Democrat’s Newest Gun Ban Removes Parent’s Choice in Kids & Gun Training

Democrat's Newest Gun Ban Removes Parent's Choice in Kids & Gun Training
Democrat's Newest Gun Ban Removes Parent's Choice in Kids & Gun Training
NFA Freedom Alliance
NFA Freedom Alliance

Washington, DC -( In response to the July 12, 2016 introduction of the so called “HEART Act” gun ban introduced by Senator Edward J. Markey (D-MA) and Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), NFA Freedom Alliance Executive Director Todd Rathner issued the following statement:

The Markey/Gallego gun ban proposal is nothing short of an outright attack on the right of parents to decide when and how to introduce their children to the American heritage of outdoor sports.

Their craven assault on parental authority and Second Amendment rights would eliminate the ability for a parent to choose the manner and type of gun safety and self-defense training they believe is best for their family.

As it is drafted, this bill would prohibit a parent from allowing their child to hunt or target shoot with millions of the most common, popular, and safe firearms in existence.

Including the ubiquitous Ruger 10/22 .22 caliber rifle⎯the most popular rimfire rifle in America⎯if it has common features such as a threaded barrel, folding stock, or a pistol grip.

If a parent hands a gun on this massive “ban list” (see the entire list of banned guns in document below) to their child, the parent could go to federal prison In fact, thousands of law-abiding American parents have a threaded barrel on their .22 caliber rifles specifically to allow them to attach personal safety equipment like a sound suppressor to protect the hearing of their children while training, hunting, or target shooting.

The sheer absurdity of this bill demonstrates just how far radical, nanny-state extremists like Senator Markey and Rep. Gallego really want to inject big government into America’s families.

As is typical from anti-gun politicians, the sponsors of this bill falsely represented the scope of their bill in a patently misleading effort to paint a picture of “reasonable” regulations. The two tragedies that are being macabrely leveraged by Senator Markey and Rep. Gallego to promote their irrational, anti-heritage agenda could have been avoided with better training and by following basic rules of gun safety.

This terminally – flawed and emotionally – driven bill proves that legislation should be based on the Constitution, sound policy, and evidence of broad social utility. Instead of offering a legitimate solution, this proposal creates new problems and would criminalize longstanding American traditions.

HEART Act Gun Ban Bill

About the NFA Freedom Alliance:

The NFA Freedom Alliance is the strongest direct action/lobbying organization working at the state and federal level to ease restrictions on the ownership, manufacture, sale, and use of items regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA).

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  • 24 thoughts on “Democrat’s Newest Gun Ban Removes Parent’s Choice in Kids & Gun Training

    1. And the issue is, these 2 guys have probably NEVER held a gun or weapon of any kind. That’s How Retarded this really is.

    2. This is an obvious ploy used without apology in the former communist nations. Eliminate the input of the old way of thinking by cutting out the parental pollution. Institute the better policies of the State Dictum and make easy the moves of employment of progressive plans (as in confiscation, demonizing personal firearms , and so on). The Democratic party has long become the Wests version of the Socialist survivors AKA Progressives. So many of the Action items of the very well known American Communists of the 60’s have been achieved under the Democrats. Attacking gun rights through the use of Generational separation of youth from parental influence has actually been relatively slow in coming. It will however be VERY effective if not faced and dealt with head on and RIGHT away. Ground lost is harder to reclaim than to defend.

    3. Yeah right. GFYS Ed Markey, brain dead liberal dipsh*t. I and I alone will choose when, where, and what firearm i use to to teach my kids gun safety and shooting. The Federal Govt overreaching is out of control.

    4. It’s the socialists plan to demonize firearms,and firearm safety,and the value of competition from our kids lives. It’s also the responsibility of parents to make sure their kids know the truth. Make sure to tell your kids whenever their schools mention any propaganda about guns to tell you. Teach your kids the value of firearms,competition,and firearms safety from the time they can walk and reason.

    5. Key wording here includes “the capacity to accept” which means anything that can be modified. It does not need to have the feature already. Probably the scariest four words they could have included.

    6. When I was four or five nearly fifty years ago my dad would kneel on one knee and then he would put the barrel of a semi auto .22 rifle on his shoulder so I could shoot it. He would roll over in his grave if he could see the changes in America.

