Bloomberg’s Anti-Rights Crowd Are On The Attack in Illinois

Senator Don Harmon and State Representative Kathleen Willis take the gun banner's bait and help target small businesses with more regulation.
Senator Don Harmon and State Representative Kathleen Willis took the gun banner’s bait and are now targeting IL’s small businesses with more regulation.
Illinois Carry
Illinois Carry

Illinois –  -( It is urgent for Illinois firearm owners to know the anti-rights crowd has mounted an all-out attack against gun stores and gun owners!

As is their pattern, they have waited until the end of the legislative session when bills can be called on at a moment’s notice and shell bills can be used to disguise the content until the last minute!

In advance of the Mom’s Demand Action, an anti-Second Amendment group, lobbying against gun rights in the State Capitol today, May 5th, the group G-Pac brought their anti-Second Amendment message to town with an advance screening of “Under the Gun”, a 2-hour emotional movie about mass killings and the perceived need for stricter gun laws.

The Mom’s Demand Action, a group funded by the Brady anti-gun campaign, will then be spreading that message to all our legislators.

As if law-abiding Illinois firearm owners don’t have enough home grown opposition to deal with, former congresswoman Gabriel Giffords and husband Mark Kelly traveled to Illinois this past week for a press conference promoting an outrageous bill that would cause most gun stores in the state to close.

During the press conference, unfounded and unproven accusations of illegal firearms trafficking were leveled against gun store employees. State Senator Don Harmon and State Representative Kathleen Willis took the bait hook, line, and sinker, calling for the creation of a Gun Dealer Licensing Act.

Mr. Harmon expressed his unfettered willingness to require background checks for employees of Illinois gun stores, apparently ignorant of the fact that background checks are conducted daily on these individuals under the FOID Act.

Mr. Harmon and Ms. Willis would also like to include in their Act provisions to prevent trafficking of illegal guns even, though HB6303 Crim Cd Firearms Trafficking passed the House weeks ago. It’s arrival in the Senate for Mr. Harmon’s review was with Ms. Willis’ blessing in the form of her “Yes‘ vote on the bill.

Yet, they continue the charade that gun stores are virtually unregulated in Illinois.

They conveniently ignore the fact that ATF records show Illinois does far better than the national average on firearms sold from licensed dealers. The national average “time to crime” for recovered firearms is 10.88 years. Illinois’ 13 year average betters that by over 19%.

In their desperation to show a success on the gun control front – any success regardless of logic – they again demonstrate their willingness to prioritize their personal desires over legislative process. Open government means nothing in their bid to please their Brady Campaign friends. Honest conversation is useless when it stands in the way of accomplishing their gun control agenda. Proven statistics are foreign concepts when it comes to assaulting the freedoms guaranteed every citizen of this state.

Join IllinoisCarry in opposing this ill conceived, secretive legislation by calling your State Senator and State Representative. Tell them that you oppose this bill regardless of the name or number they give it today, tomorrow, or the day after. Tell them to oppose any new gun dealer licensing bill.

The attack is on, it’s real, and it calls for ACTION from Illinois firearm owners – Action from YOU!

Please call your state senator and state representative. Your freedom to purchase firearms and ammunition in Illinois is at stake!

Click here for State Legislator contact information, or here for a searchable list of State Legislators.


We thank each and every one of you for your diligence and commitment to the Second Amendment. Please feel free to forward this Alert to your friends, family, and other contacts.
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E Geikowski

They think if they pass enough of these childish laws against gun owners we will throw up our arms and give up. I DO NOT THINK SO. NOT TODAY NOT EVER. I wish you libs would mind your own dam business. And stop your dam lies. We have have 8 more months of this idiot. And these next 8 months are going to only get worse. I will not give in. Let me paint this picture for you libs something i know you idiots did not consider. Say guns were taken away stores north and south in this country would… Read more »


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Gene Ralno

Part of the Chicago culture. They’re combined ignorance is justified by their illiteracy. They obviously cannot read. But having them pile up identical laws seems less harmful than new laws. It won’t be changed any time soon because criminals have been rallying dead people to vote for more than 50 years. Both of these cretins live in the heart of Chicago’s criminal sphere of dominance.

Jacob M. Opperman

There he goes again wanting to ban guns for the little people so they can not defend them selves while he stands behind his bodyguards who carry guns to protect is ass. I am tired of Bloombergs two faced bullsh*t. He wants guns gone but hides behind them everyday. Hey Bloomberg go away and don’t come back.