African American Gun Manufacturer “Civilian Force Arms” ~ VIDEO

By Philip Smith – President National African American Gun Association.

Yonas Hagos of Civilian Force Arms
Yonas Hagos of Civilian Force Arms
National African American Gun Association
National African American Gun Association

USA –-( I ran across a Company called “Civilian Force Arms” they are an African American owned “Gun Manufacturer” in the United States.

Yes right here in the USA and they are thriving. The company was founded by Yonas Hagos who is a USA Army Veteran and Purple Heart recipient.

The company is delivering a World Class AR-15 platform that is dependable and performs at a quite a high level.

Yonas Hagos, a child refugee from Sudan, has always dedicated his life to serving his country and others.

Yonas Hagos
Yonas Hagos

After being wounded by a rocket propelled grenade in Iraq during the height of the war in 2004, Yonas became an avid community volunteer and entrepreneur.

Volunteering as a Mission Continues Fellow, he along with other post 9/11 Veterans dedicated their time and energy to rebuilding communities across the nation.
Soon he turned his drive to serve into business, launching three successful businesses helping to employ fellow Americans.

Now he is focusing on what he does best, designing and building custom AR-15s. Yonas prides himself on producing weapons that are American Made, Built To Survive.™

This is a solid Veteran owned organization that the NAAG community needs to support “Nationwide” and buy products from. They are based in Illinois.

Company Website:

Civilian Force Arms
1208B Badger St. Yorkville, IL. 60560
630-882-3498 / Phone: 815-341-9165
Email; [email protected]

About National African American Gun Association (NAAGA):

The goal of the National African American Gun Association is to have every african american introduced to firearm use for home protection, competitive shooting, and outdoor recreational activities. We are a civil rights organization focused on self preservation of our community through armed protection and community building. The National African American Gun Association provides a network for all african american firearm owners, gun clubs and outdoor enthusiasts. We welcome people of all religious, social, and racial perspectives. We especially welcome african american members of law enforcement and active/retired military.

For more information, visit:

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transplanted new yorker

I have seen numerous You Tube videos by different reviewers and all and I repeat, ALL have given these rifles rave reviews! So I would love to get one of the” Hagos” model rifles! One day! As far as all this going back and forth over hyphens and such, I am so sick and tired of all the arguing!!! Damn it people we are all Americans!!! who cares what your color or ethnicity. What are you doing ? How do you treat people? Are you productive member of society? That’s what matters. I am no bleeding heart liberal, but this… Read more »



Nicholas Cox

Sooooo tempted to chime in…. but no…. I won’t.

Black Brother Into Guns

Great vet, business owner, business and gun.

We need more AFRICAN AMERICAN, BLACK, whatever we choose to call OURSELVES in the gun/shooting industry. Far too often the media and Internet trolls lead you to believe we are not here and here in a responsible way but we are. Comments like those above are why I’ve chosen to build my next AR versus give my money to support someone who doesn’t support me. Maybe I’ll purchase a CFA after my builds.


Good for you, and trust me. There are many individuals such as myself who wish more responsible people such as yourself were involved in the firearms industry in a visual and outspoken way. We need more success stories like yourself for youth in America to see and look up to as opposed to the current rappers, NBA, and NFL stars who are constantly in and out of court and prison.

Best of luck on your build brother.



LV Guns

The company appears to be no longer in business as of October 2018.


If it’s American-made, decent quality and price point, I’ll give it a chance. I’ll even lean towards it more because he’s a decorated vet. If his pigmentation and message helps break the stupid wall and introduced more black Americans to firearms in a responsible way (as opposed to the Hollywood way), then that’s great. Just like Colin Noir, this guy has a foot in the door into that demographic. I support that.

