Magnum Research Intros Combo Caliber Package for the Desert Eagle

Magnum Research Combo Caliber Package for the Desert Eagle
Magnum Research Combo Caliber Package for the Desert Eagle
Magnum Research
Magnum Research

Greeley, PA – -( If you have 15 seconds, you can swap out a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum caliber barrel for a .50 AE caliber barrel. Next, swap out the magazine from a .44 Magnum to a .50 AE magazine and you are ready to launch .50 AE rounds down range.

Magnum Research is proud to introduce their brand new DE44WB6 combo caliber package.

New for 2017, the Desert Eagle Mark XIX, Model Number DE44WB6, features a .44 Magnum caliber with a 6” barrel, O/A length of 10.75” a slide width of 1.25” and a height of 6.25”. The steel-framed pistol is manufactured in Israel and has a black oxide finish with a black barrel, and a combat-type fixed sight. The new combo caliber package includes a .50 AE caliber barrel in a black finish and a .50 AE magazine. The MSRP for this 3-piece package is $1949.

This is the first time that Magnum Research has offered a combo caliber package featuring the .44 Magnum and the .50 AE calibers in one gun case.

“We know that some of our Desert Eagle fans like to switch between a .44 Magnum and a .50 Action-Express. But, until now, they have had to buy the barrel and magazine separately” stated Frank Harris, VP of Sales and Marketing, Kahr Firearms Group.

“We decided that it was time for us to create a combo caliber package featuring our two most popular calibers. We are already hearing some very positive feedback from our dealers about this package.”

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I interest type 1911 RI commendor
Please share any information (sectec, price… and all…)


You would think that Magnum Research would do this for all their platforms that are capable of multiple calibers. However, I’d like to see them offer a minimum of two magazines for each caliber…only providing one just doesn’t make much sense.


The conversion from .50 to .44 is very simple. The DE can also be converted to. 357 which requires another 9 seconds to change out the bolt, barrel and magazine. Truly a fun and versatile firearm.