Hi-Point Firearms: Low Cost, Robust, and Accurate — Really?

Then again Hi-Points do have a color selection other than just black.
Then again Hi-Points do have a color selection other than just black.

Hi-Point Firearms

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Hi-Point Firearms produces more than 150,000 firearms a year and there are several reasons for that. First, of course, is price. Other companies produce pretty, nifty-looking 9mm, .40 or .45ACP pistols; some are just flat-out beautiful. You pay for that beauty, though, to the tune of $500 to more than $1,200 MSRP.

Hi-Point pistols are not real pretty or fancy – but they are not expensive, either! Think of them as the original all-purpose, industrial-grade, working man’s guns. While other brands produce Cadillacs, Ferraris and Lambos, Hi-Point is more like the all-round, heavy-duty, ranch-use pickup truck. For the price of a like caliber pistol from a “name” maker, you can buy three Hi-Points and 500 rounds of good ammo. Not a bad deal.

Hi-Points are low in cost because they are not fancy. The internals are stamped and machined from steel forgings. They are designed for manufacturing ease to keep the price down, with no fancy grips or shiny parts – just real robust, reliable construction that stands up to years and years of hard use.

A bullet fired from a $205 Hi-Point goes just as fast as it does from a $2,000 pistol. And, the same goes for practical accuracy; no difference. Actually we have found the Hi-Point to out shoot many of the much more expensive pistols.Yes, ya gotta step up to a couple of grand or more if you need one-inch groups at 50 yards, but then you won’t be carrying that pretty little puppy with you in the pickup or anywhere else it might get a scratch. But if you can tolerate a handgun that gives you two inches at 50 feet – which covers most $1,000 guns, too – then a $205 Hi-Point will fit the bill (and how many of us can shoot that accurately without the bench anyway?).

Hi-Points are made for real use in any environment, which may mean shoving it into a tackle box when fishing in dangerous areas, banging around in a glove compartment, car trunk, tool box, farm tractor case, or back pack. Hi-Points are made to go where few people want to go with their $600.00+ handguns.

Okay, we have pitched you enough.

The bottom line is this: Hi-Point Firearms makes robust, reliable, accurate, affordable (but not cheap), industrial-grade, working man’s handguns and carbines intended for serious hard use where a ding or scratch will not make the owner cry. They are daily users that almost anyone can afford, they are all American-made, from a 30-year old company, and they even come with a lifetime warranty!

About MKS Supply, LLC:

MKS Supply insists on high quality, reliable firearms. We insist on guns that are easy to own and service. Most of all, we insist on value.

For more information, please visit www.MKSSupply.com.

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Hi Points went through production hell when they went fun mass production for their inexpensive guns. While they have been in business for 30 years, they really only started ramping up around 2006. The guns made from 2006 to 2007/08 earned their reputation for being ugly unreliable, inaccurate pieces of garbage. But they improved steadily and kept the price point. You could do a lot worse than any off-the-shelf Hi Point today, before even considering price. I’m no great shot, but I could keep my 9mm carbine hi point to 6 inch groups using iron sights. Sounds bad, but for… Read more »

Possibly not an owner after this...

Well I bought the .380 carbine at Vance in Columbus because I’m not a gun guy, have a Ruger LCP and don’t intend to start a collection, just want a reliable rifle to put a piece of lead downrange farther than the handgun. Period. What happened? It jammed after 30 rounds in 3 different magazines, 2 different ammo. Hmm… so back it went to the manufacturer and got a tech on the phone immediately [claims he actually built it] and we shall see if I get a working rifle back or my money, one or the other. The mags got… Read more »

Paul Hix

The blowback design used to have functionality issues in larger calibers. Walter PPK, the James Bond gun, is blow back design. I think I’ll give one a try.

Osceola 71

In the community where I live, I grew up with a lot people who are now LEO’s or corrections officers. I get invited to most of their parties and occasionally go out to the private range the county owns for law enforcement people to train and certify on.

I’d say about 1/3 of the local LEO’s own Hi Points as their personal weapons. And at the range they usually have informal competitions, and invariably someone with a Hi Point will have the best score.


