A Closer Look at Flint River Armory’s CSA45 Carbine

Flint River Armory's CSA45 Carbine
Flint River Armory’s CSA45 Carbine

Flint River ArmoryHuntsville, AL-(Ammoland.com)- Flint River Armory (FRA), designer and manufacturer of the innovative CSA45 pistol-caliber weapons system, offers customers the standard CSA45 carbine.

Based in North Alabama, FRA is a large-scale firearms design and manufacturing company. The principle members of the company each have long and successful careers in such disciplines as engineering, UAVs, aerospace, aviation, and manufacturing. Three years ago, they redirected their focus toward building the most reliable, effective, and capable pistol-caliber weapons system. The result was the creation of the CSA45.

For it’s flagship product, FRA chose the .45 ACP caliber because it possesses devastating firepower, is easy to shoot and offers superior placement of multiple shots. It has low recoil and muzzle rise, making it ideal for self-defense and urban combat. It also boasts lower noise and less muzzle flash than a rifle cartridge.

The CSA45 has a short-stroke gas piston operation with rotating, locking bolt. It has standard AR-15 type fire control and weighs just 6.1 lbs. The receivers are billet machined 6061-T6 aluminum. The 16″ barrel is 4140 Chrome-molly and the bolt is 17-4 stainless. It has a stainless steel high capacity 25-round magazine with a black finish and a polymer stock.

Another feature of the CSA45 carbine is the high strength, one-piece buffer/lower receiver. It has a one-piece bolt carrier and Keymod forearm standard equipment. It offers tactical breakdown with no tools required.

The CSA45 carbine has an MSRP of $1595 and comes with two magazines.

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Paul A Bernett

To be truly Remarkable flint needs to pick up the pace and bring out the 460 Rowland magnum. Same size Bullet and only 1 sixteenth longer case and probably about 18 0re 1900 ft per second’ Just amagen it. If you can. All thoughts Foot Pounds In close and Very Very Fast.


45ACP is devastating firepower, what an uninformed and moronic statement. Also it is a bit pricey, when it drops to around 1K I might be interested but at $1595 no thanks. Proprietary mags no thanks.

Chris Thompson

I wish they made a 10mm version that takes Glock 20/29 mags.

Bryan StMartin

Me too.


“Self-defense and urban combat”: is this primarily a law enforcement weapon? Military special forces? Bedside long gun? Or are the target buyers drug dealers?

Also, does the gas piston work with any .45 cal load? Or is it finicky compared to a 1911?


Selling firearms are like selling a special type car. You can charge what you want but in the end if your pricing isn’t where the actual market is (buyers wallet) then the weapon just wont sell. if they use a proprietary magazine that only they build that will be another flaw in their ointment. Hopefully extra mags are readily available for sale as well. Being it is a pistol cartridge the big rush to the gun counter to buy one will be small especially if this price point stays this high. As an AR style weapon having a selling point… Read more »


Why a gas piston instead of straight blowback for a piatol cartridge?


A bit pricey but appears to be well built, sometimes you really do get what you pay for…………
Are the magazines proprietary or are off the shelf versions (ie from other manufacturers) available?