Colorados Ill-Fated “Gun Magazine Ban”

By John Farnam

Magazine Bans
Magazine Bans
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Colorado’s ill-fated “gun magazine ban

In 2103, the BHO Administration put pressure on Colorado’s sissified governor and legislature to impose a state-wide ban on the sale of “high-capacity ” (actually “normal-capacity”) pistol and rifle magazines.

Caring much more about political careers than they ever will about citizens they supposedly represent, Democrats caved-into the pressure, as they always do, and the dishonorable Democrat governor signed the law.

He admitted the law was “stupid” a short time later, apparently looking for forgiveness!

Like most poorly-thought-out and sloppily-written, anti-gun legislation, the law was carelessly thrown-together, by people who’ve never even owned a gun. The status of existing magazines is never clearly defined, and since magazines are not serial-numbered, it is mostly impossible to prove when they were manufactured, or sold. This law, as anyone with two brain-cells to rub together could have seen, is unenforceable!

Questions from LEOs with regard to how the law is intended to be enforced were greeted with empty looks from the very politicians who voted for it, but (as is usually the case), never actually read it.

The result has been predictable:

To date, there has not been a single arrest in the entire State, much less prosecution, in any case based on this law!

Currently, ostensibly “banned” pistol and rifle magazines are openly offered for sale on display racks at gun retailers throughout the state. The “ law” is thus being blatantly and contemptuously ignored, by consumers, law-enforcement, and retailers alike!

“The law” has become an embarrassing joke! It will likely be repealed this year.

Here is the real harm:

When leftist politicians view laws as a method, not to benefit citizens, but as a way of punishing, harassing, and demeaning opponents, they desecrate their oath of office, strip respect from our entire body of law, and lead our civilization, by a short route, to chaos!


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I wish MD businesses would’ve willfully disobeyed its magazine ban. It may’ve been repealed by now. You can’t arrest everybody. It’s still legal to possess magazines over 10 rounds, but is illegal to buy, sell, or gift them within the state. People privately violate this law, but businesses do not. So everyone just gets them out of state. This only takes money away from local gun shops & gives it to those in bordering states instead. There is absolutely zero logical thought behind laws like this.

Tricky Dick

Lickenpooper is a MORON!


There are many of us still in Colorado that keep hoping that the legislature will amend the gun laws. It seems that the Democrats keep being elected by the people on the eastern slope of the Rockies and they refuse to make new laws that are in keeping with the feelings, wants and needs of the people. I do not know the background of the legislatures but I believe I will research it in the near future. I live on the Western Slope of the state and we enjoy the outdoors and the opportunities that accompany it. The magazine laws… Read more »




2013? are you prescient?

Braden Lynch

Magpul got the magazine contract for the USMC.

I bet Governor “Lickenbottom” feels even more stupid than he demonstrated to the world. Nah, he’s a Democrat so he has shit for brains and blames someone else for his mistakes.

2War Abn Vet

The only surprise is that these politicians identified the items as magazines rather than “clips”.

Patrick Sperry

Has anyone else ever noticed how easy it seems to get bad laws passed but how difficult it is to get them wiped from the books? Colorado is a poster child for that…


CA gives CO a run for their money. Impossible requirements such as micro stamping are still on the books and will take countless years and millions to overturn. The CA gun roster will persist until there are no hand guns available. And now everyone is taking the “evil” features off their ARs etc. so they will be “safe”. What a total joke. Millions spent on legislation and enforcement of assault rifle registration and no body will register. But our politicians have already reaped their rewards….Kamilla Harris in the US Senate, de Leon is CA Senate pro-tem (sp?) etc. Final reward… Read more »

Patrick Sperry

I agree with you 100 percent. Some people call them stupid. But I am not at all so sure about that. I think that it is all part of a very devious plan based upon Rules for Radicals.


I will NOT comply with illegal laws in Kommieforniastan.


And the uninformed are tricked into believing they are somehow safer

Roy D.

When the law is repealed I will go back to vacationing in that State. I have not set foot there since its passage.


When will the people realize that when you vote in a democrat that person is a liberal. (new name for communist) All hell breaks loose and you loose your freedoms. They tell everyone that they are saving you from the republicans the root of all evil. And all your problems.

Wild Bill

@Sailboat, I think that an awful lot of recreational drug users, perennial malcontents, and hardcore unemployables have already realized that.

Jim Macklin

California residents fled the oppressive Golden State and many settled in Colorado. But they brought the police state with them.

Colorado crime has gone up with “legal marijuana”since the legal shops attract other not legal drug use.

Bad laws are easy. Legislators and others don’t care if the law is constitutional or not, if it will be effective; IF it sounds good they won’t check to answer the questions.

Patrick Sperry

I left California in 1978, and moved to Colorado. It was like moving to a near paradise. I fought all the oppressive laws that were being instituted tooth and nail. I lost. So, after thirty plus years working in EMS I left. I tell people that from around 1995 Colorado might as well be California.
Wyoming welcomed Magpull with open arms, and we will continue to support and defend liberty and freedom unlike what was once the crown jewel of the Rocky Mountain Empire.


I was born and raised in CO and lived the first 50 years of my life there. It was a wonderful place to live! Then the Californicatures started moving in. I spent 26 years in the Army, still called CO my home, but when I retired I saw what was happening,sold out, and left in 1996. I now live in a state with reality still in place, Idaho. You could not pay me enough to go back to CO and I am trying to get my grown kids to leave there as soon as possible!!

Jim S

I am sorry for the Commiefornistans who are crapping on your state as much as they do on Commiestan. The legislators here are also clueless about firearms and will not listen to any view that is different than theirs. The tactic is to pass a law and litigate it for a decade and not worry about whether it gets overturned or not.


how true we have idiots here in cali, dont know nothing about guns, but make gun laws anyway, only to hurt law abiding people, and do nothing about criminals why? they do nothing because they use criminal activity to justify their dumb shit laws, we here in cali have for years wanted a study on their gun laws and how it stops criminal activity, they wont do it cause it does not stop criminal activity and they know it, if they did that it would shoot down all their idiot ass gun laws……………………………….


You missed the real harm this bogus bill did, it caused Magpul to leave the state, taking 200 direct jobs and 400 supply-chain jobs and $85 million of economic input.


I think Ramline is still in CO, but they are a shadow of what they were!


Magpul’s leaving Colorado was NOT a harm. It was a benefit. A privately held American company providing a product in high demand at a reasonable price decided to vote with their feet, and leave a state run by a stupid government. THAT is the Ameican way. Now, nad the kinyun’s minions launched a federal lawsuit (would have been groundless, but still harmful) to prevent their upping stakes and moving to another state, it would have been a real harm, as FedGov would have been playing the dictator, wrongly. I’m glad MagPul not only threatened, but followed through on their promise… Read more »


I disagree, if you were employed by Magpul and unable to follow them across the border for what ever reason, you would be harmed, also the lost tax revenue was most certainly harmful to the citizens. This was more than some stupid law about magazine capacity, it affected people financially.


Civil disobedience comes to Colorado. Remember, the magazines are used up when they’re empty and then discarded. That’s what DeGette testified and I’m sure that she was telling the truth. 8>)

Wild Bill

@Rick, Yes, I remember her saying that. It was the most telling comment of her life, tantamount to having “I AM STUPID” tattooed on her forehead.