      1. My daughter was at the ripe age of 3 1/2 when she lay her booger hook on her first bang switch, we spent hours discussing safety or going on day trips around the Ranch hunting small game and vermin. Seeing first hand cause and effect went a long ways towards her understanding and respecting all firearms. From a wee lass cradled in dads arms helping hold up the weight and steady wobbles of a Colt New Frontier while popping balloons set adrift downwind with bird shot to safe successful huntress and reloader at 14 years old. Although carefully monitored, she started with once fired 7×57 m and step by step followed along while I did the same working up loads for 338 Win Mag, Worked the ladder with me, selected promising loads, tried a few small tweaks, retry, and set back a small supply for future hunts. Our observation of local Whitetails paid well as she bagged her first , a handsome little 4 point. I don’t think I ever tasted a wiley white that was so good… Our adventures continue, by the way. Not only does she shoot some of the firearms included in this bs pos, she has a few. We put together a nifty AR courtesy of Black Friday sales. I feel blessed to have one of the good ones that gets it.

    7. I am afraid if I had a child and some one told me that I could not teach them guns and gun safety or hunting I would time them to F%^$ off and do it any way. No one has the right to tell any one how to raise there children unless the parents are abusive to them. Our government has gone to far cause now you can not do it seem any kind of disapline to a child up to and including looking wrong at your kid. The government need to get the hell out of the family and let responcable parenting happen.

    8. We teach safe sex to 6 graders, but can’t teach our kids to protect themselves, I guess we shoujld not teach our kids to respect the police either! When I was in the 6th grade we had a gun policy at school. During hunting season, check them in at the principils office until after school! We had no problem!

    9. I am sick and tired of these left wing nuts trying to interfere with our constitutional right !! Every single one of these clowns took a oath to defend the constitution from all enemy both foreign and domestic !! Every limp wristed one of the democRATS are the enemy !!

    10. No one will decide for me when it is time! I’ve been in the woods since the ripe old age of 8! Thanks to my grandpa who taught me all the dos and don’ts(may he rest in peace) I will be damned if someone tries to tell me what to teach my son….or when.

    11. Just go’s to show you that the Democrat are WORTHLESS Brain dead fool’s who think they know better how we should live and take care of our kid’s.

    12. When will the supreme court rule that all of the laws limiting guns, gun use and gun training interferes with our 2nd amendment? They ruled laws unconstitutional recently regarding limits to abortion. The constitution specifically says shall not infringe regarding arms but doesn’t specifically mention abortion. The court doesn’t follow the constitution but makes decisions on how they feel or think the way it should be in our country. They’re way out of bounds in some of their decisions. They’re there to follow the constitution, not make law.

      1. When there is a Constitution respecting majority on the S. CT, Don. That is another reason why this upcoming election is so important.

        1. And with recent comments from Ginsburg it is extremely evident that we need a conservative ticket win in the election this year. If Hillary gets in she will stuff the SCOTUS with more liberals than you can shake a stick at and all decisions will be decided 7-2 or 8-1 for decades to come!

          I dislike Trump, I really can’t stand his antics, and I believe he will be remembered as a failed social experiment if elected…. but the alternative is incomprehensible with the damage she could do. I’m getting to old to hump a ruck anymore, but if she’s elected I have a feeling I may be moved to do so once again.

    13. What do you expect from a deceitful dirty depraved Democrat? The same socialist elitist “LBJ/KGB”
      Soviet style class warfare that has been promoting the anti-gun agenda since 1968 via Lyndon B.

    14. This is about stopping the “gun culture” in America. Brainwash the kids to be anti-gun in school, then stop the parents from teaching kids about firearms. In a couple of generations firearm confiscation is be acceptable.

    15. I hate to have to admit it but I live in Ma. where Markey is one of our two, very anti gun Senators. The other is Warren.
      Markey has decided for all parents with guns in the home that he will take over for you all decision making in regards to teaching your children safe firearms training and use. He will eliminate it till your kid is a young adult.
      Personally Markey makes me want to puke. He has been preaching the “smart gun” crap for a few years now and filing bills and proposed laws on mandating that smart guns be the law of the land. He is so out of touch with just about everything that is even remotely related to guns and 2nd Amendment issues and refuses to even listen to pro gun people. He really thinks that he knows better than everyone else about just about everything. This intrusion by Senator Edward Markey into your homes and deciding whats best for your kids is what Ma. law makers do. It makes no difference that there are some makers who could not even get a Ma. concealed carry permit if they wanted one because of past minor offenses, like pot possession decades ago when in college. It disqualifies anyone from getting a permit in Ma., even though now they want to allow for “recreational pot use” as legal. Just what we need, to share the road with some a-hole stoned out of his mind.
      I urge people to contact Ed Markey and tell him to stay the hell out of your lives and stop trying to dictate how fathers chose to teach their kids about guns and shooting and hunting. This guy is one of the biggest jerks in Congress.

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