Gabby Gifford & Gun Grabber Husband Target Illinois

Gabby Gifford & Gun Grabber Husband Target Illinois
Gabby Gifford & Gun Grabber Husband Target Illinois
Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –  -( We have learned that Gabby Gifford, her husband Mark Kelly, their anti-gun organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions, along with Michael Bloomberg’s front groups and money are about to make an assault on our gun rights here in Illinois.

Kelly’s gun grabbing group is pretty well healed themselves, having taken in over $21 million in 2014.

The assault on our gun rights is going to come between May 3rd and the end of session. Kelly is a big Hillary Clinton supporter and promotes her stance on Australian style gun control.

Recently he has been telling everyone that Illinois gun dealers hire people without FOID Cards and are selling guns out the back door. Kelly is like Hillary in that if they are ever in the same room as the truth, it was only an accident. We hear they are hiring lobbyists and drafting bills. The bills will be amendments to existing bills, known as shell bills.

Illinois Shell Bills

How this works is, they will take a bill such as HB1016, which has already passed out of Committee and is on Second Reading, strip out all the language after enacting a clause, then they will put entirely new language in the bill with an amendment; new language will become the bill. All this can happen very fast. We will all have to be on high alert and ready to contact our State Senators and Representatives.

We think HB1016 may be one of the new “Dealer Licensing” bills, designed to run federally licensed firearm dealers out of business. Stay tuned for further updates.

Remaking of the $20.00 Bill

Proposed Harriet Tubman Bill Design
Proposed Harriet Tubman Bill Design – circulating the internet, the reality is we will never see this design picked by liberals, they would never want to promote the image of a strong women with a hand gun.

The recent announcement replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a couple of American women is interesting. I have always been a fan of “Old Hickory” because he knew exactly how to handle the enemies of the United States – he killed them. I wonder how the General would handle things today. But things change and Harriet Tubman will now be on the $20 bill. Harriet Tubman was no shrinking violet. Harriet was a conductor on the Underground Railroad who always carried her trusty cap and ball pistol. She was also known to carry a rifle and helped Union Troops attack Confederate positions. After the Civil War, Harriet downsized to a .22 revolver and carried it with her until the end of her days in 1913. Eleanor Roosevelt is supposed to be on the back of the $20 bill. She had no Secret Service protection when she was alone. Eleanor was no Hillary Clinton. Wherever she went, she carried her trusty .38 special, whether in her purse or laying on the car seat beside her – no chauffer, no entourage, just Eleanor. If she had Secret Service protection, the only purpose would be to administer first aid to those who attacked her.

With the sweep of the elections held on April 26th 2016, it appears that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are on their way to being nominated for President, by their respective parties. Senator Chuck Schumer is expected to lead Hillary’s anti-gun charge. This is going to be a tough fight. We will need all hands on deck for this one.

About Illinois State Rifle Association:

The Illinois State Rifle Association is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Since 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of over 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois firearm owners Visit:

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Dave Patrick

Mark Kelly is a traitor ! When he was commissioned as a Naval Officer he swore to uphold the Constitution. With these actions against the second amendment he is a traitor.

Jim Macklin

Although the meeting were Congresswoman Gifford’s was shot was in Arizona and not in a gun free zone, the meeting itself was to a gun free crowd.
The Congresswoman and police failed to take reasonable precautions.
So now due the their failure, they want to afflict the nation with their pain.

Witold Pilecki

In August 2006 I was with my car at the “Cruisin’ on Main Street” event in Manchester, PSRK (Peoples Socialist Republic of Kommiecticut). Since this was a large outdoor event on the streets of Manchester, of course I was carrying. While making my way up the sidewalk (probably towards the porta-potties) the crowd seemed to get a little heavier. All of a sudden I found out why, as I was face to face with US Senator Joseph Lieberman and his entourage. He was campaigning for re-election, this time as an Independent, finally abandoning the Demo-Craps. I always liked Joe, his… Read more »

Bob Shell

I didn’t know that they had any rights left. The Giffords are frauds and this points out how much money they got morons to donate to their site. They are nothing but crooks who are shills for the anti-gun movement. Anything for a dollar. They probably learned from Hillary so they have a good teacher


they need to go to the south side of Chicago and preach their BULLSH&T & see how far they get.. kelly needs to be locked up for treason and all his retirement taken.


We;; first the MEDIA puts them out in public and follows them like a horny billy goat, If you did not give them a platform and WE the public did not read or look at the articles that are written They would be like the dirt they are, and will just be sweep away and we should give them any press or give a shit about them Just ignore them. They are both little elite want to be. Fu*k them

Chuck M

I just read this same article on the local news here in Illinois this morning, and one of
the commenters showed a picture of miss gabby lunatic holding\shooting an ar-15
at a range some place. Like another commenter said, her husband needs to be jailed
for his attempting a straw sale a few years ago, and gaby needs to be in a mental
institution for evaluation, as she is becoming more prone to hurting herself, or others.
I seriously think mental health gun control investigations should start with her, and
her family.


This could be wrong, but from what I understand, the Hillary Beast like Fine Swine has, or had a CCW and carries a gun. If true, she is a frigging hypocrite. Of course we all know she is a pathological liar, to boot.


Mark “POS” Kelly who is a real slime ball and controls Gaby since her brain is still mush and she cannot think for herself, should be in jail for trying to make a straw purchase in Arizona. He is also involved with a company that is trying to scam an Arizona County out of $8 Million. The scammers are supposed to send balloons up to the stratosphere for the price of $75,000 a person. Goldwater institute filed a lawsuit against the Arizona County. It isd okay for these slime balls to have guns but nobody else should. Gaby and Kelly… Read more »


NASA should have left Kelly on the space station.


Illinois residents need to get active and start contacting their legislators and senators as there are many pro gun and antigun bills there. Illinois is a tough enough place for gun owners without the likes of gabby gifffords and her husband. Don’t let the liberals win, you have the chance to turn things around there!