Shoot like a Pro 3-Gunner at NSSF Fantasy Camp – Let’s See How this Goes

by Duncan Johnson
AmmoLand editor and firearms writer, Duncan Johnson, will join thirty other shooters in Las Vegas to take part in the 2017 NSSF 3-Gun Fantasy Camp.

AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( All day I am on Instagram constantly watching professional shooters run 3-gun courses with their crazy modified Glocks, huge extended magazines on shotguns, and those insane lightweight AR-15s.

So when someone offers you the chance to learn to “shoot like a pro”, you instinctively say yes.

Let me lay out my competitive shooting resume. During college I took a one-credit class that was a competitive pistol shooting course. That was a great experience, shooting target pistols in three different competitive configurations was an awesome way to spend an hour every week while dealing with the busy schedule of college life.

That is where my competitive resume begins and ends.

Saying that I am a “novice shooter” would be spot on. No point in denying that. I have more hours logged shooting guns in Battlefield or Ghost Recon than I have actually being at a range. That is just the facts.

I learned some important stuff in that college shooting class. Mainly what you want your sight picture to look like and how to pull a trigger properly. The other hundred things that go into shooting a pistol with one hand like your stance or the hold you take on your pistol. My point is that style of shooting was complicated in its static simplicity.

Shooting a target pistol is enjoyable, but honestly, I want something a little more, like maybe involving a variety of firearms. Maybe the ability to actually move my feet and engage multiple targets in what some may consider a more, “real world scenario” type of competition. 3-Gun is what I want to do.

NSSF 3-Gun Fantasy Camp

This NSSF 3-Gun Fantasy Camp is run by a cadre of professional shooters and designed to teach new shooters proper safety and better shooting techniques.

With that said I am a big believer in, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” I plan to do…the do.

The camp allows you to bring your own guns and gear if you wish to. So, that is what I am going to do.

This is all the gear I have for 3-Gun shooting, it's also pretty much all of what I own. It should all do fine, I really just need a shotgun. Also a sturdy belt and magazine holders are 100% a necessity in the sport.
This is all the gear I have for 3-Gun shooting, it’s also pretty much all of what I own. It should all do fine, I really just need a shotgun. Also a sturdy belt and magazine holders are 100% a necessity in the sport.

A little info on my gear:

My AR-15 is an Aero Precision AC-15 with a gen-1 free floated handguard from Aero. I will be running an Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic. Some other features on my rifle include:

The pistol I will bring to camp is a full-size SIG Sauer P320. This is a straight out of the box firearm, with only about 450 rounds put through it. The only modification I have considered purchasing for the P320 is the Apex Industries advanced flatty drop-in trigger. Make no mistake I love my P320 especially the factory trigger on it. In fact, a big reason I chose the P320 over a Glock 34 was because I did not want a gun that I felt needed multiple upgrades, plus it fit better in my hand.

With that said, shaving 2lbs off of trigger pull for only $50 sounds like a good deal. I am not sure I would want the reduced pull on the pistol if it was in service as a self-defense or home defense weapon, but for competition that could be beneficial. The advanced flatty trigger from Apex could be making its way into my P320 soon.

Obviously, we are talking about 3-gun here, and the elephant in the room is I don’t own a shotgun. Luckily for me, the camp will have loaner firearms and gear (belts, holsters, etc) for newbie shooters like myself.

If you are interested in 3-Gun but aren’t sure what you need or where to start I will be writing on the sport, gear you might need, and most importantly the proper shooting techniques I am sure to learn. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned competitive shooter and you have some tips or a comment please leave one at the bottom of the page, all help is appreciated!

Duncan Johnson
Duncan Johnson

Also, make sure you follow @ammoland on Instagram, I will be recording from Las Vegas at NSSF 3-Gun Fantasy Camp to give you guys a first-hand look at how I do training with the pros.

About Duncan Johnson:

Brian Duncan Johnson is a graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. His focus of studies were on History and Government. Duncan is a regular contributor to AmmoLand and assists in the everyday gun-news publishing as an assistant editor.

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Wow! An educated, conservative, gun owner, with (at least some) heritage of Walter Williams in his academic blood…God is good!
Go far, young sir!


Funny how NSSF headquarters is in Connecticut but they don’t hold any events like that here. Must be some nice paid vacation time.