Negligent Discharge (ND) in France

By John Farnam

Negligent Discharge (ND) in France.
Negligent Discharge (ND) in France.
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Negligent Discharge (ND) in France.

Yesterday, a member of French President Francois Hollande’s security detail had an ND. Which of the agent’s weapons was involved is not clear.

Hollande was making a speech celebrating the opening of a high-speed rail terminal in the city of Villognon. The ND interrupted the speech and resulted in two injuries, one to the shooter himself, and a peripheral one to a bystander.

I don’t know enough detail to comment on the incident itself, but I will comment on the amazingly sloppy, error-filled, agenda-driven “news coverage.”


Says news reports:

“The safety catch on the gun failed”

“…a sniper's pistol malfunctioned.”

“… he left the safety-catch on his service revolver (it was a rifle) off, and the gun went off by mistake”

The media always insists that the gun itself “malfunctioned” in some way, not because that view is supported by any evidence, but because they is what they want to believe. They want to believe, and they want us to believe, that modern guns precipitously discharge for no reason, as if they had a consciousness, personality, and will of their own.

When the media, in their willful ignorance, can’t get these simple details right, it makes you wonder how many other important details they so nonchalantly misrepresent.

If the media has any desire to regain even a modicum of the respect they’ve long-since rightfully lost, they need to start by learning at least a little about subjects upon which they so pseudo-sanctimoniously presume to report, and editorialize.

“You probably have some habit or practice that I would find disgusting. When your actions do not affect me, I will leave you in peace, especially when I know as little about the subject as you obviously do about firearms. I ask of you the same courtesy. I have owned and born firearms my entire life. I neither owe, nor offer, an apology. In addition, I resent being beaten with the same stick as with which real criminals should be beaten, and are not.” ~ Jeff Cooper


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    1. Don’t you love it when the newspaper article reads:
      The terrorist was armed with a .12 gauge shotgun and a .9 mm handgun.
      PLEASE NOTE the decimal points before the 12 and the 9!!!

    2. No one is immune to ND’s. This is simply another example of needing to do things right 100% of the time. No matter how long you have been shooting or what training you have had, keeping fingers and gear out of the trigger guard is the only real “safety” mechanism. Don’t be “that guy”!

    3. Never let a Frenchman carrying get behind you. They are given firearms but not allowed to load them until something important happens.

    4. It wasn’t a ND it was him trying to lighten the load so he could run faster cause that’s all the French know how to do

    5. None of this will matter when the moslems take over the remainder of France…some time next week!

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