COAST Introduces Brand New Rechargeable Headlamp, Flashlight and Pocket Knife at NHS

COAST Introduces Brand New Rechargeable Headlamp, Flashlight and Pocket Knife at NHS
COAST Introduces Brand New Rechargeable Headlamp, Flashlight and Pocket Knife at NHS

COAST ProductsU.S.A.-( You’ll find the hottest new products inside the COAST Booth 6437 during the National Hardware Show (NHS) May 9 – 11.

Stop by for a personal demonstration of our new FL60R and FL75R rechargeable headlamps, POLYSTEEL 600R rechargeable flashlight and FX200 pocket knife- complete details below – plus COAST’s extensive array of LED flashlights, LED headlamps, knives, lanterns and multi-tools.

Get an up-close view of the all-new FL60R, along with the FL75R. With up to 530 lumens for the FL75R and 400 lumens for the FL60R, these rechargeable lights deliver impressive technological breakthroughs. They feature COAST’s industry-leading optical technology, focusing, dual-color beams, and a compact size. Conveniently, the batteries can be charged inside or outside the headlamp, and they also work with alkaline batteries.

New from COAST, see the all-new FX200 pocket knife. This precision-engineered, easy-to-carry tool is indispensable for a variety of everyday tasks. The FX200 is equipped with two useful tools – a bottle opener and a money clip. It’s both the perfect gift and a valuable tool for work or pleasure. Comfortable to carry every day, it’s very well made and very handy, but light as a feather.

Also, see the new POLYSTEEL 600R rechargeable LED flashlight. Incredibly bright at up to 710 lumens, this strong rechargeable flashlight includes an array of waterproof and durable features. Built to perform dependably in the most demanding environments, the POLYSTEEL 600R includes the high-quality lithium rechargeable battery pack, and standard alkaline batteries can also power the light.

COAST is the revolutionary company that sets the standards within the industry with its innovation, quality and patented products – all backed by a lifetime warranty. Customers, retailers and distributors in the hardware industry have lauded COAST products for years, praising their performance on outdoor as well as indoor projects, where and when they need total reliance on their lights and knives.

Please see the news releases below for complete details (click on the headline). You can click below and on the photos in the releases to link to downloadable, high resolution images.

We’re confident that you’ll want to tell your audiences about these exceptional, new COAST products.

Free HX5 Pure Beam Focusing Pocket Light

We’ll give you a high-quality LED flashlight just for taking a look – that is how sure we are that your audience wants to hear about these innovative COAST tools. Stop by Booth 6437, ask to speak with me or Elliot Ball, and this $26 high-performance light is yours to keep, review or donate.

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