Reminder to Remington Rifle Owners Regarding Settlement of Lawsuit

A Settlement Has Been Proposed in an Economic Loss Lawsuit that Alleges Safety Defects

You may be eligible to have your firearm retrofitted or receive other benefits

Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical 300 Blackout Rifle
Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical 300 Blackout Rifle
Remington Arms Company, LLC

Huntsville, AL -( Recently, a federal judge ordered the parties in an economic-loss class action to remind owners of certain Remington firearms that a settlement has been reached.

The settlement involves two classes. The first class includes owners of firearms that utilize a trigger connector. The second class includes owners of firearms that utilize the X-Mark Pro trigger mechanism that is the subject of a voluntary safety recall. The settlement allows owners of Remington models 700, Seven, and related models to have their trigger replaced free of charge, among other benefits.

The settlement was entered following allegations that Remington firearms can fire without a trigger pull. Remington denies those allegations with respect to the trigger connector but is offering trigger replacements to ensure continued satisfaction for its valuable customers. With respect to X-Mark Pro trigger mechanisms, Remington has implemented a voluntary safety recall.

If you own a firearm that is subject to the safety recall, stop using your firearm immediately. Safety has always been a priority for Remington.

Even if you do nothing you will be bound by the Court’s decisions. If you want to keep your right to sue the Defendants yourself, you must exclude yourself from the Settlement Class by November 18, 2016. If you stay in the Settlement Class, you may object to the Settlement by November 18, 2016.

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Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) headquartered in Madison, N.C., designs, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as solutions to the military, government and law enforcement markets. Founded in 1816 in upstate New York, the Company is the nation’s oldest continuously operating manufacturer with its original Ilion, New York plant still in operation today. Remington is a privately-held manufacturer of firearms and ammunition products and one of the largest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles. The Remington Family of Companies has 12 locations across 9 states employing over 3,500 people and distributes its products throughout the U.S. and in over 55 foreign countries.

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  • 10 thoughts on “Reminder to Remington Rifle Owners Regarding Settlement of Lawsuit

    1. I was shipped a box to return my defective rifle but have not received any further instructions has remington forgotten about us do I need to sell the rifle and buy a rifle from a gun manufacturer who cares about its customers?

    2. I sent in three rifles. One right when the recall was announced and the other two about five months later. The first one took about six weeks, but the other two were about three weeks. I was surprised at how fast Remington returned them. Now if they would only pay shipping and provide a box to fix my 870, I might buy another Remington product.

    3. What most are not looking at is the time your rifle is gone from your hands. I have been told it is about 6 months from the time you send it to getting it back for the recall. Just think how many hundreds of rifles are being shipped to them monthly. I can bet you no more than two smiths are working on them at any given time. SO, if you have a hunt coming up, go buy yourself an after market trigger and be done with it. I did and would never send off a rifle for anything close to that time span for a “CHECK”

      1. When the recall was first announced, Remington Custom Shop (still in Ilion at that time) was building a rifle for me. That order was delayed by several months because, according to CS manager working with me, Remington had every available body “cleaning gunk out of triggers”, including CS ‘smiths. It’s certainly down from that peak, and you’re right – if you plan to take the rifle hunting this fall, just upgrade to an aftermarket trigger group – but I’m sure they’re turning rifles around as fast as they can.

    4. My Remington 700 is covered by the recall, but Remington owes me nothing. This recall did provide a good excuse for a new Timney trigger, but shipping a mid-priced rifle to Ilion and back for some modest trigger work just seems mindless to me. On the other hand, a rebate on their semi-custom shop 700’s would probably get them my credit card number before even my wife could stop me.

      1. Me too, scrapped the stock trigger and put a Timney in myself. If you expect and service from Remington on any kind of a timely manner you are fooling yourself. I boxed up the stock trigger and mailed it to them over a year ago. Still waiting on a gift certificate for a free meal at Arbys!

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