AmmoHawk: Join. Get Ammo. Go Shoot. ~ Ammunition Subscription Service

AmmoHawk: Join. Get Ammo. Go Shoot.
AmmoHawk: Join. Get Ammo. Go Shoot. ~ Ammunition Subscription Service

PITTSBURGH, Pa.-( AmmoHawk, ammunition subscription service, announces major overhaul, 9 new calibers, $1 sign-up.

AmmoHawk, launched June 2016 as a subscription box company, today announces a major overhaul to its offering.

The relaunch is supported by an all new member portal, 9 new calibers and a $1 sign-up fee.

Here’s how the new AmmoHawk Ammunition Subscription Service works:

  1. Pick your favorite ammo calibers and desired monthly budgets for each.
  2. Receive offers in those calibers. Accept the ones you like, reject the ones you don’t.
  3. Access your member portal anytime for a current view of your personal ammo locker.
  4. Order a shipment when you’re ready to shoot. (It’s always $15.)

As an added benefit, AmmoHawk members have the option to sell ammo from their lockers back to the company anytime for an instant account credit against future ammo purchases.

The company is opening to new members in waves, and has committed to accepting 500 new members in March. Anyone attempting to sign up after the current wave is closed will have the opportunity to join AmmoHawk in June.

AmmoHawk Ammunition Subscription Service
AmmoHawk Ammunition Subscription Service

About AmmoHawk:

Established in 2015, AmmoHawk relaunched in 2017 as a membership-based site dealing in personalized ammunition offers. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

Visit AmmoHawk’s website, follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook.

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Jason F

Ammohawk has turned into a scam it seems. I gave it a shot and only have about $40 into it. II submitted the order to have my locked shipped back in June and it never shipped. All attempts to contact them via their page have been ignored. I was able to track down the owner/founder on LinkedIN a few weeks ago. He replied telling me he would take care of it the following day. I waited a few days and saw no progress. He has since ignored all followup communication attempts. He has even stripped all references of “Ammohawk” from… Read more »