L2D Combat Glock Parts , Aftermarket Firearm Parts – Test & Review ~ VIDEO

By Graham Baates
YouTube personality, Graham Baates, reconsiders what a Glock can be after testing the latest aftermarket firearms parts from L2D Combat.

L2D Combat Glock Parts , Upgraded Aftermarket Firearm Parts on a stock Glock G19 Pistol
L2D Combat Glock Parts , Upgraded Aftermarket Firearm Parts on a stock Glock G19 Pistol.
G B Guns
G B Guns

USA – -(Ammoland.com)-  My second handgun, and first carry gun was the Glock 19.

Like most Glock owners I was attracted to the simplicity of the design and quickly became infatuated by catalogs and websites listing every type of part that could be upgraded.

I wasn’t pleased with the factory trigger, nor the factory sights and so I began to tinker.

I quickly learned just how easy replacing parts in Glocks were and the effects I could make in five minutes or less so long as I was willing to cough out some cash. Unfortunately, also like many Glock owners I soon approached the point at which I had spent nearly as much on parts as I had for the firearm in the first place!

My time with Glock was done.

L2D Combat Glock Parts

While reviewing various handguns and accessories I was introduced to L2D Combat, a young company that seemed to be approaching Glocks a little differently. Unlike many other aftermarket parts makers L2D Combat engineers their own parts and then makes them. These are not factory parts with a polish, nor are they foreign imports with a brand stamped on them.

They began five years ago doing research and development as well as work for other companies and just began selling to the public this year. I dusted off the old G19 and decided to give them a try. I started with their barrels.

L2D Combat Replacement Glock Barrels

L2D Combat Glock Replacement Barrel, Fluted and Threaded, includes thread protector and hi-temp O-ring
L2D Combat Glock Replacement Barrel, Fluted and Threaded, includes thread protector and hi-temp O-ring.

I had toyed with other barrels in the past and recognize that for 99% of folks out there replacing the barrel only makes a difference if their factory barrel is worn out.

I was greeted with features I wasn’t expecting, but had always envied such as full chamber support and a target crown. Honed and made of 416R steel they are the barrel to end all Glock barrel wars. The cuts along the chamber looked to be merely decorative until I fired it and found they actually do enhance cycling by reducing the jarring as the top of the chamber interacts with the slide. Locking surfaces are also enhanced with sharper edges and slight enlargement over the factory design.

L2D Combat Glock Replacement Barrel with full chamber support
L2D Combat Glock Replacement Barrel with full chamber support.

The fluting may be mostly aesthetic, but also serves to reduce weight a bit without sacrificing strength. The thread protector is held securely in place by a hi-temp O-ring which nestles into a slight undercut. Knurling on the threat protector provides traction, but doesn’t bite the skin.

L2D Combat Internal Slide Parts for GLOCK

L2D Combat Glock Replacement Slide Serrations
L2D Combat Glock Replacement Slide Serrations.

As I slipped deeper back into Glock-tinkering and tried the L2D Combat Firing Pin Striker Kit as mine had worn a bit after thousands of rounds. The precision with which it was built was more than I had expected. Machined from 17-4 hardened stainless steel, fluted, heat treated, and then bead blasted before titanium nitride coating. The fluting does more than just looks as it reduces linear friction as the striker does its job.

L2D Combat Glock Replacement Slide with Expanded Ejection Port, note OEM Glock Slide Below
L2D Combat Glock Replacement Slide with Expanded Ejection Port, note OEM Glock Slide below.

Their replacement for the Glock OEM slide, the new Catalyst Slide ( Catalyst Slide Glock 19 Gen 3 Black DLC ) is of course the most eye-grabbing, but the form follows function. Slide serrations are a-plenty, and their angles mean any potential slip of the grip just continues onto more serrations. Most impressive is that there are no sharp edges on them. These slides are cut from 17-4 stainless steel blocks making them completely organic in design and manufacture to L2D Combat. The quality of the steel permits them to improve tolerances and make changes that simply aren’t possible on reworked factory slides. Factory internals are completely compatible, but if you’re going this far you might as well take advantage of the engineering L2D has done.

Glocks are known for their reliability, but if there was ever any doubt L2D has even enlarged the ejection port.

L2D Combat Overkill?

Is all of this a bit much? Has L2D Combat gone too far? According to them the answer is no and they continue to roll out new and improved parts on a regular basis. The pricing puts L2D products out of reach for some of us, but the quality and performance is equally as out of reach by their competitors.

To see how well the L2D Combat Aftermarket Glock Parts all performed in the video below:

About Graham Baates

“Graham Baates” is a pen name used by a 15-year active Army veteran who spent most of his time in the tactical side of the Intelligence community including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Post-Army Graham spent some time in the 3-Gun circuit before becoming a full-time NRA Certified defensive handgun instructor and now works as an industry writer while curating a YouTube channel and blog on the side. Visit Graham on Youtube .

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Yes, after a few self-made smithing mistakes I do defer to pros for upgrades. I do not ream out my own sewer pipes either.
My preferred carry is Smith and Wesson Shield in 9mm. Upgraded trigger and XS Big Dot sights.


I think an angel just lost its wings

Wild Bill

@oldv, He has a pro do it for him all the time.

Wild Bill

, Yeah, I have animals to feed, before church, tomorrow.


I like Glocks, but the vanilla, out-of-the-box, pistol is just too limited. Minimum upgrade would be trigger and sights. If I buy another one it will get a tune up from a company like Taran Tactical. Expensive, but you will pay anyway for all the upgrades to make it a “good” handgun.

Wild Bill

You do not! you do not know a Glock from a sock. You are making yourself out to be a gun owner just to gain credibility.


Glock 19 for carry
Glock 43 for backup
Glock 34 for war
F8*k Off
Old Useless Bill

Wild Bill

Top Soldier, So you had a conversation with someone who told you a few model numbers of maybe you went to the Glock website. I’d love to see you go to war. You’d be on point every day, and burning shit all night.


Right, Old Freaky Useless Bill, keep thinking that, and bragging about how great you were. You are probably the kind of vet who never goes out without his “I am a Vet-Respect me!” cap on, right? Tool.
How was church this morning? Did you make peace with your maker?

Wild Bill

@Tough Sheila, Name calling, name calling, infantile empty words. Just another bag of yellow civilian puss. See how the insult draws a picture. You have to put your mind to it, boy. Now, had I been “great” I would have made COL. Finally, I made peace with my maker on the Saiinas Point International Runway in October 1983.


Yes, Old Old Mangy Useless Incontinent Bill, Tell us more about your heroics and medals and how you won the war. Civilians are yellow puss now? You do come up with some first rate tripe, man. The only thing you have is a vote, like everyone else, dipstick.

Wild Bill

“… Old Old…” you are losing it Temple, Shirley! Not every civilian is a bag of yellow pus… just you. I have more than a vote, I also have the ability to contribute money to conservative candidates and organizations. You don’t . As to all that other stuff, Shirley, there must be something more pleasant to discuss.

Wild Bill

I think that he just calls her “mommy”.


Hey why don’t you learn some respect for the people risk everything for YOUR freedom to both own these guns and to even speak freely.


there is no video. Would like to see it.

Graham Baates

The video is at the bottom of the article. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipu4wiQzpfA