Keyport Releases the All-New Pivot, Hybrid of Swiss Army Knife, Keychain and Tracker

Keyport Releases the All-New Pivot, a modern hybrid of Swiss Army Knife, Keychain and Tracker
Keyport Releases the All-New Pivot, a modern hybrid of Swiss Army Knife, Keychain and Tracker

LAS VEGAS-( Keyport launched the all-new Pivot, a modular, everyday-carry multi-tool that is compatible with a number of other pocket tools including Stowaway Tools, Klecker Knives and the Griffin Pocket Mini.

Part key organizer, part Swiss Army knife, part lost & found … the Pivot consolidates keys, pocket tools and smart tech into a functional access device that bridges the gap between the conventional keychain — often crammed with an array of everyday carry items — and a connected world.

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The Pivot accommodates standard keys – including house, deadbolt, bicycle lock, padlock and mailbox – and holds between two and nine keys, or more with expansion kit. The Pivot features a unique locking mechanism that provides the perfect tension to ensure smooth operation every time. It also features a 360-degree low profile swivel d-ring to attach loose items and that locks in place when not in use. The Slide 3.0 can be customized with useful tools like a flash drive (4, 8 and 32 GB) and pen with black ink.

To solve the biggest problem associated with keys and other daily carry items … losing them … the Pivot comes with a free 2-year subscription to KeyportID, an online lost and found service that connects finders to owners directly and anonymously at a click.

Optional Keyport compatible tech and tool modules include:

  • Bluetooth low energy locator module with mini-light that works with TrackR and that allows customers to locate their Keyport using their smartphone or alternatively find their smartphone using their Keyport. ($29.99)
  • Pocketknife designed by nationally recognized knife designer, Glenn Klecker ($19.99)
  • 2-lumen mini-flashlight ($9.99)

The Pivot is priced starting at $19.99. For more information, visit

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A photo of it opened up with tools visible would have been nice. The knife is visible but nothing else. It appears that a lot of the items it replaces (items held in hand to left) are option that must be purchased in addition to the Keyport making it quite a bit more pricey. Not sure, but those add ons probably make the tool much bulkier than the basic tool shown. Not a great review.


If you have a column shift and ignition be sure to check the distance between the two if you use the key slide
if you don’t, and you pull your shifter into gear, it is very easy to snap the key off, and a new special blank from
this company costs five bucks and you have to take it to a locksmith to get it cut. Also with all the add on’s they offer
you can easily run up a cost north of a hundred bucks. It is fancy, but is it practical?