It’s Official: Gun Writer Guy J. Sagi’s Photography Stinks

Toilets: A Spotter's Guide
Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide :
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA -( More accurately, some of the photo subjects in the new book, “Toilets, A Spotters Guide”—recently published by Lonely Planet—may be a little aromatic.

But it could be outdoor writer/photographer Guy J. Sagi’s Colorado outhouse image on page 25 is ranker than the rest.

The luxurious, snow-covered two-holer was the only source of relief during an assignment several years ago, but it didn’t capture his attention until stormy conditions turned so bad that no one could leave camp.

“I was worried the pair of strobes I used to light the outhouse interior might cause an explosion, so I remotely triggered them from a safe distance to backlight the stench,” Sagi said. “It didn’t quite work out, but the publisher liked the photograph enough to include it in the 128-page tome of toilets worldwide. Oddly, my quirky photos have always sold with regularity.”

More information on the book can be found by visiting For a glimpse of Sagi’s most recent work, fan his Guy J. Sagi Photography page on Facebook.

Guy J. Sagi’s best work
Guy J. Sagi’s best work
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Give the guy credit for showing the world the Congressional Library of 0-bama.

Tom in mo.

I think the Guy who wrote this is a real stinker.

Rich in Mo

“Quaint” huh Bill… SMH.