Corrupt Media ~ Americans Must Fight Back for Trump

By Tred Law.

Fuck the Media
Corrupt Media ~ Americans Must Fight Back for Trump
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USA –  -( The lying liberal media are out of control, tearing down Donald Trump every news hour and giving cover to liar, Hillary Clinton.

The left wing mainstream media are scared out of their minds that Donald Trump and the millions of Americans supporting him will take back the White House and burn down the system of entrenched politicians and millionaires that control Washington DC.

They are scared Trump will secure the boarders, lower taxes, bring back jobs, deport illegal immigrants and smash political correctness.

You, patriotic middle class, everyday Americans need to bring the fight to the media. Fight back in social media, fight back in their comments, tell all your friends and family who is on your side.

Its not Hillary Clinton, she has been caught in one real scandal after scandal and where is the media, making up fake story lines by telling you everyday Second Amendment supporters would kill Hillary .

Hillary Rap Sheet:

  • Running an unsecured private server just to hide her emails.
  • Deleting 30,0000 emails to cover her tracks.
  • Colluding with the Democratic National Party to rig the primary and screw over Sanders supporters.
  • Leaving our ambassador and loyal Americans to die on her watch.
  • Lying to their loved ones in front of the caskets of those fallen Americans.
  • Sending in her husband to manipulate the Attorney General.
  • Taking money for her foundation in return for political favors.
  • And on and on.

But we have the numbers and we have to fight back by hitting them hard. Nail them where they live on Twitter and in Facebook. Call them out on every biased story, tell them to do their job with unbiased reporting on dirt-bag Hillary's crimes. Show them your support for Trump. Treat them like they treat us conservatives, ridicule them, hound them, report them, belittle them and shame them every chance you get.

We Can't Lose SCOTUS

Whats at stake? The Second Amendment and Bill of Rights by way of Supreme Court. If Hillary wins and gets to make her appointments to the Supreme Court you can kiss your way of life, individual rights and the Constitution goodbye, for our lifetimes.

The media left knows they need just one more win in the White House to cement their “Hope & Change” around the neck of our children and destroy what little is left of the USA we grew up with. The USA our Grandparents and Great Grandparents gave their lives for.

So stand up proud, put out yard signs on your lawn, talk to your friends and family, register to vote, contribute to you candidate.  Get active on social media, Like, Share and Tweet articles just like this one.

Don't let crooked liar, Hillary, get a pass or the scum media get the last word. F* the media.

  • 34 thoughts on “Corrupt Media ~ Americans Must Fight Back for Trump

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    2. Why is it that Donald Trump has never been investigated, brought up on charges, like Bill and Hillary.
      Not even a smidgen of corruptness which would be all over the news by now. Loose lips for sure
      would sink this ship IF and Only IF there was something to report. BUT THERE IS NOT.

      Bill lost his Law License.

      Why didn’t the media ASK CHELSEA the same questions about Daddy Bill I love women Clintony as they
      did Trumps Daughter? How many Interns can Bill have JUST SEX with while Hillary is in the White House ??

    3. I have no love for Hillary Clinton. She isn’t my choice for president. Neither is Donald Trump. As far as I am concerned they both smell like week old fish in a hot sun. I will not be voting for Trump, but for the party that supports my beliefs and needs at the state and local level. That would be the Republicans. Voting for third party candidates is just another way of voting for the Democrats. With any luck we will then survive the next four years until a decent candidate can be found.

    4. Do we really need another lying Clinton in office. Bill was a whinny politician who was convicted of being a draft dodger, and Jimmy Carter felt sorry for him and pardoned him. We can see what a bang up job he did when he was elected president, eh? And Hillary, how many more lies and people is she going to be allowed to kill on her watch before the American people see through her incompetence. The liberals are so blind that they will vote for the devil as long as he’s a democrat. How transparent. Come on people, don’t be sheeple, and vote for someone better.

    5. Look at the facts, past and present. Look at the Clinton’s background and past faux pas. First, it was Bill, who was a lying conniving politician who was a draft dodger. He was convicted of a felony for it, but whimpered to Jimmy Carter, who gave him a pardon. He further buffaloed the public and became president, and we see what a bang up job he did there, with more lying and conniving. And there’s Hillary, throughout her corrupting past paid her way into government, thus lying a conniving all through her offices. We also see what a bang up job she did there, don’t we. And we want another liar in the White House to do God knows what to the American people. Don’t be sheeple and have some honor and integrity not to vote for another liar Clinton.

