Minnesota: Anti-gun Bill Introduced Requiring Vehicle Information as Gun Owner

ACTION NEEDED: Rep. Moran introduces anti-gun bill requiring your vehicle information as a gun owner
ACTION NEEDED: Rep. Moran introduces anti-gun bill requiring your vehicle information as a gun owner
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

Minnesota-(Ammoland.com)- With a strong pro-Second Amendment majority in the Minnesota House and Senate, there hasn’t been much anti-gun activity this year – until this morning.

Today, Representative Rena Moran introduced HF1590, a bill designed to force gun owners and permit holders to disclose a list of all of your owned vehicles when you get your permit to carry.

Under this bill, any time you sell or purchase or lease a new vehicle, you’ll have to complete a new permit to carry application and submit to your issuing Sheriff’s Department for processing.

Not only is this a massive invasion of privacy, but imagine the side effects of this bill when an overzealous police officer who dislikes permit holders stopping your spouse or child for a traffic violation and decides to prone them out on the side of the road because you’re a permit holder – even though you’re not in the vehicle.

That’s exactly what could happen under a bill like this.

Permit holder and vehicle owner data have no business being connected.

We need to put a stop to this right now, before this bill gets a hearing:

  • Call your Representative: Tell them that you are opposed to HF1590. Be succinct and polite. You can look up your State Representative at this link.
  • Follow-up with an e-mail to your Representative: Briefly state your position in opposition to HF1590.
  • If you’re not already a member, join the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus: Help us advance pro-Second Amendment legislation in Saint Paul and continue to monitor and fight against anti-gun legislation. Our annual membership is less than 11 cents per day.
  • If you’re already a member, considering making an additional donation to support our efforts: We’re entirely volunteer driven – your donations help us reach an ever-growing audience of gun owners that aren’t currently politically involved. Can you make a contribution of $10, $25, or even $50 or more today?

There will be more anti-gun bills dropped tomorrow (2/23) – we’ll share more then.

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Well the morons in Nazi New Jersey will stop Florida tags and run the drivers license because it WILL show if you have a CCW permit as an excuse to search your auto. Sometimes the Tag itself is used as an excuse. I bet Maryland where they use to CENSOR movies before allowing them to be shown does the SAME thing.


don’t own a vehicle? do i need walking permit? what if i change my shoes ? please help me !!!


The Representative in Minnesota may have come from the crazy state of California as the Socialist/Communist try to spread their ideology to other states by moving there. Remember the Muslims that are trying to get Sharia Law in places here in the U.S. by moving in enough to take over city councils, etc. SAME SPREAD OF STUPID IDEAS AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS.


Shouldn’t the name be: “Rectal Moron”?

Cordell M

I often wonder if these reps. have spent too much time in the freezing outdoors to the point of becoming brain dead, but then again who elects these people.

Jim S

I thought (well I know for sure) California legislators are absolute idiots, but this ranks up there with the best of their legislation..

Wild Bill

So… you have to be a car owner in order to be a gun owner in the enlightened state of Minnesota?

Patrick Sperry

Typical intrusiveness by a totalitarian activist. Not to mention the unintended consequences that are likely to occur. I’m willing to bet that Sheriffs across the state have better things to do than abuse their constituents rights, or spend tax monies collected in doing just that.