Heck – I’ll even offer this as his potential advertising tagline – “Genuine black rifles.” 😉


Great comment! Too many people forget the war on the Second Amendment in the US started with the black population, and not just after the civil war. The persecution on “Saturday Night Specials” back in the 70’s is a prime example, but one that still dates back to the 1700’s when small less expensive pistols were the targets of laws as a means of restricting black firearms ownership, specifically trying to price them out of reach of the poorer black family and thereby preventing them from being able to defend themselves. And before anyone disagrees with that bit of information… Read more »

Kei Tho

…There seems to be no search links to your citation (“The Great American Gun War” by B. Bruce-Briggs), do you think this is purposefull?

Andrew Quezaire

We’re talking about everything except the product this man is offering.

The Revelator

Of course. Instead of seeing an American hero and patriot who is offering a great product from a company he started, they see his skin color and have to make everything about their political extremist views, naturally including how they have been wronged by people they have never met once in their life. So far, we have people culturally appropriating the Jews, Native Americans, and claiming license on historical accuracy. You know, something tells me that if Mr. Hagos met most of those individuals that his service and upbringing would have given him the character and discipline that he would… Read more »


I’ve served in the Marine Corps and the Army Reserves for almost 30 years and retired from civil service after 30 years. I agree we should stop using hyphenated words/countries to tell who we are. We are all Americans! I hunt, fish, target shoot, build ARs, hike, camp, ride ATVs and pay my taxes like all good American citizens. Do I have to label what race I am? I’m an American period! Somebody needs to recommend the race blocks be taken off job applications. Actually, why not take it off of all applications? Doesn’t your SSN identify you enough? I’m… Read more »

Caucasian Barrel

And of course all the whiny little leftist black people gotta bitch about race. I have bad news for you: The founder of this company is a proud conservative patriotic black man and Trump supporter and I’m proud of his success. The ranks of the blexit movement are growing exponentially. Soon black people won’t be beholden to the hate that the left wants you to live by and African Americans will be emancipated from mental slavery.


For some reason the website is not up, did it go out of business?


It appears Civilian Force Arms has gone out of business. Their website is down and email are being kicked back as undeliverable.


I like the rifle, but I would like see them produce a striker-fired hand gun made of polymer.


That’s original! ***grin*** They are actually releasing a line of 1911s as well.


Much success!


Geeze, I always thought this Ammoland was about firearms. As for Yonas Hagos at CFA kudos.


My Lord do we need a little cheese with that wine


Please, let’s stick to CFA and what we need to do to support it rather than this unsolicited history lesson!

Gregory Noel Warren

Freedom & Justice for All. Life, Liberty, & the Persuit of Happiness.

Yolanda Yvonne Williams

Is there an AFFILIATE program? Where do I sign up 😀 ???

Jeff Vowell

I’m white, Scots-Irish with a hint of Cherokee blood in me, and I don’t give a rat’s a$$ how this gentleman is referred to. He’s a wounded warrior and a successful entrepreneur who makes a solid AR-15. I almost bought one but got seduced by Springfield’s new offering, the SAINT, instead. If I ever get another, it will probably be a CFA. One of the tightest, most well-built rifles I’ve ever handled, not to mention the great price point.

Henry Norcom

Why can’t he just be American soon transitions to’ why can’t he just call himself Bill? After that; why can’t he straighten his hair? Quickly followed by; why can’t he lighten his skin? Let the man call himself what he wants to indentify as and go find yourself another reason to whine.

Arthur L. Brown Sr.

Because the bean counters have to have a way of identifying EVERY ONE AND EVERYTHING to make sure that nobody is missed and all are watched. I used to work in an office that required “Demographic Statistics” on everything that was worked on in that office in the 70’s. We’ve been doing this for close to 50 years now so it is ingrained in our society and the powers that be don’t know how to stop it.

Mark Wagner

For anyone interested – Civilian Force Arms is giving away two of their rifles
– 1 on Facebook –

– 1 on YouTube



Abu Babuta

Man go somewhere with that alt-right bs. You don’t get to dictate what people call themselves and that’s what bothers you. Get a life


Great story. Great African-american. Very proud Brother man.


