Hexmag Launches New AR-10 (.308) Rifle Magazine

Hexmag AR-10 (.308) Magazine
Hexmag AR-10 (.308) Magazine

LOVELAND, Colo. -(Ammoland.com)- Hexmag, LLC (www.hexmag.com), maker of the most advanced and versatile AR-15 platform magazine on the market, is about to launch its new 20-round .308 caliber AR-10 magazine.

Look for it to hit the market in early January 2017.

The Hexmag AR-10/.308 SR-25 Magazine is built to work reliably in the most demanding shooting environments.



Features include:

  • Firm seating with a self-lubricating anti-tilt follower
  • Patented HexID Color Identification System
  • Exclusive, robust PolyHex2 Advanced Composite Construction

Whether it’s a feathery 110-grain or a heavy 220-grain match bullet, military ball, soft-point, hollow-point, AP, API, incendiary, or tracer, Hexmag’s patented HexID Color Identification System can help shooters quickly identify what is in the magazine.

To keep things clean, Hexmag’s tool-less floorplate makes it possible to disassemble the magazine in a couple of seconds – a handy feature that also makes it easy to quickly empty the magazine without having to strip out rounds individually.

“This new AR-10 magazine fills a neglected market space,” says Hexmag marketing director Dave Smith. “We did a lot of development and engineering to make a lightweight magazine with superior strength and functionality that is affordable.”

The unique exterior of Hexmag’s AR-10 magazine provides exceptional grip in any conditions or environment, with or without gloves (add some optional extreme grip Hexmag Grip Tape and make it even better!). Combine these elements with firm seating, the dual leg, tilt-proof, multi-color coded HexID magazine followers and latch plate/identifiers, Hexmag’s exclusive PolyHex2 Advanced Composite construction and this affordable new magazine represents a huge technological leap forward in AR-10 magazines for the discriminating shooter.

MSRP: $18.99

Hexmag magazines and accessories are made in the USA and come with Hexmag’s Lifetime Warranty!

Note: These magazines are not shipped to states having 20-round (or less) capacity limitations.


About Hexmag:

Hexmag, founded in early 2013, was an exercise in 3-D design and printing. We chose an AR-15 magazine as our project. We found out it was not easy to create a working AR magazine. Getting the AR magazine to fit in a lower receiver and stacking exactly 30 rounds into the magazine was not easy. Then firing those rounds reliably made our task almost impossible. Rather than give up on our design efforts after one attempt, we kept working on the project. We refined our design again and again. We were driven to make it work.

For more information, visit their website.

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Rick Radford

Hey hexmag………WAKE THE HELL UP. If you make Armalite compatible AR 10 mags I will order 50 for my shop’s first order.
Am I getting through here…………………..


Armalite or DPMS style .308 ARs ?
Have Armalite rifles need mags for them, nothing on their website about this magazine What gives??????????????


I was ready to order 10 of them…

Gary B

Must be another testing the waters to see if enough interest to make. That seems to be the mfg. trend these days.


There is NOTHING about this on their website.

David Ruck

Do they fit in an ArmaLite AR-10. If not you need to make some for ArmaLite lowers. And when you do please let me know

Gary B

What AR 10 do they fit? Armorlight, or DPMS ?