A Tragedy in Florida – A Message from ISRA’s Executive Director

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -(AmmoLand.com)- By now, probably 100,000,000 or more words have been written or uttered about the tragedy that occurred in Orlando, so I might as well add a few more.

To begin, this column, as well as many others across the country, warned that such an event would happen again, and it would take place at a “soft” target, no one would be ready and it would occur in a Gun Free Zone. There really is nothing prophetic about those predictions, other than a group of politicians who either don’t get or want to face reality.

There are many citizens who don’t want to face reality either. The front in the terroristic war against the United States and Western civilization does not have some neat little recognizable front separated from the other side by a “no man’s land”. The front of this war surrounds us. The only thing that separates you is the distance to the next table in a restaurant, the next person in line, either ahead of you or standing behind you, or the unnoticed car pulling into the mall parking lot.

Despite our grand sounding efforts of doing background checks, interviews, intelligence gatherings, Terror Watch Lists and No-Fly Lists, our efforts look more like those of Inspector Cousteau of Pink Panther than those of Sherlock Holmes. The problems, I believe, are trickling down incompetence or old fashioned denial from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is also far easier to call for gun control than to face the knotty problem of terrorism and is easier to blame an object rather than a person, group of people or a belief.

I’m sure that it is not news to you that the Obama/Clinton team is going to make our guns and the Second Amendment a target in the 2016 Presidential Election. The bad news for the Obama/Clinton campaign is that 2016 is on track to set a new record for background checks – 28,000,000. The present record was set in 2015, at 23,141,973.

I look for the anti-gunner attacks to be based on the Terror Watch List and the “No-Fly” List. Neither of these lists would have stopped any terror attack. Moreover, no one knows how you get on this list or how you get off it but both of these lists are laden with errors. The Orlando shooter was removed from the Terror Watch list a short while ago, by the way. It is going to get nasty. How nasty? Here are a couple of examples. The New York Times carried an article by Adam Winkler, a UCLA Law Professor, suggesting a “No Buy” list. A person would get on the “No Buy” list by the ruling of a secret court based on evidence presented by the Attorney General. Of course when a person discovers that they are on the “No Buy” list they can appeal the ruling. How very magnanimous of them. Rolling Stone supports repealing the Second Amendment, plain and simple. So the answer is real nasty least for law abiding gun owners.

At the end of May, the total number of ICCLs stood at 178,736. FOID cards were at 2,016,929.

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I really would like to know why the man calling himself president hasn’t been impeached already? His oath when he was sworn into office means nothing to him. Trying to take our guns, putting us as far in debt as he can, letting other muslims into the country we know nothing about, pounding his fist and saying muslims are kind people even if everyone else knows anyone not muslim is to be converted or die. It’s been a constant red flag that he doesn’t want America to servive. Anyone able to tell me why he hasn’t been kicked out? Thank… Read more »