Great rifle, look foward to my purchase… For the hyphenated guy..ummm indigenous were here before the Indians an eoripeans every one else are honorary Amerikkkan, given yhe opportunity to build..seems to me since 1920(blackwallstreet) theres been a mission n straight terrorism towards the indigenous and the great grand children of the slave..besides We as indigenous an slave understand WE are not an never will be considered a citizen(the constitution states this fact)…but you think Alkebulan is not great ? You dont know Alkebulan that the diamonds,gold,an precious metals an stones come from Alkebulan. So for your ignorance an white supremacy… Read more »



Lord Baga

You knowhow Europeans get when African Americans get ahold of…. I wish my brotger the best success….

Irving Horton

It’s about time !


A great time for new companies and new innovations — especially from a combat veteran’s perspective.


I hope his company does well and he makes it a fortune 500 business. Thank you for your service to this country I hope your injuries have healed.(Purple Heart)
I can understand his using the hyphen but wouldn’t it be more correct to use his true country heritage of the Sudanese – American or does that take away from what he is trying to do?

Capn Jack

Dang! I guess that makes me a Dutch-, Spanish-, German-, French-American….
Life sure is confusing isn’t it….


Thats great that he is a U.S. vet and small business entrepreneur! I wonder how long it will take him to realize that the U.S. is a far greater country than any in Africa? It’s time to drop the African part and JUST be an American!


And how many countries in Afrika have you been to, to justify your statement????

El Blake


Just like religion it was given to my ancestors and passed down by generations no matter how screwed up things have gotten!!!

I’m so sorry certain people are somehow offended that the point of this article was totally missed and misrepresented…


Talk to Walter Plecker and the rest of the Hell Fire fellas who committed paper genocide to hide the fact that we are the Aboriginal / Indigenous Americans found here. As MLK said ” We are in exile in our own land ” we were called African until 1988. Ask the government who’s trying to steal our birth rights by changing 21 million Birth Certificates to hide our identities…..

Whiskey For My Men Beer For My Horses

There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all.” “This is just as true of the man who puts “native” before the hyphen as of the man who puts German or Irish or English or French before the hyphen. Americanism is a matter of the spirit and of the soul. Our allegiance must be purely to the United States. We… Read more »


Look I’m not here to fight, fuss, cuss, or have a debate war. But just maybe people will stop being hyphenated Americans if they were treated more like citizens. So called African- Americans as a WHOLE get treated worst than dogs in this country…..that they helped build I might add. If you truly see blacks in this country as fellow citizens than lend a helping hand. Don’t just point criticize and talk about them. While we’re at it get rid of the black and white labels on job applications and other things. Let’s all just be Americans!


True bro,I totally agree with you.


Perhaps you would like to explain how they are treated worse than dogs? I’d like to know what parts of society you think do that without including any actual criminal arrests. Lets go with straight, upstanding and law abiding examples only. Please cite your work so I can read and cross check it. Criticism is given where due but only based on action. And I agree help out. Instead of putting someone on food stamps, get them a job. The bible says “if a man will not work, give him neither food nor drink and send him on his way.”… Read more »

Philip Hargrave

We need all the hidden history thats been purposely kept from the public so we can fully understand what got us to this point in history. Re-educate the next generations with truth. We gotta love our Nation enough to be honest about a history of lies that needs to be corrected. Europeans in America have been very cruel over the years in their conquering please pursuit of happiness.
I do believe America can become an even more advanced society once we clear a larger percentage of the racial divide.

