SIG Sauer M17 Handgun Chossen by the U.S. Army, Replaces M9 Beretta

By John Farnam

SIG Sauer M17 Handgun
SIG Sauer M17 Handgun
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Army Version of the SIG320: Now called the SIG Sauer M17 Handgun and was chosen by the U.S. Army to replace the M9 Beretta.

Friends at SIG told me these additional details about the pistol that will ultimately be delivered to the Army:

Our military’s version of SIG’s 320 pistol will have a manual safety lever. Of course, most troopers will never be allowed to even have a magazine inserted into the pistol, much less carry the weapon with a round chambered, so the manual safety lever will have little real function.

SIG Sauer M17 Handgun – Two more “enhancements:”

The take-down lever will be “secured” in some way on the right side so that it cannot be removed at the field level. Which would allow for complete removal of the fire-control unit from the plastic frame.

The slide cover-plate at the back will be “secured” in a similar fashion, and for the same reasons.

Army procurement people obviously do not want “end-users” (the ones who may actually have to shoot someone) taking the gun apart any further than field stripping.

I carried the SIG320 for most of the last year. My copy has no manual safety, as I have no interest in one and consider it a mostly useless and unnecessary addition. If I were carrying a 320 with a manual safety, I’d leave it in the “off” position. However, a manual safety that does not exist cannot be inadvertently left in the “on” position, and that is why I like it gone!

Not everyone agrees, however.

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently what need not be done at all” ~ Drucker


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Jack Burney

What is the difference between Sig Sauer P320 and M 17?


it is the exact same gun. like the Beretta M9 is to the 92FS…..same gun, minor differences. M17will have a safety lever.