Major Gun Bill Introduced in the Iowa House

CMMG Mk47 AKS8 SBR Rifle
CMMG Mk47 AKS8 SBR Rifle
Iowa Firearms Coalition
Iowa Firearms Coalition

Iowa-( The Iowa House of Representatives has just introduced a major pro-gun owner bill. House Study Bill 133 (HSB133) is a comprehensive gun bill that effectively re-writes a large portion of Iowa’s firearms and use of force laws. HSB133 is a major bill (more than 41 pages long) that benefits Iowa gun owners in numerous ways. We’ve listed a general overview below.

This bill revises nearly every portion of Iowa’s weapons law, as well as other sections of the Code dealing with criminal penalties, the justifiable use of force and even regulation of vehicles. Such an extensive effort involves legitimately complex legal considerations. This Study Bill allows time for some final fine-tuning while still meeting legislative deadlines.

HSB133 has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee and a subcommittee consisting of Representatives Matt Windschitl, Greg Heartsill and Mary Wolfe. We expect them to hold a subcommittee meeting this week, most likely Wednesday or Thursday. As always we’ll be updating you on any upcoming action.

What’s in HSB133?

  • Legalizes SBRs and SBSs
    These items would be treated like suppressors currently are (must meet federal NFA requirements)
  • Fixes current “Armed with Intent” language
    Just because you’re armed doesn’t mean you have any intentions of harming anyone. Under current law if you charged with a crime while carrying prosecutors can add an additional “Going Armed with Intent” charge even if your alleged crime has nothing to do with the you being armed.
  • Lifetime Permits
    Uniform permits statewide (eliminating county by county permit variations)
  • Removes the current Permit to Acquire requirement
    Brings Iowa in line with federal gun purchasing laws.No permit required, you just need to pass a NICS check
  • Repeals the current ban on supervised youth handgun shooting
    Kids can shoot and learn proper gun safety under the supervision of a parent, or instructor
  • Permit Privacy
    Prohibits the public release of any personal information of anyone who holds a Permit to Carry
  • Preemption Cleanup (724.28 re-write)
    Prohibits any political subdivision (city, county, municipality, regents institution, etc) from creating gun free zones that violate state preemption law. Establishes “loser pays” so that if someone sues over the creation of a gun free zone the loser of that lawsuit must pay the winner’s court costs
  • Establishes Emergency Powers restrictions
    Prohibits the confiscation firearms during a declared state of emergency (i.e. Hurricane Katrina gun confiscations)
  • Legalizes Stand Your Ground
    Removes the “duty to retreat” from law-abiding citizens who find themselves in a self-defense situation. Establishes that as long as you have a reasonable basis for the belief that you are in danger you may defend yourself or those around
  • Increases penalties for Straw Purchasers
    Anyone caught straw purchasing would be charged with a Class D felony
  • ATV Carry cleanup
    Removes the requirement of a so-called “retention holster” while operating an ATV or snowmobile
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4 years ago

Can you send some of you common sense law makers for a visit to Connecticut???

4 years ago

I’d like to see legislation of this nature passed here in Nevada also. Our problem here, though, is that we have a large contingent of retirees coming in from liberal States, both East and West to make their final home in our state tax free environment. Many have voted Democratic all their lives and supported liberal politicians and tax laws in their former home states. Here, they have continued their liberal voting patterns, electing many Democrats and changing the conservative political mix that we had here for many decades. As we have the strictest knife control laws in the country… Read more »

Timothy K. Toroian
Timothy K. Toroian
4 years ago

Good! Lived in Cedar Rapids in the late 60s,early 70s. Happy to see these revisions.