The Revelator

Mr. Hargrave, Having been born in, and raised in the United States of America by a family that has shed both blood and life for the defense of the constitution and nation proper, I am as American as it gets. I am also the result of two immigrant families moving her legally many generations ago. Having said that, I am what you describe as a “European in America” even though I have never set foot off of American soil personally. While yes, there are historical issues that need to be addressed, they are present on both sides of the argument.… Read more »

Charles Pruitt

Revelator. you lie. You’re full of it. First of all, the Panthers were a political group. They were for revolutionary ideas. Thier slogan was” kill the pig” { police} not kill the cracker. As far as you calling yourself “the generation that do not see race as an issue. You must be blind, this is America, man. When “Black Lives Matter” refer to police as pigs in a blanket, they’re talking to and about the racist, murdering cops that shoot Black men in the back.. And since when do you get to choose what kind of American people refer to… Read more »

The Revelator

This is a reply to Charles Pruitt. First off, no. The Black Panther’s were essentially a paramilitary nationlist group. You can call it a “Political group” or movement all you like. It doesn’t change the fact that the original group sent armed patrols out to walk the streets, and engaged in racketeering and voter intimidation. Those are the facts based on evidence and the actions of that party when they were in their heyday from 1966 to the mid 1970’s, at which time they began falling off but hanging on as an organization until they disbanded in 1982. The new… Read more »

The Revelator

For anyone else interested, its interesting that Charles chose the word “revolutionary” when describing the Black Panthers. Here is a recording of New Black Panthers calling into a radio show saying “Kill the Crackers”, “I advocate Violence”, “These maneuvers are for training us for battle and to stock up weapons.” Beware of the language though. As a final note, I wish to say to all regardless of race who read this, God Bless. And to Mr. Hagos, Thank you for your service, and I wish you every opportunity for success. May you be a beacon of light and inspiration… Read more »

Lord Baga

Mmmmm interesting choice of words…. Seeing as even if one chooses to Naturalize… They become U.S citizens… Not Americans…. 2nd…. More than 50% of europeans who ancestors immigrated here havnt naturalized…. 3rd… This is not a European country…. And the U.S is foreign to this Native-Aboriginal country…. But by ur statments you and all others who think this is European land furthers concludes that colonization and slavery is still intactact… With tht… Go be American in Europe or whatever land is Aboriginal to you…


When you go to a job to do an application what are the Categories for race nuff said….#StopHatin


During the rime Teddy Roosevelt made his speech you quoted from, America was literally “hyphenating” it’s citizens in every way possible. So if TR believed in the empty words that were coming out if his mouth at the time, he perhaps should have saw to it that people like Rosa Parks didn’t have to exist, Martin Luther King didn’t have to exist, the civil rights movement didn’t have to exist, Brown vs Board of Education never had to have happened, military soldiers didn’t have to serve in “hyphenated” groups durring WW1-2, Korea, a person like Truman never came to power,… Read more »


We were already on that road. if you read history, then go back and look at what Woodrow Wilson did. It was he who resegregated America, specifically the Army, and put us back into the position that led us into the problems during the 50’s and 60’s. The problem that we have today is that some people seem to think that as long as you have a certain skin color, its ok to hate someone of a different skin color so long as the hater is labeled a “minority”. Is it really any different from the injustice you and I… Read more »

This dude

This has nothing to do with the gun he is selling. Does the idea of a black guy selling guns for black people scare you that much?

Thomas Baldwin

settle my friend.

Do you actually know what the name Scharzenegger really mean or where that name came from? Means “harrower of the dark fields” or “dark harrower of the fields” from German schwarz meaning “dark, black” and egge meaning “harrow”

Melvin Fisher

African American is a 60 s hair style! We are Hebrew Israelites ( negros) from Shem thru Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! The people who came here on Cargo Slave shipswere 98 percent from the tribe of Judah , the 2 Southern tribes of Yisrael! Made up ofJudah, Benjamin and Levi! We are not part of the 4 groups of Hamitic Africans! We escaped down into Africa when the Romans attacked and ran us out of Judea in 70 AD

Jack Ershon

This is a messed up version of history and it is bogus! The only people who are Hebrew Israelites are those with the Cohanim genotype (found in Lemba people), and various East Africa, who by affiliation are such. African American are essentially West Africans from that region of Africa, and part of SW Africa,


Good for him, best of luck & success !


