Todd Rathner for NRA 2017 Board of Directors ~ VIDEO

Todd Rathner
Todd Rathner

USA – -(  AmmoLand Editors Note: The NRA Board elections are upon us once again. If you are an NRA voting member (5 years consecutive, or life member) you will be receiving a ballot in the February issue of your NRA magazine. If you are an electronic subscriber you will get a separate ballot in the mail, so check your mailbox!

The following is a statement from Todd J. Rathner of Tucson, Arizona who is running for re-election to the NRA board. Please take some time to read his biography and vote for him in this election.

Please note: The less people you vote for in the election the better, you can vote for up to 25 people but if you vote for example just 3 – 5 you will give more power to your vote.

Todd Rathner for NRA 2017 Board of Directors

Todd J. Rathner is a no-compromise Second Amendment Lobbyist and has been fighting for our God given right to bear arms for over 20 years. Todd is running for reelection to the NRA Board of Directors where he has served for 17 years.

Todd played a crucial role in enacting Arizona’s Constitutional Carry law eliminating the need for government permission to carry a concealed weapon in Arizona. He has also played a critical role in enacting every major pro-gun reform in Arizona in the past 17 years helping to make Arizona the most gun friendly state in the US according to the 2015 rating by Guns and Ammo Magazine.

Todd Rathner for NRA 2017 Board of Directors
Todd Rathner for NRA 2017 Board of Directors

Todd has advocated for and passed pro-knife owner bills in 17 states and continues to do so today as the Director of Legislative Affairs for (the NRA for knife owners).

Todd is the chairman and chief lobbyist for the NFA Freedom Alliance and has worked in numerous states to make ownership of suppressors easier, and to allow hunting with suppressors. He is currently working in numerous states on behalf of the NFAFA to enable hunting with suppressors as well as working to eliminate confusion in state laws regarding possession of NFA items.

One example is the “defense to prosecution” law in Texas which said that if you owned an NFA item, it was illegal, and you could use your NFA paperwork in court to defend yourself.

That’s a horrible position to be in. Rathner fixed that law to say that if you have the paperwork, its legal, period!

Todd is a three time graduate of Gunsite Academy, a graduate of Tactical Response, and is an NRA Certified Instructor.

Rathner serves on the critical NRA Legislative Policy Committee, and International Affairs Committee.

If you are an NRA voting member your ballot will be in your monthly magazine this month or may be mailed to you in a separate envelope if you are an electronic subscriber to an NRA magazine. NRA Voting members are those who have been a member for 5 consecutive years or more, or are Lifetime members. Also, please remember to either vote ONLY for Todd Rathner or as few other nominees as possible because this amplifies the power of your vote.

Please go get your NRA magazine or ballot out of your mailbox and VOTE for Todd J. Rathner TODAY then mail your ballot back to the NRA right away!

Also, please go “LIKE” his Facebook page to keep track of his campaign.

Thank you for your consideration.

Todd J. Rathner
[email protected]
Tucson, Arizona

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Censoring dissent. Noted.




NO THANKS. Todd Rathner went out of his way to protect Grover Norquist — the phony pro-gun, Bloomberg coconspirator, deluge-immigration Left-“Libertarian” IslamoQuisling — and Grover al Nor’Qu’ist’s collaborators in the corrupt beltway vampire junta that cons members out of half a billion dollars a year, gives phony A grades to phony-pro-gun scum like Jon Tester, helped “2A hero” Harry Reid pass anti-gun Obamacare when they could’ve easily killed it, helped Reid defeat Sharron Angle by a tiny margin, passive-aggressively helped confirm Sotomayor, Kagan & others, championed McCarthy’s Veterans Disarmament law, sabotages efforts to repeal “gun free” zones, etc ad nauseam.… Read more »