David vs. Goliath: Is This the End of Traditional Gun Safe Storage as we know it?

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secureitU.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Tom Kubiniec, developer of CradleGrid Technology challenges the Safe Industry by questioning their fire rating tactics, UL listings, and gun capacity.

Gun manufacturers and shooters have been asking for an alternative to the presumed go to, traditional gun safe, for years. Tom will introduce SecureIt’s new alternative with No surprises, No gimmicks and No “Little White Lies” (safe industries words, not ours Hear what others are saying

Traditional firearm storage has not fundamentally changed in decades. Recognizing this problem, SecureIt, in conjunction with the U.S. Army Special Forces, developed patented technology that adapts to any size/length firearm and storage situation.

Reinventing the Gun Safe
Reinventing the Gun Safe

Called CradleGrid, this three-part system comprises a grid that affixes to the back of a locker, cabinet, wall, safe, etc; individual “cradles” that fit anywhere on the grid and can be quickly and easily moved without tools to support the barrel, rail or magwell of any firearm; and a tiered base into which the butt stock sets for proper lean angle. A key advantage of the system is that it allows for storage of firearms with optics attached. Adjustable, Adaptable, Smart Firearm Storage for Today’s Shooter.

Is this the end of traditional gun safe storage at we know it?
Is this the end of traditional gun safe storage at we know it?

SecureIt’s new CradleGrid Technology adapts to today’s expansive variety of firearms for organized and accessible gun storage according to specific needs.

The Problem: Gun storage has not fundamentally changed in decades. It is static and certainly has not kept up with the sweeping changes in the size and shape of modern firearms.

The Solution: Recognizing this problem, SecureIt in conjunction with US Army Special Forces, took a different approach and developed patented technology that adapts to the situation. Called CradleGrid, this innovative system is adaptable, adjustable and smart. Impressive in its simplicity, this three-part system is comprised of louvered grids, saddles that individually cradles each firearm and a base that promotes proper lean angle within a tiered channel.

The System: Adjustable, adaptable, and smart. The Cradle, the Grid, and the Stock Base work in unison with one moving part that promotes straight line access to each firearm without the need to move any other gun. The system also amplifies organizational awareness, meaning the gun owner has full view of all firearms and gear. The CradleGrid system is the heart of SecureIt’s gun storage products and is incorporated into an array of solutions from hidden gun storage of one firearm, gun cabinets, Retrofit Kits for traditional gun safes, full-fledged custom home armories, to high density storage for store fronts and their devoted military and law enforcement patrons.

Key advantages of the CradleGrid System:

  • One moving part adjusts to properly store any length firearm
  • Straight line access to each firearm without moving another
  • Organizational awareness of entire contents
  • Firearm can be stored with scope attached – No need to re-zero
  • Available in all SecureIt product lines

SecureIt products fulfill the need for organized and proper gun storage for:

  • All gun owners
  • Enthusiasts owning from one to an arsenal of firearms
  • Home defense, fast access storage
  • Mobile / vehicle applications
  • Store display and security
  • Law enforcement and Military agencies
  • Shooting range management
  • High-density armories
  • Custom home armories

About SecureIt Tactical:

The industry leader in weapon storage systems and armory design services used by all branches of the Military in all theatres of operation. Having a finger on the pulse of our armed forces keeps SecureIt Tactical products modern and timely, leading to the development of new solutions to address individual storage needs expanding from our Weapon Storage Platform. SecureIt Tactical now provides proper storage to fulfil the needs of any gun owner or agency while assuring straight-line access to all firearms and organizational awareness of entire contents. For more information, visit http://www.secureittactical.com

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Saw the comments above and believe some people may have missed something. You don’t need to buy the safe, but the racking components could work in your current safe or gun cabinet. This is way better rack system than what exists in other safes and cabinets. It considers that rifles and shotguns come in different lengths and you can adjust the upper and lower holding points. Just saying…


Anyone from Cureit or ammo land going to say anything?

Bowie Knive

Steel costs have skyrocketed and there’s no free lunch. You don’t get a lot of steel for cheap. The gun “safe” industry is like the body armor industry, nothing but smoke and mirrors and fancy marketing selling a bad product.

The only major company that I’ve found that actually pays private labs to test their fire ratings is Amsec. Most of the big guys ratings are nothing but BS.


The video summarized: gun safes are too easy to break into, so we made one that is lighter, more organized, and just as easy to break into.

The Je

You left out that gun safes are overpriced so this is an overpriced gun locker instead.

Jeff Warner

Just more sales crap! To sell, use merits not gimmicks! Fire rating and how it is tested. Strength, and how it is tested. Price comparison vs real competition, and benefits vs real competition!
There are a number of ideas on the market, similar to yours, and all less expensive. Why would anyone spend so much for something that is really not worth half of your price.
Sales pitch you present sucks!


Don’t see any relevant information here? All it is, is a new clip system for guns, there are some decent ones out there now! What we need is affordable safes with thick steel and more important, testing of fire resistant claims!


You start out talking about how easy it is to break into “regular” safes, and how crappy they are in a fire, but then all you talk about is the new back part of the safe and how well it holds guns. What make your safe better, or safer?

James Troy

Yeah, very nice safe, but $600 for 6 gun vault? Far too expensive! Cost need to come down in order to be competitive