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VENICE, Fla. – ( – Finally shooters everywhere have a better option – truly custom-grade ammunition at the same prices you pay for cheaper mass-produced cartridges. For 2016, GBW Cartridge introduces four complete categories of ammunition.

“Our Legend Pro and Basic Series, Gunslinger and Pro Trainer lines of ammunition are American made by experts with many years of experience producing ammunition and military quality products – cartridges you can depend on whether in competition, hunting, training or self-defense situations,” said James B. Jones, Executive Director, GBW Cartridge. “We are committed to growing our brand, technology and infrastructure to take us to the next level.”

Legend Pro features a copper hollow point in 14 pistol calibers and two of the most common rifle calibers. Each provides superior reliability, maximum energy transfer and weight retention and optimum expansion. Legend Pro’s little brother, Legend Basic, is the target version featuring a solid lead-free projectile, manufactured with the same care and professional execution as the top-quality Legend Pro. Legend Basic is available in seven of the most-popular pistol calibers.

Gunslinger pistol ammo features match grade accuracy and extremely consistent performance. These authentic loads feature smokeless powder and round-nose and flat lead projectiles. Gunslinger ammo is available in .38 Special, .44 Special and .45 Colt calibers.

GBW’s line of frangible target ammo, Pro Trainer, provides safer and more realistic training on reactive steel targets. The lead-free frangible projectiles are carefully loaded to exacting standards to effectively simulate the actual recoil and functionality of standard duty rounds. Calibers currently available include: .380AUTO, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45AUTO in pistol and .223REM, .223REM High Velocity, .308WIN and .300BLK.

For more information on GBW Cartridge, please visit or call 1-844-907-2932.

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robert wess

howdy i love your colt schp ammo in 9mm and 45acp do you make it in 45 long colt thank you robert