners were tripping over themselves talking about “‪#‎ToddlerMilitias‬” in Iowa, we were busy doing actual work for kids, raising $5,000 of dollars for St. Jude’s to fight childhood cancer.

When was the last time you saw Moms Demand Action making any donations like this? How about Everytown for Gun Safety? Or Iowans for Gun Safety? Or the Brady Campaign?

The point is the firearms community in Iowa is made up of some of the best, most intelligent, and most community minded folks anywhere. Despite what the Bloomberg gun control drones claim we’re not selfish, we’re not hateful, and we’re certainly not the villians they work so hard to make us out to be.

Thanks to all who donated to this effort. Special thanks to the Iowa Firearm Owner Alliance and Mitchell Arms and Ammo for helping make this happen.

More updates to come. Thanks for your ongoing support of the Iowa Firearms Coalition. We’re proud to have you on our side!

About Iowa Firearms Coalition:

Iowa Firearms Coalition is an entirely volunteer, grassroots, Second Amendment advocacy group. Responsible for bringing uniformity to Iowa’s Concealed Weapons Permitting process, IFC’s members work to protect and enhance Second Amendment rights in Iowa. An affiliate of the National Rifle Association, the IFC actively seeks to foster and promote the shooting sports. Sign up for our email list for the latest on Second Amendment issues in Iowa. You can support our work by becoming a member, or making a donation.

For more information, visit:

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