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Willes Lee
Willes Lee
Willes Lee
Willes Lee

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA – -( Comments by Willes Lee:

Hello AmmoLand Readers, I am humbly asking for your support and vote for NRA BOD. Thank you for your consideration.

I am proud to state that I was recently appointed as a co-chair of the Trump-Pence Second Amendment Coalition, and I am honored to receive the first-ever NRA endorsement from LtCol Oliver North, now I am running for the NRA Board of Directors.

Please look for my name on the NRA ballot as: LTC WILLES K. LEE, USA (RET) HONOLULU, HAWAII.

I have worked hard as proven defender of freedom, as a soldier and combat leader for 26 years, and uncompromising activist. I was privileged to be a Defender of Freedom. I am honored to continue that defense with the National Rifle Association of America, Freedom’s Safest Place.

I am the first from Hawaii to be nominated to the NRA Board of Directors, first from Hawaii to gain ballot access by petition. I was an NRA Board nominating committee nominee in 2016. My 2017 petition signers include Ollie North and Allen West.

I serve on the Military & Veterans Affairs Committee chaired by LtCol Oliver North, and the Outreach Committee with Sheriff David Clarke served with Mr. Roy Innis on the NRA Urban Affairs Committee. I am currently active the following NRA committees:

  • NRA Endowment member
  • Ring of Freedom
  • Member
  • NRA Military & Veterans’ Affairs and Outreach Committees.

I have received the endorsement of all the following groups, Hawaii Rifle Association. Virginia Shooting Sports Association.

I am a West Point graduate, then Army LTC, then 22 years Airborne-Ranger Armor officer. Top Gun 105mm tank gunnery, Army ‘expert’ multiple weapons. Cold War and fight against terrorism in Europe, Desert Storm tank battalion, JCS Pentagon, LM/BSM/DSSM.

Expert in the Army with the M1911, M9, M14, M16, and M3; and fired everything from Claymore mines and grenade launchers to 107mm mortars and 155mm Howitzers. Top Gun as an M60A3 tank commander with the 105mm cannon, M2HB machine gun, and M240 machine gun; Top Platoon; and Top Company. And, made several M1A1 battle runs during Desert Shield with the 120mm smoothbore cannon.

NRA Board of Directors 2017 Ballot : NOTE On your Ballot names may be randomized in a different order.
NRA Board of Directors 2017 Ballot : NOTE On your Ballot names may be randomized in a different order.

My legislative focus is the defense and promulgation of our Second Amendment rights. I led or was a member of many political and grassroots issue-oriented campaigns across the nation. I have led the fight against Honolulu PD’s destruction of $1/2M of serviceable handguns. Today, my focus includes proactively working with state organizations to anticipate coming legislative and ballot fights; incorporating member feedback into our NRA programs; and networking with 2A organizations to maximize effectiveness.

The National Rifle Association has enjoyed success in an unfriendly environment the past eight years. Now we can do even more. As we continue the successful progress we will build membership and partnerships, and listen to grassroots input to our programs and processes. From youth safety and shooting to training, competition, hunting, self-defense, collecting, to elections and issue campaigns, I will work to ensure a more aggressive, offensive-minded, agile NRA Board. We have the expertise, we’re gathering the resources, and we need to ensure the legislative will continue to further our rights.

I am proud to be a member of the NRA committees, humbled by the support received, and humbly ask for your vote to be a Director with the NRA.

For more, please visit and

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Wild Bill

Hon. LTC Willes Lee,
Will you work to repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968 and modifications to it? Will you work to repeal the National Firearms Act. Neither of those two acts have ever prevented or solved a single crime. Both of those two acts are infringements on the Second Amendment by the federal government.