Bill To Allow You To Purchase Guns Everywhere

Congressman Frank Guinta's (R-NH-1) bill will allow the sales of all firearms across all state lines...
Congressman Frank Guinta’s (R-NH-1) bill will allow the sales of all firearms across all state lines…
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH -( Save the Date:

Wednesday, May 4, 10:00 AM US Congressman Frank Guinta (R-NH-1) will hold a press conference to discuss the bill he has sponsored that will allow the sales of all firearms across state lines.

Come to Shooters Outpost,
1158 Hooksett Road
Hooksett, NH

and meet Congressman Guinta and thank him for his efforts!

Because New Hampshire is the only state in the Northeast without a sales tax, Congressman Guinta’s simple bill, H.R. 4928 — the Firearms Transfer Improvement Act – would benefit our many licensed dealers.

Just as people travel to New Hampshire to purchase appliances, electronics, furniture and jewelry, they will be able to purchase firearms free from sales tax! Congressman Guinta’s bill would benefit New Hampshire’s entire economy.

H.R. 4928 also benefits New Hampshire residents.  If a person is on vacation and decides they would like to purchase a firearm.  They may do so with out the inconvenience and added cost of having their new firearm shipped to a licensed dealer in New Hampshire.  They can leave the store with it immediately.

In this age of computers along with the mandated “instant check” there is no reason why anyone should be forbidden from purchasing firearms from any licensed dealer, any where, any time.

US Congressman Frank Guinta
US Congressman Frank Guinta

About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition:

The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire’s only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control.

For more information, visit:

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Sales taxes suck. Every time I buy something in Massachustts I have to pay the system. The politicians don’t know how to balance a check book which you learn in the third grade so they just keep taking and taking. It’s just not worth working anymore. Do the math and check out how much a year on welfare and EBT cards are worth. Vote Bernie Sanders because it’s all free and nobody has to work.


Nice dose of sarcasm in that final sentence. Well played.


Finally, anti-gun states can stick it. We would all have equal rights.

This H.R. 4928 is a good start. Repealing the GCA of 1968 would be even better.

Mike McAllister

Better not let the liberals hear about it. They will have a cow and start their cry baby sh*t again!!!!!!! SOB’s


Good start to opening up commerce. It is still best to buy from your local dealers. While I believe that individual should b able to purchase anything, anywhere in person, I am against online or mail order transactions


online and “mail order” transfers must include the same NICS background check that a face to face sale in a gun shop FFL requires. You’ve bought the media and BloomingIdiotBurg KoolAde. Stop it. Buying local is nice… when there IS a local that has the items I want. I live halfway between two major cities, a couple hours to either. One is across a state line, so I can only buy long guns in that city. The other has run out almost all of the FFL’s and has imposed a stupid new “sin tax” on firearms and ammunition. In which… Read more »

Jim Macklin

Stay on topic. Repeal of the 1968 GCA, in total or bit by bit. The ban on Interstate firearms sales has not reduced crime and if the current hullabaloo about “gun running” is true it just means the law is ineffective and unenforceable. Congressman Guinta’s simple bill, H.R. 4928 — the Firearms Transfer Improvement Act – would benefit all citizens in the United States. It would be nice if any waiting periods in state laws were also waived for interstate sales and intrastate sales in places like Alaska where travel over 100 miles is often required to purchase a firearm,… Read more »


Who is the clueless photo editor who allowed publication of a picture of a pistol; being held with the INDEX FINGER ON THE TRIGGER, in violation of Jeff Cooper’s Rule #3?

Sometimes, we gunnies are our own worst enemies.


It appears that the above mentioned photo the hammer is neither down or cocked, which would indicate the person holding the firearm is in the process of pressing the trigger.

As for the article, yes, finally, some common sense legislation.


For me, I have small hands and when inspecting a firearm at a gun show and thinking about a purchase it IS important for me to determine the fit of my hand and the distance to the trigger for my finger. In Doing So, I make sure the hammer is DOWN and the safety is on, PLUS it is NEVER EVER aimed in the direction of another person.


Model 1911 pistols can not be placed on “safe” unless the hammer is cocked. The “hammer down on safe” pistols are Double Action Only (DAO) or striker fired DAO/SA action pistols. You may wish to take a look at the newer models in single stack, for a reasonable trigger reach.

David C. Telliho

Finally, a chance to have the same gun rights as non-citizens do, in our own country.


And not get into pile of trouble…