Tell the Wisconsin GOP No To Expanded Background Checks

Tell the State GOP: No More Gun Control!
Tell the State GOP: No More Gun Control!

USA -( Despite maintaining and even increasing their majority in both state houses, the GOP-led legislature could be swayed to vote for so-called “reasonable” gun control schemes like universal background checks.

State politicians like to hide behind A-ratings from national gun organizations, while they work at the state level to craft “gun control lite” bills designed to appease anti-gunners and make themselves appear reasonable.

Meanwhile, gun banners in the state are working to frame the argument and put conservative leaders on notice that a failure to vote for an expanded background check law will mean a tar-and-feathering job in the media, painting them as “extremists.”

I’m afraid that, based on the intel WGO has received, very few republicans will have the backbone to stand up to that kind of pressure.

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Make no mistake. Universal background checks are nothing but universal gun registration and must be opposed at all costs.

You’ve seen the issue at the national level … some have called it innocent-sounding names like “mental health improvement” bills and other hogwash.

The truth is, it’s just one more domino to fall as the gun banners tear down all due process and checks and balances that safeguard our right to keep and bear arms.

You see, they want to roll all your private medical data (including mental health info) into the federal NICS.

The result is that an automated machine will process this private data and kick back a rejection when you go to buy a gun – no due process, no trial, no judge, no conviction.

Just a denial.

And unless you’re extremely wealthy and can afford to hire a legal team to litigate, (plan to spend into the hundreds of thousands to bring a case) you won’t be picking up that new gun, Bud.

Nope – you’ll be out of luck and left with no recourse.

I have to admit, it’s a pretty clever way to disarm thousands of Americans … for something as silly as seeing your doctor one time about “stress” or “anxiety.”

Expect it to be an issue soon as Wisconsin’s session reconvenes.

As I’ve said before, I think many republicans will support this sort of insidious gun control. I hope I’m wrong. Unfortunately history is pretty clear.

And while we’re optimistic that Wisconsin’s GOP leaders will rise up against the establishment and fight against all gun control, and even take the lead on rolling back anti-gun laws in Wisconsin, we’re not letting down our guard.

Will they do the right thing by opposing all gun control and actively work with WGO to implement positive pro-gun changes? Time will tell. But don’t expect much without serious grassroots pressure.

And that’s where you come in and why I need you to sign the Wisconsin Republican Caucus Pro-Gun Directive.

It’s vital our representatives hear from the folks who put them in power — or they’ll just turn around and abuse that trust by cutting backroom deals.

Republicans can restore our firearm freedoms. With WGO’s leadership they may do just that, but it will take hard work and steady reminding from the folks who put them there.

So please sign your Wisconsin Republican Caucus Pro-Gun Directive right away. It’s really important.


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P.S. — Gun owners need to remain vigilant and send a message that pro-gun reforms are still needed … and expected. Please sign your Wisconsin Republican Caucus Pro-Gun Directive right away.


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