Took my girlfriend out to shoot with us she had never fired a gun of any kind, she shot Browning, S&W, Ruger, hi point and several rifles that day. She was a natural, she did best with the hi point c9 and liked it better than any other she fired! It now is her go too house gun when im gone.


Many people rave (on the web) about how great their 9mm HiPoint 9mm pistol is, Yet EVERY TIME someone shows up to the range to qualify with one in my CCW class, they have trouble with the gun. Every time. Something is amiss here
They work great except when they don’t, apparently…….

Greg Tag

I have personally witnessed a Hi-Point fail on the range where I was chief range instructor. The slide broke. Yes, broke.
Cheap zinc casting that was stressed beyond its design parameters.

Not impressed.


As a former NRA Master Class shooter, I have many handguns, several competition guns being VERY, VERY expensive, but obtained a Hi Point 9mm for exactly those reasons listed in the article. I found it to very inaccurate and highly unreliable. In fact, I was so frustrated with it that I didn’t even pursue repair/replacement via the manufacturer and sold it off as completely unsuitable for defensive use. Years later, when taking a CCW class, the first two questions asked by the Instructor were, ” Does anyone have a Hi Point?” and ” Does it work?” This led me to… Read more »

Robert Green

My brother bought a hi-point pistol used and it was a total piece of poop. Took it back to Adventure Outdoors and they sent it to manufacturer. Checked in with then a few times and never heard from manufacturer. This was 5 years ago. Never got the pistol back.


And why did you do nothing about that Robert. Sounds to me like you did not follow thru. Call Hi Point Five years wow

Robert Green

Like I said it was my brother’s pistol and he did check back for a few months and couldn’t get any info on the handgun. It was so cheap he wrote it off.


I call bullshit. Only and imbecile or a lying plant would say they just “wrote off” a gun that cost them a hundred bucks plus change. I called Hi-point about a carbine I just bought and got the tech who built it on the phone in seconds. Bought it at Vance and they took care of shipping it back. I’m guessing the manufacturer will foot the bill for everything since it jammed with 3 different factory mags and 2 different rounds. We shall see if it stands up to its reviews as being reliable then.

Atmar Lester

I own a second hand Hi Point in 9mm. It performed just as well and accurately as my nephew’s Berretta when we were target shooting. After I got my open carry permit I purchased a S&W M&P in 9mm. I think I like my Hi Point better.

Mike Burcke

No pistols, but I’ve had a couple of their carbines with the new stocks for several years…they’re great little guns. Haven’t had any sort of problem from them. Made for hard work, not to impress the guys at the range, and they fill that bill nicely.

joe chamberlain

been a proud user of Hi-Point for many years and have yet to have a problem nor misfire in them. if anyone thinks that they are not durable they need to watch what two guy tried to stop them went through on you tube.

Mark Are

AND their LIFETIME warranty actually means you can hand load your own ammo and make a mistake and blow it up and they will give you a new one. You can run it over with a tank and destroy it totally and they will give you a new one. It is literally a no questions asked and even if you tell them what you did they don’t care, they will give you a new one warranty. Don’t believe me? Call and ask.

Lou Bethel

Great value for a pistol.
We sell alot of them.
Now that S&W has lowered quality to about the same as Hi Point, they have started to sell in this pricepoint after rebate as well.
I’d rather have the Hi Point.
Not as prissy as a S&W.


I have one in the vehicle, I have a choice of many others from my safe. Have never had to fire it , Heavy as shit.. No longer legal for sale in ILLINOIS ( to low of a melting point )
If I was in a profession where my life depended on it every day, The HIGH POINT would not be on my list.


Casca, your comment is strange. I have have a Hi-Point C9 9mm and a Hi-Point 9mm Carbine and I have put, at least, 2,000 rounds through the C9 9mm alone without a single issue. I have a few other much more expensive 9mm and even the Glock 19 does not perform as well as the Hi-Point C9 9mm. Yes I would carry the C9 9mm as my everyday protection if need be and I know what I am talking about, I am a Certified NRA Hand Expert and I take this Certification very seriously.

George Hall

Goes bang every time you pull the trigger and customer service is second to none!
MIC Drop


The 45 carbine and the 45 pistol use the same magazine. Lots of fun shooting. Never had a misfire with either one . Both are very accurate .