The DRT, World’s Most Versatile Multi-Tool Introduces Over 50 Different Features

Down Range Tool (DRT)
Down Range Tool (DRT) in Woods
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA -( Retired Navy Chief Warrant Officer and Bomb Disposal Expert Perry Sasnett has announced that he hopes to raise funds for his latest innovation, the Down Range Tool (DRT), through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Mr. Sasnett’s goal is to raise enough to complete the development and begin initial production on the world’s most versatile, single billet multi-tool.

Being an EOD operator within Special Operations requires not only a unique skill set and dedication, but highly capable tools and equipment of the highest caliber. As more times than not, the only equipment you have is what you can carry on your person whether it is on a belt, on body armor, in a pouch or in a backpack. Size, weight, quality, and functionality are critical factors when choosing tools. Mr. Sasnett has brought all of these factors into this revolutionary single billet multi-tool.

The DRT is a durable multi-tool that is both lightweight and compact. Though small in size, the DRT packs a wallop and is capable of handling an assortment of jobs, regardless of the size. With a streamlined design that has never been seen before and functionality that is second to none, the DRT can be used in many different environments to include: military deployments, around the house, in the field, outdoors, on the firing range, in emergency situations, and numerous other tasks within any environment.

Ideal for military, law enforcement, first responders, and the everyday outdoorsman, the DRT is sturdy, rugged, and convenient. The advanced innovation can be used to pry objects, pull nails, open bottles and cans, tighten nuts and screws, clean weapons, and even break glass. This Molle-compatible multi-tool can be worn on the body, attached to a keychain, or secured in an EDC pouch, and the list goes on.

The crowdfunding campaign just launched and those individuals who pledge to support the development and production of the DRT will enjoy a number of perks.

In regards to the DRT, Perry states, “Wish I would’ve had one of these years ago!”

DRT Down Range Feature
DRT Down Range Feature

Perry Sasnett is the founder and CEO of Zero Point, a firm that specializes in Special Operations Explosive Ordnance Disposal. As a decorated war veteran and world-renowned Bomb Disposal Expert, Perry describes himself as a “risk taker and a slightly eccentric innovator, but a dedicated American”. His firm, Zero Point, supports national efforts on a global scale providing a vast range of products, services, and training developed especially for the Special Operations and EOD Communities.

Perry is a graduate of the US Navy Diving School and NAVSOCLEOD (Naval School of Explosive Ordnance) and while in service belonged to an elite team revered as the world’s Premier Bomb Disposal Experts. After retiring as a CWO in the Navy, Perry entered the world of entrepreneurship.

DRT Functions and Features Chart
DRT Functions and Features Chart

Based in Virginia Beach, VA, Zero Point is well-known for its highly-customizable EOD kits and the premier team of fellow EOD operators. Learn more about Zero Point by visiting

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I would recommend he contact the Leatherman Group, makes of the famous tools that bear that name.

The tool could be in production a lot sooner and at lower cost to develop it.

Mike McAllister

I wish him luck. This looks like a very nice tool to have!!!