Kansas: Legislative Call to Action Campus Carry

Kansas State Rifle Association
Kansas State Rifle Association

Kansas-(Ammoland.com)- What is the Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act (PFPA), or so-called campus carry law?

The PFPA, as amended in 2016, gives law-abiding Kansans greater options for self-protection in public buildings, including state colleges and universities. It allows any person 21 years and older who is not prohibited from possessing a firearm under federal or state law to carry a concealed handgun in public. State and municipally owned buildings as prescribed under the provisions of the PFPA (Personal & Family Protection Act) that prohibit the carrying of concealed firearms for self-defense must have conspicuously posted signage approved by the Attorney General as well as adequate security measures to ensure that no weapons are permitted, including screening all visitors for weapons. This ensures that ALL individuals who enter the buildings are unarmed, not just the law-abiding citizens who choose to follow the law.
K.S.A. 75-7c10 and 75-7c20]

If a building lacks the adequate security measures necessary to screen all visitors, then residents with a concealed carry license or carrying concealed under the provisions of permitless/Constitutional carry would be allowed to carry a firearm to protect themselves while visiting that particular state or municipally owned building. The legislature gave colleges and universities four years to develop guidelines for implementing the new law. The new law takes effect July 1, 2017. [K.S.A. 75-7c20]

House Bill No. 2074 was introduced last week and in essence repeals this law by “striking the date the law takes effect” so there is NEVER a deadline for compliance. Thus, this bill would NOT ever go into effect for colleges and universities.

Today, Senate Bill No. 53 was introduced which is seeking to do the same thing, with exactly the same language for fully repealing campus carry. But, it reaches even further, to repeal concealed carry in other state and municipal owned facilities.

There will be a hearing on SB 53 which seeks to fully repeal campus carry and concealed carry in other state and municipally owned facilities…

Thursday, January 26 at 10:30 a.m.
Federal & State Affairs Committee
Room 114-South
Kansas State Capitol

We are alerting you and asking for you to attend this hearing to demonstrate Kansans support of our right to keep and bear arms and our2nd Amendment.

If you cannot be present at the hearing we encourage you to call or email the following Senators and politely ask them to vote against this bill or any attempt to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of visitors, students, faculty, staff, and administration of our state colleges and universities as well as the staff and visitors of state and municipally owned medical facilities.

Committee Members

The Kansas State Rifle Association stands resolute to fight for and fully support current law which allows legally qualified individuals to exercise their basic 2nd Amendment and 4th Amendment rights on Kansas college and university campuses. We do not believe in stripping those rights away simply because one crosses in and on to a state college or university campus. Nor do we believe students, guests, faculty or staff should be left defenseless or unsafe at any time while traversing the campuses of our great state.

PLEASE stay alert as the legislative session continues and your voice and support are required to hold our rights.

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How many collets have to die or get assaulted at the hands of crazy people? Some fanatic or mentally ill person certainly will not honor these do-gooders in the senate. How much blood will be on their hands when somebody is let loose in a target rich environment like a college campus. It seems to me that the law was passed and 4 years is plenty of time to come up with a “plan” to allow concealed carry (or open carry for that matter). I hope the House kills this bill and/or that Gov. Brownbeck vetoes the thing. If these… Read more »