The Conventional Championship and More ~ A Message from ISRA’s Executive Director

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -( Last weekend, the Illinois State Rifle Association held the Illinois Smallbore (.22 Long Rifle) Championships.

Saturday was the Metric Championship and Sunday was the 80th Annual Conventional Smallbore Championships. The Conventional Championship is the longest running Smallbore championship in the United States. The reason for this is the National Rifle Association cancelled their championships during WWII and the Korean Wars, while the ISRA continued on during those years. Congratulations to Jim and Kay Miller and all the volunteers who did a superb job running the championships. Thanks to all the competitors who made it all worthwhile.

Our two old acquaintances, Father Time and Fate, seem to have injected themselves into the 2016 Presidential Campaign by blowing the whistle on Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff. The Clinton campaign staff have long been suspected of covering up Hillary’s actual health problems. I have to hand it to the Clinton campaign people, they have managed to sweep a lot under the rug. The rug is getting pretty lumpy and people are beginning to notice a lot of things.

If you recall, the same type of thing happened to Woodrow Wilson, but he was already President. When he became mentally incompetent, his wife, staff and powerful politicos ran the county. It was easier to hide in those days. I believe the insiders on Hillary’s campaign were trying to hide her health long enough to get her elected and then when something happened, park her in the corner and let Bill Clinton and the other lefties run the county, at least until the next election. Bill Clinton’s health is not good either. I’m sure Barack Obama would continue to meddle in the country’s affairs so he could continue his legacy of purposefully dismantling the United States. There is still time for bumbling Joe Biden to step in, by the way. There would be no improvement if Joe were to step in either.

I have been watching the Congressional hearings regarding Hillary’s email server. I have watched person after person take the Fifth Amendment, not only on this scandal, but every scandal for several years. It is apparent that Hillary, her campaign, and everyone in the present administration will say and do anything to get her elected. I think one of the reasons for that is because if Hillary is elected President, she can bury many of these investigations and have the evidence destroyed. We all know Hillary and her staff are really good at destroying evidence. What she can’t get rid of, she can pardon. I suppose a lot of the Washington insiders are not fond of the accommodations at Ft. Leavenworth.

In case you didn’t have any idea how Hillary Clinton really feels about us, her “deplorable” comments should clarify it for you. I heard a couple of her “strategists” thought it was the right thing to do to by calling us deplorable, hmm. The good news is there are tens of millions of us, so we are not alone. Now let’s go vote.

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