EBR’s New .300 Blackout a Game Changer for Hog Hunters

EGR .300 Blackout PK Fracturing Subsonic
EGR .300 Blackout PK Fracturing Subsonic
Engel Ballistic Research
Engel Ballistic Research

Pimento, Indiana-(Ammoland.com)- Engel Ballistic Research (EBR) focuses on offering a mission-specific ammunition solution for a wide variety of operations. Now, they have turned their attention on the suppressed hunting community and are providing the highly popular .300 Blackout in subsonic expanding and subsonic fracturing, a lethal combination for wild hogs.

“The popularity of the .300 Blackout is widespread with hog hunters throughout the United States,” says John Knox, EBR CEO. “We’ve tested and witnessed the devastating impacts of our subsonic expanding and fracturing rounds on this big-game animal. What we are providing hunters is a subsonic ammunition that doesn’t mitigate ballistic quality and contains knock-down power hog hunters so desperately need.”

With more than 40 states legalizing the use of suppressors for hunting, this trend will only increase the need for superior, specialized hunting ammunition.

“Suppressors offer a safe option for hunting without hearing protection, that’s understood. But what we are talking about is combining a suppressor with highly effective subsonic rounds, which offer reliable cycling and knockdown power. This changes the game for many hunters,” Knox says. “The difference is being able to put multiple shots on target without spooking and scattering several hogs.”

Engel Ballistic Research’s new .300 Blackout “PK” Subsonic Fracturing ammunition transfers energy similar to the expanding round, but it utilizes a projectile which fractures and diverts in multiple directions on impact with soft tissue. The projectile consists of a solid copper base and six solid copper petals that create separate wound channels quickly after impact.

  • .300 Blackout PK Details
  • Projectile Weight: 200 grains
  • Full Weight Retention
  • Base – 129.1 grains
  • Mid Petals (3) – 12.3 grains
  • Top Petals (3) – 11.5-7 grains
  • Required Twist Rate for stabilization out to 100 yards: 1 in 7”

Engel Ballistic Research’s new .300 Blackout “Phantom” Subsonic Expander maximizes the transfer of energy on live targets exponentially by utilizing a projectile which dramatically and rapidly expands on impact with soft tissue creating a large cavitation while at the same time cutting through tissue.

  • .300 Blackout Phantom Subsonic Expander
  • Projectile Weight: 200 grains
  • Full Weight Retention: Expanded Projectile = 200.3 grains
  • Recommended Twist Rate: 1 in 8”, 1 in 7” for ultimate accuracy

Engel Ballistic Research Inc., is a privately owned ammunition manufacturer headquartered in Pimento, Indiana. Specializing in mission specific ammunition, the company strives to provide superior rifle, handgun, and shotgun ammunition for military, law enforcement, security, hunters, and recreational shooting enthusiasts. Connect with EBR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or for detailed information about EBR Inc., visit www.ebrammo.com

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Terry Usey

I’m looking for a good hog hunting round for my Ruger 300blkout that will also be good for deer. I just purchased the rifle and have not fired a round through it as of this email. I live in Louisiana and looking for a good round. The rifle has a 16″ barrel.