Now You Can Buy Creedmoor Ammunition Directly From… Creedmoor Ammunition

Creedmoor Ammunition
Creedmoor Ammunition
Creedmoor Ammunition
Creedmoor Ammunition

USA – -(  For 37 years Creedmoor has been producing and shipping the world’s finest quality shooting products directly to Creedmoor customers.

“Dealing directly with the end-user continues to provide us a greater knowledge of how our products are performing in the field and gives the customer a direct link to the people running the machines that make the products.”

Says Greg Kantorovich, President of Creedmoor Sports, “It is that one-on-one relationship with the customer that continues to make us very unique among ammunition manufacturers, and allows us to deliver to them the highest quality ammunition at the best possible price.”

He added, “Direct sales allow us to be better connected to our customers and what they want and need. Plus, we can offer them our ammunition at the lowest prices possible. We have the opportunity to get response directly through them that allows us the chance to make any tweaks to continue to improve the product”

Founded in 1979, Creedmoor Sports offers a full line of shooting accessories, tactical products, range supplies, reloading supplies and more. Creedmoor Rifle Ammunition is made in the most popular centerfire calibers from .223 Rem to .30-06. Creedmoor Pistol Ammunition is offered in .380 Auto through .45 ACP, with many bullet weight and type options.

Creedmoor Ammunition is endorsed by “The GUNNY” – U.S. Marine, actor, and television show host – R. Lee Ermey. He endorses, and ONLY endorses, Creedmoor Ammunition. Each and every box of Creedmoor rifle and pistol ammo is “GUNNY Approved”!

For more info or to order Creedmoor Ammunition, please visit –

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After being informed that the Trojan back stabbing American freedom hating George Soros subvertingly bought into Olin/Winchester, I feel its now imperative to support any fire arms related company who hasn’t sold out to a globally known anti gun liberal with as serious an agenda as George Soros has.


I would be glad to buy some ammo from a new company in the same state as I reside. I just went to register and when I tried to insert my date of birth they year only went back to 1960, I was born on 9/11/1950. Sorry I deleted my other info and I guess I will write to the company some other time to see what the problem is. Come on Creedmor.

Dennis DeMille

Glennon, my name is Dennis DeMille, the GM of Creedmoor. My son-in-law saw your comment and forwarded it to me. I’m very sorry you had this problem and I promise you it will be fixed ASAP. It’s a brand new website and its bound to have some “issues” that need fixing. If you’d care to purchase some of our ammo you can call me personally and I’ll make it right.

Wild Bill

Mr. DeMille, I would like to thank you for demonstrating the difference between business and bureaucracy/big government. Your “Can Do” attitude and humility are inspirational. I hope that you will allow me to say that you are what America is all about.

Dennis DeMille

Thank you for your kind words Bill. I try my best to do just the opposite of whatever I think the government would do. Hopefully that will produce the exact opposite results 🙂

Dennis DeMille

Glennon, this issue has been fixed. We can now sell to people older than 56 yrs old 🙂

Thanks again for pointing this out.


great idea. I wish they all sold direct.