Cabot Guns Launches $55,000 Cabot Elite Gun of the Month Club

Cabot Guns 1911
Cabot Guns 1911
Cabot Guns
Cabot Guns

FORT WAYNE, IN – -( Cabot Guns, America’s premiere maker of high-quality handguns, today announced the launch of The Cabot Elite Gun of the Month Club.

The Club allows members to receive a different edition of the classic 1911 each month for a whole year. The program is envisioned for avid collectors, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the 1911 style, .45 caliber and 9mm pistol. Membership in the club is $55,000 per year, or $4583.33 for each gun.

“If you are a true aficionado and a passionate admirer of John Browning’s enduring design, the Club is an amazing opportunity to assemble a substantial collection of 1911’s,” said Rob Bianchin, CEO of Cabot Guns. “By offering you a wide variety of designs and styles, we enable you to appreciate the many nuances of the 1911 in your own personal collection.”

Cabot is known for making the “Rolls Royce of 1911s,” according to The Blue Book of Gun Values. The Club offers members a unique opportunity to accumulate a substantial collection of precision-crafted 1911s in a short time.

“You work hard. You’ve earned it,” Bianchin added. “If you appreciate quality workmanship and the finer things in life, this club is for you.” The gun collection for the Gun Club of the Month includes special edition pistols only available to Cabot Elite members.

Membership commences with a one-on-one consultation process. This process has the goal of assessing the member’s personal preferences, which are incorporated into the offerings.

For its inaugural year of 2017, members of The Cabot Elite Gun of the Month Club plans to offer the following guns on a monthly basis:

  • January – The S100 – A government-sized quality custom 1911.
  • February – The S103 – A 1911 for daily carry.
  • March – The Vintage Classic – Bringing modern technology to the most classic of designs.
  • April – The Ultimate Bedside 1911 – Designed for tactical, night use, with flashlight mount.
  • May – Two-Tone DLC Custom Commander – A commander-sized carry package.
  • June – Dragon Claw – A totally new offering for 1911 admirers.
  • July – The American Joe Commander – A 1911 with distinctive American-themed styling.
  • August – The S103 9 mm. A 9mm version of the daily carry model
  • September – Cabot Elite Special Edition.
  • October – S100 9mm – A 9mm version of the government-sized custom 1911.
  • November/December – A custom-built pistol left- and right-handed pistol set, tailored for the owner. Valued $15,000, the set includes custom serial numbers and unique elements.

Cabot is the only producer of a true left-handed 1911 – a completed inverted pistol. The Cabot left-handed 1911 features a left-handed ejection port, left-handed thumb safety, left-handed slide stop and left-handed mag release. The design team went beyond the industry’s current focus on “ambidextrous safety” and “reversible magazine release.” Every aspect of the weapon was mirrored and tailored for use specifically by left-handed shooters. The precision pays off with an accuracy guarantee of 1.5 inch groupings at 25-yards out of the box. The Gun of the Month program includes a mirror image set of matching left and right-hand pistols with custom details tailored to each Club Elite member.

Cabot Guns Rolls Royce of 1911s
Cabot Guns Rolls Royce of 1911s

In addition, Club members will receive such surprise bonuses as an exclusive, custom-made Cabot Guns gold ring made exclusively for Cabot Elite members. This is a $1,000 value. Members will also receive a Sandrin Tungsten Carbide knife. Membership is available through payment of 12 monthly installments of $4,583.33. Incidentally, this is the average cost per gun which is an excellent value given that if purchased separately the cost would be much higher.

The company offers the world’s first aerospace quality 1911. The Cabot 1911 is widely respected in the gun industry for setting a new standard in precision tolerances and quality. Cabot manufactures its guns from scratch, from a solid block of billet steel.

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Colton Graham

Can i get a free membeship? Please

2nd Amender

If you know what your limitations are a well tuned 1911, just one, should be sufficient!

Neil Tarasoff

I will say it is richer than I can afford, but there is a definite market for their offering!

Tom R.

I’ve carried 1911’s for over 50 years now and trust my life to them.
But anyone that would pay the prices for one that Cabot or some of the others charge, is just plain stupid!

Dennis K Paul

I agree well maybe not stupid but rich I have a SR1911 but still would like one more. But not one a month