Camp Compass Embraces Diversity with New Branding Efforts

Camp Compass banner
Camp Compass banner
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Camp Compass logo

ALLENTOWN, Pa. -(  Camp Compass Academy has taken on a new slogan, “Camouflaging Our Differences.” The nonprofit charity, started by Public Education Teacher John Annoni, seeks to create a message of unity in our country in a time of confusion and chaos.

Camp Compass is a unified effort to introduce urban, middle, and high school students to various outdoor activities. The nonprofit program has recently taken it upon itself to create a strong message of unity by changing its slogan.

The new slogan, “Camouflaging Our Differences,” is about sending the message that in nature our differences fade away while our connections grow stronger.

“Now more than ever we need to create unity, especially within our outdoor minded niche. Camouflaging Our Differences is all about creating connections with Mother Nature and the people around us. In everyday life, people may be black, white, Hispanic, or a different culture, but when we are outdoors we are all wearing the same color.” said Camp Compass founder John Annoni.

Camp Compass is turning to the community and friends to help raise money through its iron on decal launch. The funds will go to help cover the costs of expanding the academies scholarship opportunities for kids.

In honor of its new slogan for unity, the nonprofit is opening its arms to anyone who wants to show that they embrace the meaning behind Camouflaging Our Differences.

You can donate and learn more on the Camp Compass website.

John Annoni has always been passionate about exploring the outdoors and guiding the next generation. “I don’t give away sneakers or baseball bats to kids,” says John. “I give away part of my soul, day-in-and-day-out, so youth have a chance to develop beyond the material things in life.”

John believes that nature not only provides a unique opportunity for youth to experience the outdoors but also creates a learning atmosphere.

Through hands-on activities and integrated and adapted Language Arts, science, social studies and mathematics, students get to experience learning in a new way and multiple times.

The staff of volunteer mentors at Camp Compass strive to make differences every day in the inner city. By providing hunting, fishing, archery, tutoring, social guidance, and other outdoor youth activities, the program helps to create a positive environment for youth.

“The kids involved in Camp Compass find help in their everyday lives through the program,” says volunteer Chad Groover. “The structured multiple experience program helps kids develop positive self-esteem through role models and confident choices.”

For more information about Camp Compass and their program, visit their website.

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James B. Seitz, from Pennsylvania

The Youth of “Camp Compass” and John Annoni are out standing!!! They lead by example!!!