Rite in the Rain Introduces Ultra-Durable Line of 25-Meter Targets

Rite in the Rain 25-Meter Targets
Rite in the Rain 25-Meter Targets

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TACOMA, Wash. -(Ammoland.com)- Rite in the Rain, the leading manufacturer of All-Weather Writing Products that defy both Mother Nature and Father Time, is excited to announce the addition of 25-Meter All-Weather Targets to their Tactical Series.

The new line of All-Weather Targets integrates the same technology employed in the company’s renown water-resistant notepads, giving shooters the freedom to practice in virtually any weather with the benefit of clean exit holes, for more accurate scoring.

The rugged new line of 25-Meter Targets has been thoughtfully developed for military, AR builders, and gun enthusiasts alike. Exit holes on Rite in the Rain are clean and distinct, making for more precise shooting and scoring.

Furthermore, the target will survive poor weather without compromising the results of your shooting.

The new line offers four different All-Weather Targets. The No. 9125 Zeroing Target is designed to zero M16A2/M16A4 sights on the front and M4 CARBINE sights on the reverse.

The No. 9126 Zeroing Target is designed to zero any MOA optic for a variety of distances – a helpful graphic training aid printed on the reverse helps shooters zero for 100, 200, and 300 meters.

The No. 9127 is the “ALT-C” or the Alternate Course “C” Record Fire Qualification Target. The No. 9128 is intended for qualification with the M16A1, with a 75 to 300-meter scaled silhouette on the front, and offset on the back.

All Targets utilize Rite in the Rain’s patented, environmentally responsible coating process that defends against the elements. While incredibly durable, Rite in the Rain Targets are as recyclable as standard office paper, which is not true of targets constructed of plastic or other materials.


About Rite in the Rain:

Founded more than a century ago in the forests of the Great Northwest, Rite in the Rain began by developing sheets of paper hand-dipped with a special coating to create a unique moisture shield for use in the logging industry. Made in the USA since 1916, Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Products circulate around the world in the hands of outdoor professionals working in poor weather.

For more information about Rite in the Rain, visit their website.