NRA’s Wayne LaPierre on NJ Governor’s Conditional Veto of Gun Legistlation

Statement By NRA Executive Vice President & CEO Wayne LaPierre on Governor Chris Christie's Conditional Veto of Smart Gun and ‘May-Issue' Legislation.

Constitutional Carry
NRA's Wayne LaPierre on NJ Governor's Conditional Veto of Smart Gun & ‘May-Issue' Legislation
Wayne LaPierre
NRA’s Wayne LaPierre

Fairfax VA – -( FAIRFAX, Va. – The National Rifle Association applauds Gov. Chris Christie for leading New Jersey into the mainstream of thinking of the vast majority of Americans in regard to smart gun technology and shall-issue carry.

The marketplace is where new technology should be embraced and not by the dictate of politicians.

On shall-issue carry, we are grateful for his efforts to bring New Jersey in sync with the majority of the American people who believe the Second Amendment means what it says.

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  • 5 thoughts on “NRA’s Wayne LaPierre on NJ Governor’s Conditional Veto of Gun Legistlation

    1. Although I applaud the direction this is headed, I don’t think the issue at hand, is being pushed hard enough. Sure, licensing would bring revenue to what apparently, is a struggling N. J. economy but we’re still dealing with making our rights pay for that boost. There shouldn’t be, a license to pay for. There shouldn’t be, “shall issue” argument in the first place!
      Christie & the NRA, should both be pushing for constitutional carry for N. J. , as should every political official that believes inthe Constitution & the second amendment. Compromises be damned, our rights are not a negotiating tool nor are they negotiable. You never hear of negotiations to “allow” someone to; speak their mind; protest a cause; make comments on an idiotic post; none of these & more! That’s because we have…the first amendment. I, nor anyone else, has to be licensed to speak freely, or pass a background check before typing (or writing…old school) a letter, or to express our convictions through protests. For those that wish to dare say, “guns are violent or promotes violence & need controled”, need I remind you of a mole on the ass of society, otherwise known as Piers Morgan? That man has incited more violent thoughts in people’s mind than guns ever will…but, even he freely enjoys (is he even still here?) the 1A rights afforded him through his resident classification…& without a license or background check to do it.
      I’ll save my celebrations for when politicians & the NRA, bring more than being “granted” a portion of my rights, to the table. Sorry for the rant but not really.

    2. Why dont NRA put some words in Chris mouth – the money end ? The fees generated from these licenses will financially aid a very financially troubled State of N.J.

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