If you study real history you would know that the people we all call African American are the true Indigenous Americans and as the 1828 Webster Dictionary describes. AMER’ICAN, adjective Pertaining to America. AMER’ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. If we are being specific paper genocide was performed by Walter Plecker and we weren’t called African American until 1988. As MLK said we are in exile in our own land and that we were here when… Read more »


Ok… I understand the mindset and the history of where you are coming from, and how it ties in with liberation theology. Unfortunately for you both historically and factually, its wrong. Native Americans were here already, from the Iroquois to the Huron, to the Cherokee and Seminole. At the time of the Spanish Colonization of South and Central America, and southern North America they did use natives as slaves. This practice soon was banned by the royalty in Europe, and eyes were turned towards Africa. This was the policy by the time the English and French began setting up camps… Read more »


Oldvet. The individuals I have interacted with, including a few who were course instructors for me (one was a council chief even), they have been fine with either Native American or American Indian. I do not use the term as a politically correct one, but one of respect and I honor the wishes of those with whom I discourse. I shall also point out as a side tangent, that I support the right of the Washington Redskins not to change their name. I know that it was a nod of respect and endearment to the members on their team decades… Read more »


Race (being racism, racial, discrimination, bigotry race superiority etc…) is unfortunately is an American past time especially with many White Americans Now for the people in here that was saying Barry Transplanted New Yorker. We black people in this country period are decendents from Africa especially through slavery as well as the Caribbean, UK or anywhere in the Earth that’s where our ancestors came from first of all So we are African first then born Americans. I think that you white or a black person note well educated on the history of this country racist beginning. If you are any… Read more »


Why does it have to be African American owned by name. This is why there is racism in our country. As long as people do things and give it a special name that leans towards race then that just reminds others that everything has to be a black white thing. Why couldnt the story be about a Vet that opened a gun manufacturing business in the US. Saying we accept all races buit we really play towards African American is racist. There should be no African American anything. You are either American or not. You werent born in Africa and… Read more »

Winsome Virtue

It has to be African American Owned because it is needed and wanted in the African American Communities. For more than 500 years the Black Population have had to rely on weapons made by racist bigots for the express purpose of them hunting us and limiting our access to protect ourselves while they are able to invade our towns or our homes and murder us at will.

I as am American Veteran is extremely proud of Hagos for being able to get into this business.


Thank you Winsome Virtue for telling it like it is.


Well said.


That part.

Steven H

If you are really interested in knowing the reason why we need to stress the importance of Black owned business it can easily be explained. Black businesses need to be shown in our community to let our people and out children that we can, have always and will still be a vital part of this countries thriving business culture. Far too often people tend to look over the fact that we do business and contribute but will marginalize our efforts and look past our gains and the things that we are proud of. You would never look at a ”… Read more »

Treavor Mitchell

Question: Why does the White House have to be called the white house? It is not a race issue for this company to name their business an African American Gun Manufacturer. In this country or in any part of the planet, an ethnic background has a right to look out for the best interest of their people, heritage, and culture. In closing, we need more Black own gun manufacturers. I hate guns with a passion but I do believe in the right to bear arms. And for many years during slavery and civil rights movements, blacks were defenseless against attackers… Read more »

The Revelator

@Treavor Mitchell I would like to start by saying that that this will be a longer reply than many here are accustomed to, though I hope you will read it and give it thought. I found your response to be quite well thought out and written, and perhaps we can reach an understanding from two points of view. I grew up raised around, taught about, and seeing firearms used for legitimate purposes of hunting, self defense, and protection against tyranny. For over two decades now I have been an outspoken critic of actions taken in the past to disarm or… Read more »

Wild Bill

@TM, The legend is that Davy Crockett first referred to the presidential mansion as That white house.