    6. @MSG Butler, someone provided the Facebook link to supra woman’s (formerly known as gee bud) page. He is a skrayling black dude that does not even live in this country, thus no skin in the game. Our difficulties are just entertainment to him.

    7. You may not like Trump.But Clinton and Company have proven to be unrepentant LIARS,Thieves,Frauds and Socialists.If you decide to stay home and not vote or vote for any other candidate.You are signing your death warrant.You will be enslaved in the Clinton world where the rich get richer and the rest of the people either become Sheep or fight.

    8. The DNC Mafia you mean…Super Stupid Woman…The Democratic Liberal Socialist Party continues to promote slavery, you are just to blind to see it, FDR started it and it hasn’t stopped…so continue to support your Fascists Racist Democratic Party…

      1. The retarded liberal butt kissers would know the truth if it was a fresh cow flop that hit them in the face.
        The DEMS have been famous for a long long time for being connected to every crooked, lying, cheating, murderous administration in this country, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, St Louis, Miami; the list just goes on and on.
        The “Presidents” of the dimocraps have also been lying cheats and greedy pigs
        NOW troll, back on your knees , Hillary is abut to outgas.
        Thanks for the laugh.

    9. The corrupt media conveniently forgets that in 2008 Clinton during an interview (you tube video) said that she wouldn’t leave the race against Obama. After all, remember robert kennedy was shot and killed in June of the election year. Then Obama advised his supporters: if they bring a knife to a fight, bring a gun! Get in their faces!

      Where is the outrage from the media? SILENCE!!

    10. Lets not forget ,file gate,white water,travel gate
      200k in art and other items she took from
      White House ,all the people that died in
      Accidents ,and by there own hands , forget
      Foget tax returns she made over 10 million
      They were broke when they left White House
      Let’s see her medical records she is a lying
      Peace of sh$&@t

    11. While the wording of some statements may be wrong and the media goes to seed on them, Donald Trump’s message is true. Any American, with a thimble full of intelligence, better stop believing the media, and stand up for, and the one who will protect our rights and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Forgot the petty play on words that the media is blowing out of proportion, and stand up for the one who will be strong, tell it like it is, do what is right and keep America free, DONALD TRUMP!!

          1. @MSG Butler, yep, he is a troll, no facts, no logic, no complete sentences, no interest in debate. He only offers phrases that imply things that don’t even exist. He is a troll, alright. I wonder if he is smart enough to be on hiLIARy’s payroll.

      1. Trump’s political staff probably had a big hand in it. Not all the Repubs have gotten behind Trump yet and the Donald is going to need every vote to accomplish this revolution.

    12. Nobody wants your damn guns. Corruption is unfortunately a fact of life in government. Democracy is what helps us survive that. Donald Trump is an affront to democracy.

      1. Nobody??? YOU may or may not personally want to disarm the public, but your party’s leadership damnably-well DOES!!! You haven’t even seen this year’s Democrat Party platform, have you?

        “Unfortunately” a “fact of life”? You excuse corruption… simply because it is common? Corruption is wrong, no matter how many times it occurs, and must be minimized and severely punished… which means you (and your Democrat ilk) are directly a significant part of the problem.

        Trump supports the Constitution (as it is written!,,, not as you liberals just want it interpreted). That is admittedly an “affront” to liberals, but it is absolutely not an affront – in fact, it is necessary – to this Republic.

      2. Too Late “Oh come On. Its too late, the people have awakened and they won’t be misled. Kiss your sorry corrupt government goodbye, and the ****** Owned media is next.

      3. Apparently you have no idea what democracy is supposed to be, but it’s darned sure it’s no connected with the dimocrat party or people who claim to be dimocrats. Every minute some fatcat dim is saying how much they want to make the country safe, so they want OUR guns, while supporting our enemies in the middle east and everywhere else in the world by giving them guns, while trying to take ours away. The dogeater has tried time after time to use the office of President to use his executive powers (?) to take law abiding people’s weapons away. He wants the 2d Amendment killed, and Hitlery brags about removing the 2d Amendment if she is elected.
        You don’t have a clue. Donald Trump is the only thing in this goobermnt that is representing the People of Amerika and he’s fighting the lies and BS of not only the dims and their minions, but the media in all it’s forms. I hope like heck that you and your ilk will flee Amerika when Trump gets elected, along with your muslime friends and associates in goobermnt. ’nuff said

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